Beg UR Pardon Plz?!?!~

Ain’t today something great that need to be celebrated since it has come to d end of d year?? I wonder.. ‘though this is a very special day, there’s no celebration in our nationwide.. Always love being different from d others?? But why?? Dun U ever think that today is really unique in term of a new start after d clock’s showing 12:00am?? & what ’bout d countdown for d brand new year like d years before?? d so grand fireworks?? d singing performances by AF singers & well-known Malaysian singers?? d (Well, sad to know that u guys are losing an extra yet good income this year) Where?? Where have all these gone?? FUNNY!! Am speechless~ I guess choosing to go back earlier like Cin is a smart, right choice.. *thumbs up* This is no longer a grand new year~


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Poor Services

I’m HOT!!

Went to eat pizza at Pizza Hut just now.. These are how the after renovation Pizza Hut and d waiters~

It wasn’t full when we reached.. The waitress said d table wasn’t cleared yet.. ok!! Then she took our order outside of this in fact a low-class-with-poor-services-fast-food-restaurant.. And wanted us to stand outside to wait for d people to clear d table for 5 minutes!! ok!!

Secondly, for more than 15 minutes we had waited the soups to be served.. Why can’t we just take ourselves like d previous self service?? This happens very often after d renovation for d brand new look of Pizza Hut.. ok!!

Next, i wanted a tabasco!! So i raised my hand when i saw a waiter looking over my side.. Shit!! He was standing at the soup section there pretending like didn’t see me.. GTH!! I stared at him with my long face (摆着一张臭脸瞪他).. He then even 偷瞄我!! But still he didn’t come.. Very very unhappy with d poor services.. I swear i’ll never put a single step into that restaurant again unless there’s new supervisor or manager.. It SUX!!

如此欠揍的人,我还是第一次遇到。很想投诉他,可活在这儿能吗?? 这国家越来越不公平。 在前任首相的领导期间,自我出世到他退位都还可以过着顺顺利利的生活,不会有太多不平等的对待。现在呢? 也不看看是谁养的!不都是缴税人嘛!

This is d 2nd time i wanted a SUGGESTION FORM after d renovation.. The forms d finished 3 weeks ago n now there’s still no form available.. Pizza Hut SUX~

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Dsc00596_1Hi everyone, wish u all 冬至快乐~ The pic on d left is 汤圆 — my favourite.. These 汤圆s are made by Ah Ma, Dua Koh, Koh Koh, Dad, Nono, Irene and I + our sweats~ keke~ Ain’t they r nice?? Cooked with sesame.. *thumbs up* Hope everyone 顺顺利利, 一家团圆~

My Gua Ma (mum’s mum) also made some giant 汤圆s with peanut fillings.. Really giant size which breaks d record of d past.. XD no pic of it coz d finished eaten.. Sorry~ hehe~ Gua Ma gave us a little only coz she made not much..

A very Merry Xmas to all of u too~

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Curse of The Golden Flower

Curse of The Golden Flower named 满城尽是黄金甲 in Mandarin

I just finished watching this movie.. This movie may be perfect without Jay Chou i think.. I dun like to see him acting.. Better go back to his own profession.. The way he acts in any movie is just too hypocrite, less speech to memorize too, where got main character like that 1.. U r No. 1!! When u say u r No. 2 no one dares to say he/she is No. 1.. -_-”’ I know there are many fans of Jay Chou.. U have to accept this fact and this is d truth.. No offend!! :)

This song of his is nice, namely 菊花台, d song of this movie at d ending there..

你的泪光 柔弱中带伤 惨白的月弯弯 勾住过往
夜太漫长 凝结成了霜 是谁在阁楼上 冰冷的绝望
雨轻轻弹 朱红色的窗 我一生在纸上 被风吹乱
梦在远方 化成一缕香 随风飘散 你的模样

菊花残 满地伤 你的笑容已泛黄 花落人断肠 我心事 静静淌
北风乱 夜未央 你的影子剪不断 徒留我孤单 在湖面成双

花 已向晚 飘落了灿烂 凋谢的世道上 命运不堪
愁莫渡江 秋心拆两半 怕你上不了岸 一辈子摇晃
谁的江山 马蹄声狂乱 我一身的戎装 呼啸沧桑
天微微亮 你轻声地叹 一夜惆怅 如此委婉

菊花残 满地伤 你的笑容已泛黄 花落人断肠 我心事 静静淌
北风乱 夜未央 你的影子剪不断 徒留我孤单

It best describes this movie, d feelings of all d main characters, PRECISELY~

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Binbou Shimai Monogatari

Binboushimai002_1The anime centers around two sisters – Kyou (age 15) and Asu (age 9) –
whose mother died from an illness and whose father, heavily in debt,
mysteriously disappeared. Now they are living in a small and miserable
apartment from the few money the

Binboushimai003 older sister gets for her part-time
job. But as long as they have each other and are supported by kind
people they continue their every-day life never losing the bright
smiles on their faces nor their strong spirit.

This is a heartwarming story about two poor, yet happy,



adapted from Binbou Shimai’s Anime Review

The music are nice as well.. Worth watching~

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Poor Boy~

Poor Boy Boy~
He’s gonna be spayed today..
Just within an hour he’ll be brought to d clinic~

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Tadaima from KK.. Tired.. I have become a 24/7 sleppy piggy.. Before this, i could hardly sleep in a moving car.. But now, i can sleep soundly in it.. Hopefully, i won’t be sleeping in KTM or bus.. They take too long to turn back 2 my destination.. =p

C ya~


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