Goong’s Video

This is the video clip of Goong (Palace)/《宫》(又名我的野蛮王妃) which is based on the Korean Comic – Princess Hours by Park So-Hee, one of the Korean Drama that I love so much besides Full House (浪漫满屋) and My Lovely Samsoon (我是金三顺). A must to watch but the torrent seed is quite hard to obtain coz it’s not the latest drama, aired some where on the beginning of the year 2006. Even if you have the seed, it takes very very long time to finish downloading. I watch till episode 10 (w/ Chinese subtitle) which I downloaded from BC and episode 11 (w/o subtitle) which you can get in YouTube. I’m so blur with the Korean. It almost like the Japanese style, like adding a ‘kun’ after calling one’s name. Not sure with FTP download but I saw some posts that can be downloaded using XunLei (迅雷). By the way, it’a Chinese program.

Do Enjoy the Clip~!~!


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Just A Dream

Yesterday morning (13th June, after they played the match) i dreamt bout Narazaki!! Yeah, Narazaki – the GK of Japan FIFA Team!! I’m so crazy for him since I watched 2002 FIFA World Cup, searching for his profile everywhere in the net, copied down his profile and I remembered something funny which used to happened in Form 3. Narazaki’s Marital status: single (showed Siew Nee his profile with that word ‘SINGLE’ beside his name!! haha.. Really funny!! Normally ppl like the midfielders or defenders or the top scorers but i am so weird, like a GK!!

Dreaming: I went to my younger brother’s friend’s house with the whole family. Before we left his friend’s house, I entered their Store Room and saw many jerseys of the footballers!! I then went to ‘翻’ the jerseys and saw NARAZAKI 1.. Walau eh.. so damn excited o0o.. It’s the jersey that he just wore after the 12th June Japan vs Australia’s match (i dunno if he’s playing in that match).. still got sweat 1.. After that I called my parents and brothers over to see and asked for the permission of the owner to bring back the jersey since they have so many other famous players 1.. Wow.. so happy.. the owner gave it to me!! Then i woke up to see if that was real.. *sigh* who knows that’s only a dream~ 一场欢喜,一场空

I love Narazaki~!~!~!

Narazaki, You’re the BEST of the BEST!!

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Australia vs Japan

Australia 3: 1 Japan?!?! WTH!! I support Japan!! I love Japan!! How can they lose?!?! So sad o0o.. Disappointed me man~!~! How did GK guard their goal?? Actually i haven’t watched yet.. I missed that match man!! Totally forgot ’bout FIFA, watching Naruto instead.. *sigh* I must watch that match!! Connection not stable (not good).. hai~ Anyone else having problem with the connection here?? Alan??

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他在第17届的金曲奖获得了最佳新人奖!! 我国也有很棒的音乐人哦!! 支持支持!!

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Music ORZ 第17届金曲奖

同恩 – 做自己
林宇中 – 失恋学
杨丞林 – 可爱
吴克群 – 蛤
蔡健雅 – 双栖动物
Beautiful Love

我只看到最后大约一个小时的演唱,很好听~ 支持!!

第17届的金曲奖将在6月10日在Astro AEC — 频道19做现场直播!!

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Extremely Happy

I’m extremely happy with my blog now.. Overdid it?? With moving titles.. Aren’t they nice?? Thx Alan for the ideas.. Will make 1 shoutbox.. He’s probably sleeping now.. Just away for ’bout 30 minutes.. Guess what’s the time now?? Hey, it’s almost 6a.m. man.. I haven’t sleep yet.. Was editing my blog and browsing the HTML site.. (Again, thx Alan for the site) Now I don’t have to worry ’bout my lunch.. I don’t need to eat lunch at all.. HuHuHu.. Happy to the max~

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Protected: Full Moon wo Sagashite – Eternal Snow

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I reserved this day coz i suppose 2 have smth 2 blog up here. I wrote a Chinese 1 to keep a little privacy 2 myself so that not everyone can read and it was on a piece of paper. Besides, typing Chinese words take very long time as there are lots of “Pin Yin” required. “Pin Yin” isn’t a problem 2 me but u shud know that in Chinese, many words with the same “Pin Yin” so the hardest part is to search 4 the word(s) u want to type. U won’t understand what i said if u dunno Chinese or u never typed Chinese in a computer. But since i got no digicam at the moment so i decided 2 reserve a place here so that i can blog it here after i took the pic. Sorry 2 those who is interested 2 read but unable 2 read Chinese. (Alan, maybe u read my blog and actually i would love 2 share with u as this may be smth funny 2 u. But really sorry coz i wrote it in Chinese. Anyway, u are a good friend and also a good listener.. Thx 4 always being there for me especially when i’m down – my dog’s death and also during i was home alone.)


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3rd June, in the wet kitchen – After heating the so called “ba zhang” for my younger bro, i washed the wok and dried it up. The fire was turned on to the biggest 1 (hope u understand). Suddenly, i heard some noise, “pop” and when i looked into the wok, *yuckiexXx* is all that i could say. There was a baby lizard ‘who’ was so unlucky 2 fall into the wok. *yiii* How could i clean it up?? So “geli” o0o.. Hangus liao o0o.. To prevent it from sticking the wok, i put some water at first and thinking that i left the wok to be cleaned by the maid when she comes on Tuesday. But after thinking twice, i couldn’t use the wok for Sunday and Monday.. Wah~ I couldn’t eat my chicken wings liao. Then my younger bro suggested to remove it using a pair of chopsticks. Walau eh.. How can that be?! So sayang o0o the chopsticks. Sure dun dare to use and will end up in the rubbish bin SOON(Will u use that chopsticks to eat again??)!! So how bout a disposable 1?? Finally, i got a pair of disposable chopsticks and i picked the lizard up with all my courage while shouting in “geli-ness”. haha.. I can use the wok liao.. *excited* Hooray!! So baby lizards, next time dun crawl on the kitchen’s ceiling or otherwise u’ll die very soon if u’re so unlucky on that day.

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