The Doctor

I went to see doctor at Pusat Kesihatan (PK) this morning.. It was crowded with people (the Chinese called this “People Mountain People Sea”) When it came to my turn, I knocked the door and went in.. A female doctor that looks so familiar appeared to be sitting there.. Then I started to wonder where did I see her.. *thinking*

After examined my throat, she told me that my Palatine tonsils are swollen.. (I saw 2 big lumps with ” broken blisters looked” all over the surface inside there with my mirror and torch light.. so disgusting!!)

Tonsils Tonsils


Right click “View Image” for larger picture (Firefox user)

Then, she proceeded on checking my body temperature.. I have fever!! (‘though I didn’t realize that I am cold or whatever..) And prescribed me with a lot of medicine.. Ponstan capsules were also given.. According to the doctor, I have to consume Ponstan to reduce the inflammation.. (But what I know is that, Ponstan is a pain killer.. To reduce pain but not swelling.. Now I proved that she’s correct after searching for information online coz I dun really trust the doctors here.. *paiseh*) For sure, antibiotics will never be forgotten.. It has been years I don’t consume antibiotics as my parents advised me not to take it (it kills good and bad bacteria in your body!!) It’s always my pleasure that I don’t have to eat so many medicine.. *wink* But for this time, I must finish the antibiotics as CNY is coming soon.. I wanna go to Brunei!! The doctor asked me if I want a MC.. I shook my head, telling her “NO”.. She was so surprised coz normally students went to PK wanna get MC to skip class.. haha.. I’m a good girl today.. *self-praising, sort of “muka tembok”* hehe..

*thinking* The doctor was one the doctors who on duty for ER on that nite my friend fell from ice-skating and sent there.. She’s quite friendly actually..

After lunch, I then ate my medicine and of course the cough syrup!! Became very dizzy and fell asleep for 3 hours!! That was loooonnngggg…. I wonder if I’ll suffer from insomnia tonite due to “too sufficient” sleep.. And the cough syrup will cause insomnia as well..

This is the first time I’m sick here.. Should I claim myself a healthy baby?? (“,)


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The Skating Mistakes

Top Ten Gumbie Skating Mistakes

Here’s a list of the top ten mistakes I see most often as a skate instructor, why I think they’re not a good thing to do, and how to fix them.

What’s a Gumbie?

This is a phrase that’s become common in the London skating scene, and generally refers to new skaters who don’t yet have much in the way of skating skills. Many of the points below would likely apply to a gumbie skater, although of course I’ve seen some experienced skaters make these mistakes too.

This is of course not quite like The Gumbie, the famous GumbieBEN who isn’t a gumbie skater at all since he’s pretty good.

1) Knees not together

This is one of the biggest signs of the new skater – skating whilst not getting your knees together between each stride. It’s very important to do this for stride efficiency and to improve one-foot balance. Eddy Matzger’s favourite description is to think of your left knee as a girlfriend, and your right knee as a boyfriend, and make sure they kissy-kissy long and hard between every stride. At first you might only be able to get your knees close together, but not touching. After some practice that should improve to making the touch for every stride, and eventually you’ll be able to keep your knees together for a little longer still, separating them at the last possible moment before setting down.

2) Pronation/supination

Many beginners pronate, which means rolling your ankles to the inside, leaving your skates on an inside edge when standing with your skates shoulder distance or less apart, for example. Supination is the reverse, when your skates would be on an outside edge.

The goal for most skating is to have the frame and wheels of your skates always stay aligned with your shins. That way they can take the maximum force you generate without flexing, and the chances are your edging during your skating stride will be correct and efficient.

3) No practice

If you want to get better, have smoother technique, and improve as a skater, you’re going to have to practice, and lots of it. All those amazing skaters you see out and about probably also started out skating feeling wobbly and not able to do much other than just stand up. The difference is that they’ve put in thousands and thousands of hours working tirelessly on their drills and skills.

To me this is the joy and beauty of skating, it’s a never-ending challenge that means there’s always something new to get better at and improve yourself. Make sure you don’t get bored or practice so much that you hate it as that’s a sure way to leave skating. I find it great fun to do all kinds of different stuff. My main skating fun is training and skating marathons, but every now and then I have a huge bunch of fun doing other stuff, such as playing inline hockey, going for a mad street skate, roller disco, or maybe trying a new freestyle trick. It’s all great fun, and it all helps improve your skills.

4) Choosing unsuitable locations

This is especially important when first learning to skate. You need a smooth, flat area with little or no traffic where you can practice safely. Anything with even a slight slope will be terrifying if you don’t know how to stop properly. (Here’s a heelbrake tutorial). Rough surfaces are often a nightmare to beginner skaters, and traffic or too many spectators can take lots of fun out of the experience.

Don’t skate down that hill if you’ve never done it before and you don’t know how to stop down hills. You’ll almost certainly crash and might injure yourself, even seriously.

5) Toe flicking/pushing through toes/not pushing sideways

I see many skaters making these mistakes, and yes, I’ve made some of them too. If you want to go fast efficiently, push through the heel, push forwards, and carve away.

6) Practicing more on the good side

We are all asymmetrical to a greater or lesser degree, so having a bad side is completely normal, and it can feel so much more rewarding to work on the good side for a turn or a t-stop, for example. This is misleading though – I believe you won’t ever become a good and balanced skater unless you can do every move almost as well on your bad side.

Think of the importance of being able to turn well in both directions – one day this could avoid a serious accident. What about fitness skating? It’s not very effective at all to skate along with a big, powerful push on your good side let down by a weak ineffective push on the other.

7) Looking down at your skates

Many people tend to look down at their skates. This is a really bad habit that should be broken right away. Looking up gives you better balance, and it helps develop your sense of proprioception (or your knowledge of your body’s position in space based on feedback from your muscles, tendons, and joints). When you understand your own body position in space better, you are much more able to correct your own skating mistakes and will learn a little more quickly as a result.

Another important point is that you get to see what’s coming and avoid accidents. I regularly have to call out to skaters coming the other way in Hyde Park in London simply because they’re looking down.

8) Buying cheap skates instead of good skates

Buying a cheap pair of skates to “see if you like skating” is a pretty good way of guaranteeing that you won’t have a good time. I see so many students who’ve done this and it can be very hard having to tell them that they need to spend more and get skates that will be usable. I’d much rather you bought a decent pair of skates and didn’t spend any money on lessons with me, you’re more likely to become a long term member of the skating community.

A good alternative is to hire skates for the day. Many shops will even give you the price of hiring back if you buy new skates from them within the week.

If you compare cycling and skating, equipment cost is negligible for skating. Take a look at this inline skate buying guide if you’re thinking about buying skates.

9) Not bending your knees enough

Nearly everyone doesn’t bend their knees enough at some point, but this is a particular problem for beginners. It’s also the main cause of the “Windmill of Death”, or wild swinging of the arms as the new skater falls over backwards.

Bend your knees so that if you stood face to a wall, your toes, knees, and your nose would all touch the wall, not including the thickness of any protective gear or your skates. This is the minimum amount of knee bend you should ever have when wearing skates, and should result in a significant forward lean on your shins, plus a fair amount of pressure where the front of your shin presses into the skate cuff. This might cause your thighs to start aching a little after a while, but if you skate regularly then your legs will quickly adapt.

There are a couple of other good reasons to bend your knees – when you fall, at least you’re already closer to the ground so the reduced falling distance means less pain. Secondly, knee bend translates into going faster because you can push a little further sideways. Of course if you’re a new skater you might not want to go faster just yet!

Want to hear how it often goes? “OK, bend your knees. No, some more. No about twice that much, keep going lower, lower still. OK you’ve just reached about the minimum kneebend!”

10) Moving upper body

You can often see skaters zipping along, yet their upper body is bobbing up and down with every stride, or swinging from side to side. This is a clear sign of bad technique, and you want to look for the bullet appearance where your head hardly moves as you skate forwards.

I’m glad that I dun make any of these mistakes except for choosing unsuitable locations!! No choice for that as there’s no smooth, flat area for inline skating at my house.. (“,) How great would that be if I have determination in studying like I read these inline skate’s articles.. =(

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Weird Sore Throat

I’ve self-prescribed medicine for myself just now, although not enough medicine, have to go Pusat Kesihatan (PK) to see doctor… Dun think Sunday got open.. But this sore throat is so weird.. I seldom cough, no fever, flu? not really.. mayb considered as the minor 1.. But there are lotsa phlegm, stuck in my throat.. I can hardly cough them out, so I just swallow.. =.=||| It’s sorta pain when I just woke up but not when I swallow things.. Is this just the beginning?? I wonder..

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After eating lotsa fried food and hot stuff few days ago, here it comes the consequences.. I have sore throat!! *sob sob*

I must recover b4 going to Brunei!! I have to eat lotsa Vitamin supplement!!

After I drank 1L of yogurt drink as my dinner last nite, I keep “diarrhoea-ing”.. =.=|||

A bit regretted but it tastes so nice coz I can seldom drink it.. And this was d 3rd time I had yogurt drink this month..

Countdown: 13 days to stick my butt & laze around in my cleanliest room back home.. I wonder what if my bro had mess up my room?!

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It has been few days I didn’t blog coz firstly, I dunno what to blog..

Secondly, the reason is that I’m addicted to a show hosts by Rosalyn and XiaXue a.k.a Wendy, called Girls Out Loud.. I think XiaXue is a brainless blogger-turns-celebrity and make me laugh in insaneness..

XiaXue: Are there a lot of moths inside? I see moths inside..
Zenith: These are butterflies, not moths.
XiaXue: They are the same!! They come from worms!! Aiyo~
Zenith: Not worms.. Caterpillars!!
XiaXue: Same lar same lar.. Caterpillars even worse!!
Zenith: =.=|||

I know what is a caterpillar when I was in Kiddie or Primary 1 like that.. I saw with my naked eyes!! I wonder how can a Singaporean celebrity never see a caterpillar?? No doubt that Singapore is named the Garden City.. No plants?!?! Of course NOT!! Obviously, she’s not observing what’s happening around her.. The funniest part is that she doesn’t even know how to differentiate a worm and a caterpillar!! Caterpillar will turn into a butterfly when it’s an adult but worm doesn’t, although they both are so disgusting *yuckies*!! A celebrity blogger that is so brainless!! Rosalyn is much better.. So, Xia Xue, next time don’t talk too much as there’s a saying sounds like “讲多错多”.. Hey please, you are a graduate, dun make people laugh at ur stupidity!!

I’m trying to put up the Google AdSense but it’s not working.. I guess WP isn’t support ads here..

I had sorted out my blog entries into categories few days ago and gained lotsa popularity.. *happiness*

I’m washing my clothes in the “vending washing machine”.. I supposed to have washed one and a half hours ago but… a Malay girl is rushing to use it when I was there so I let her used lor.. *sigh* Maybe I’m too “kind-hearted” “soft-hearted”.. Will I say NO?? I dunno.. Maybe she’s too good so it’s kinda hard for me to reject her request.. =)

I’m thinking of buying a pair of roller blades and I’ll carry back myself.. So anyone volunteer to carry my 6-7kg laptop’s bag back for me??

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Oh no!! I ate pork today.. SALTY!! I HATE salty food!! It tasted terribly!! NoNo!! I dun really like pork.. But no choice.. That was my dinner I used to order every weekdays’ nite *sigh* I had to eat them.. I ain’t wasting food!! *clap hand for being a good girl*

I like only Char Shao, Ba Kut Teh and Fried Pig Leg!! *haha* I miss the Ba Kut Teh and Fried Pig Leg in Klang that I used to eat 2 years ago!!

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Today’s Paper

Summary of Interesting News from The Star on 23rd Jan 2007

This news from The Star, made me think of the drama, 恋爱女王 (Love Queen).. I love every single thing (except cold sky juice), including sports related to ICE!! Definitely, I will love ice hockey too.. But how come I never know that Malaysia has a place to train ICE HOCKEY?! =.=||| Sunway Pyramid’s ice world is just too small!! How I wish I was born in those 4 seasons countries, preferably Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.. *.O

And YES!! A very small part of this news is just what I wanna tell the government!! We have to accept criticisms and various opinions from the public.. Since we’re given the freedom of speech, and asked to learn to be open-minded in our Morale, the government should do the same thing too, by accepting criticisms and opinions in order to improve, to make Tun Mahathir’s Wawasan 2020 a success, don’t they?? (as if I know what is in Wawasan 2020 *keke*) He’s the one who I look up to and classified as the only smartest and most brilliant Prime Minister, of all the country leaders.. Good job!! =)

While this news on Northern Sarawak to get global TV publicity.. I reckon that not to watch too much on what the Tourism Board of Sarawak recommended, just like the so-called Best Toilet Operator.. How silly is that to be awarded.. I highly recommend those tourists who wanna pay a visit to Sarawak, especially to eat the very very unique delicacies or cuisine, please have a look at, where he posted the best food in Kuching. He said, eat like the locals eat!! That’s true!! *wink* Together we make Visit Malaysia 2007’s mission a SUCCESS!! (not knowing what’s the mission.. to get better income for the locals and the government??)

From this news, we got to know that Malaysia Airlines is offering 5 millions cheap tickets at the travel fair from 31st Jan to 6th Feb. For more information, please click on the link to the news, or visit Malaysia Airlines. *feel like I’m advertising for MAS, weird* MAS is however better than Air Asia as it’s more organized although Air Asia’s doctrine is “Now Everyone can Fly!” as they offered low prices at certain period to certain countries or nationwide.

Whereas, this news is ’bout the technology – invention of the Microwave, where it can kill more than 99% of bacteria, viruses or parasites, and even spores on a kitchen sponges that contribute to the death of thousands Americans each year and get sicked from food borne microbes. It’s good in sterilization. *applause to the inventor of microwave*

This news is telling the truth where some teachers are lack of confidence to teach in English for Maths and Science subjects.. This is what I’m facing too, lack of confidence in speaking, but look! I’m not so bad in writing what!! *ehem, self-praising* (only if I’ve ideas, not to ask me to write an essay!! It’s been ages ago since I last wrote one) I wanted to speak more but scared being laughed at!! So, I try blogging and “read out loud” my blog and other’s blogs, in order to speak fluently.. *haha* In the meantime, I’m learning new vocabulary from the other’s blogs.. Frankly speaking, the Malaysians gotta accept English as their 2nd language coz it’s an International language, and also to catch up with the pace of technologies nowadays in the developed Eastern and Western countries. This is why we have globalization, to standardize and globalize everything!!

So, how’s this post?? I meant how’s my English?? *hehe* Am I improving?? Please comment, I accept criticisms although at times, I dunno how to response.. *feel stupidity*

Anyone wanna sponsor me a better blog?? I dun really like this coz I dunno how to put up my favourite background (I dun think WordPress allow me to change for FREE), NO chatterbox, FIXED template, NO ads. And I need those blog that can import and export blog entries.. *too much expectations, sigh*

Black is DULL and not matching my blog’s theme!!

Read also Competition is a Good Wake-up Call for MAS

Work on Our English

Pak Lah’s Pet Projects

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Again, this is the 3rd time I skipped class this sem.. This is a BioMaths class, dun mind either as it’s not the very very important class like Biodiversity and Principle of Environmental Science 2.. This is certainly a very boring class, where the lecturer reads the slides, without explaining further, no example of applications.. What she has is all the formulas and very stupid long long sentences..

GrandMa is still in ICU, but improving.. Have to be monitored for few days again..

Will be celebrating CNY in Brunei this year according to my aunt.. Finally, I can go this year.. But, Oh No!! I still dun have a passport.. No worries.. Passport can be done in just a day!! Smart choice to have chosen back a week earlier.. *applause* Looking forward to seeing all my dearest couzies again.. =) But one of them may not be coming i guess, or the whole family?? =(

I miss Kim Gary’s Cheese baked Rice with Chicken Chop in Red Sauce? or something like that.. It’s so delicious.. And I meant extremely delicious.. Yummy yummy.. As sayings goes “吃的是福”.. I love the Sunway Pyramid’s Kim Gary, but not the Mid Valley 1.. Maybe because Mid Valley one is always crowded like a market, in order to be quick, the cook can’t “take care” of the food quality of every single customer..

Can’t believe that I’m skipping class to blog this!! haha.. That’s ME!!

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I have had enough of assignments!!

BioMaths‘s stupid Matrix Question!! This lecturer is so damn clever, asking us to do her idiot Matrix question but never give us an example of application of Maths on Biology questions!! All you can see and read from her slides are just d Maths that you learnt all this while since after you were born into this “outstanding” world..

Speech Communication is a time-wasting class which requires me to wake up early 6.00am on every Monday and Wednesday, to attend the talking class at 8:00am. He wanted us to form groups and to do research on how people of same gender and different genders communicate.. How bored is that!! I would rather sleep than spending time talking rubbish for that 2 hours lesson!! Glad that i can spend more hours sleeping this week as he has appoinments.. And hopefully there’s no replacement for this week’s class..

Here is the TITAS‘s project.. Islam mengharamkan arak dan judi. Discuss the crimes or something like that.. How am I to know this?? I’m trying hard to search in Google but I got nothing in return that helps me!! Gosh!! The other group members must be mad of me.. Not wanting to say ’bout the meeting report.. Is there any meeting?? Hopefully NO!!

A friend of mine just sent me pics of my dad during high school.. Oh No!! I dunno which 1 is him.. Or perhaps I shud say that I’m not sure if that was my daddy.. haha.. A useless daughter!! Pity daddy for having me as his daughter!!

Like many other bloggers, I’ve addicted to KennySia‘s blog.. It’s a must to visit everyday to see if there’s any updates.. He’s hilarious!! I always laugh alone in front of the screen and my room mate thinks that I’m crazy for no reason!!

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Malaysian Blogger has been Sued?!?!

The Malaysian political blogger, Jeff Ooi has been sued by New Straits Times?? Why?? I thought our Secondary School’s Morale tells us that we have the freedom of speech?? What’s that after all for learning this ‘useless subject’ if what we have studied ain’t true?? According to the Morale book, we have “kebebasan bersuara“. Look!! We also have “berfikiran terbuka” which it is defined as “kesanggupan untuk menerima, mendengar kritikan” or something like that.. So why you people out there don’t have an opened mind?? This is what Morale teaches us. And the elders always think that our Morale got such lousy result is because we don’t practise moral.. But now the problem is, no matter how good, how excellent you are in practising these so-called moral, you will still fail your Morale if you don’t study and memorize the moral values and their definitions and examples, which requires us to answer precisely as in the Morale book in the exam. It’s no longer a practice!!

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