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I’ve finished 2 TVB dramas this week, a 20 episodes and a 30 episodes drama!! Look, I’m enjoying my Uni life here.. haha.. And this is normally an undergraduate doing in a Uni, to download that bunch of movies, dramas, animes and music albums and stick ourselves in front of our dearest lappy, the most expensive things that we own in our rooms most of the time!! Besides getting ourselves busy with the activities here (I didn’t join any this semester ^o^), we also have many assignments that we normally, and usually finish only at the very last minute!! Nonetheless, we skip classes which we think that we don’t make any difference in that particular class.. Oooppss.. another 1.. SHOPPING!!

Countdown: another week to fly!!


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At Last

I bought a pair of inline skates at last.. Hooray~~ *wakakakaka* Still dunno how 2 bring back.. But at least, I’m happy!! =P

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The Skating Mistakes

Top Ten Gumbie Skating Mistakes

Here’s a list of the top ten mistakes I see most often as a skate instructor, why I think they’re not a good thing to do, and how to fix them.

What’s a Gumbie?

This is a phrase that’s become common in the London skating scene, and generally refers to new skaters who don’t yet have much in the way of skating skills. Many of the points below would likely apply to a gumbie skater, although of course I’ve seen some experienced skaters make these mistakes too.

This is of course not quite like The Gumbie, the famous GumbieBEN who isn’t a gumbie skater at all since he’s pretty good.

1) Knees not together

This is one of the biggest signs of the new skater – skating whilst not getting your knees together between each stride. It’s very important to do this for stride efficiency and to improve one-foot balance. Eddy Matzger’s favourite description is to think of your left knee as a girlfriend, and your right knee as a boyfriend, and make sure they kissy-kissy long and hard between every stride. At first you might only be able to get your knees close together, but not touching. After some practice that should improve to making the touch for every stride, and eventually you’ll be able to keep your knees together for a little longer still, separating them at the last possible moment before setting down.

2) Pronation/supination

Many beginners pronate, which means rolling your ankles to the inside, leaving your skates on an inside edge when standing with your skates shoulder distance or less apart, for example. Supination is the reverse, when your skates would be on an outside edge.

The goal for most skating is to have the frame and wheels of your skates always stay aligned with your shins. That way they can take the maximum force you generate without flexing, and the chances are your edging during your skating stride will be correct and efficient.

3) No practice

If you want to get better, have smoother technique, and improve as a skater, you’re going to have to practice, and lots of it. All those amazing skaters you see out and about probably also started out skating feeling wobbly and not able to do much other than just stand up. The difference is that they’ve put in thousands and thousands of hours working tirelessly on their drills and skills.

To me this is the joy and beauty of skating, it’s a never-ending challenge that means there’s always something new to get better at and improve yourself. Make sure you don’t get bored or practice so much that you hate it as that’s a sure way to leave skating. I find it great fun to do all kinds of different stuff. My main skating fun is training and skating marathons, but every now and then I have a huge bunch of fun doing other stuff, such as playing inline hockey, going for a mad street skate, roller disco, or maybe trying a new freestyle trick. It’s all great fun, and it all helps improve your skills.

4) Choosing unsuitable locations

This is especially important when first learning to skate. You need a smooth, flat area with little or no traffic where you can practice safely. Anything with even a slight slope will be terrifying if you don’t know how to stop properly. (Here’s a heelbrake tutorial). Rough surfaces are often a nightmare to beginner skaters, and traffic or too many spectators can take lots of fun out of the experience.

Don’t skate down that hill if you’ve never done it before and you don’t know how to stop down hills. You’ll almost certainly crash and might injure yourself, even seriously.

5) Toe flicking/pushing through toes/not pushing sideways

I see many skaters making these mistakes, and yes, I’ve made some of them too. If you want to go fast efficiently, push through the heel, push forwards, and carve away.

6) Practicing more on the good side

We are all asymmetrical to a greater or lesser degree, so having a bad side is completely normal, and it can feel so much more rewarding to work on the good side for a turn or a t-stop, for example. This is misleading though – I believe you won’t ever become a good and balanced skater unless you can do every move almost as well on your bad side.

Think of the importance of being able to turn well in both directions – one day this could avoid a serious accident. What about fitness skating? It’s not very effective at all to skate along with a big, powerful push on your good side let down by a weak ineffective push on the other.

7) Looking down at your skates

Many people tend to look down at their skates. This is a really bad habit that should be broken right away. Looking up gives you better balance, and it helps develop your sense of proprioception (or your knowledge of your body’s position in space based on feedback from your muscles, tendons, and joints). When you understand your own body position in space better, you are much more able to correct your own skating mistakes and will learn a little more quickly as a result.

Another important point is that you get to see what’s coming and avoid accidents. I regularly have to call out to skaters coming the other way in Hyde Park in London simply because they’re looking down.

8) Buying cheap skates instead of good skates

Buying a cheap pair of skates to “see if you like skating” is a pretty good way of guaranteeing that you won’t have a good time. I see so many students who’ve done this and it can be very hard having to tell them that they need to spend more and get skates that will be usable. I’d much rather you bought a decent pair of skates and didn’t spend any money on lessons with me, you’re more likely to become a long term member of the skating community.

A good alternative is to hire skates for the day. Many shops will even give you the price of hiring back if you buy new skates from them within the week.

If you compare cycling and skating, equipment cost is negligible for skating. Take a look at this inline skate buying guide if you’re thinking about buying skates.

9) Not bending your knees enough

Nearly everyone doesn’t bend their knees enough at some point, but this is a particular problem for beginners. It’s also the main cause of the “Windmill of Death”, or wild swinging of the arms as the new skater falls over backwards.

Bend your knees so that if you stood face to a wall, your toes, knees, and your nose would all touch the wall, not including the thickness of any protective gear or your skates. This is the minimum amount of knee bend you should ever have when wearing skates, and should result in a significant forward lean on your shins, plus a fair amount of pressure where the front of your shin presses into the skate cuff. This might cause your thighs to start aching a little after a while, but if you skate regularly then your legs will quickly adapt.

There are a couple of other good reasons to bend your knees – when you fall, at least you’re already closer to the ground so the reduced falling distance means less pain. Secondly, knee bend translates into going faster because you can push a little further sideways. Of course if you’re a new skater you might not want to go faster just yet!

Want to hear how it often goes? “OK, bend your knees. No, some more. No about twice that much, keep going lower, lower still. OK you’ve just reached about the minimum kneebend!”

10) Moving upper body

You can often see skaters zipping along, yet their upper body is bobbing up and down with every stride, or swinging from side to side. This is a clear sign of bad technique, and you want to look for the bullet appearance where your head hardly moves as you skate forwards.

I’m glad that I dun make any of these mistakes except for choosing unsuitable locations!! No choice for that as there’s no smooth, flat area for inline skating at my house.. (“,) How great would that be if I have determination in studying like I read these inline skate’s articles.. =(

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It has been few days I didn’t blog coz firstly, I dunno what to blog..

Secondly, the reason is that I’m addicted to a show hosts by Rosalyn and XiaXue a.k.a Wendy, called Girls Out Loud.. I think XiaXue is a brainless blogger-turns-celebrity and make me laugh in insaneness..

XiaXue: Are there a lot of moths inside? I see moths inside..
Zenith: These are butterflies, not moths.
XiaXue: They are the same!! They come from worms!! Aiyo~
Zenith: Not worms.. Caterpillars!!
XiaXue: Same lar same lar.. Caterpillars even worse!!
Zenith: =.=|||

I know what is a caterpillar when I was in Kiddie or Primary 1 like that.. I saw with my naked eyes!! I wonder how can a Singaporean celebrity never see a caterpillar?? No doubt that Singapore is named the Garden City.. No plants?!?! Of course NOT!! Obviously, she’s not observing what’s happening around her.. The funniest part is that she doesn’t even know how to differentiate a worm and a caterpillar!! Caterpillar will turn into a butterfly when it’s an adult but worm doesn’t, although they both are so disgusting *yuckies*!! A celebrity blogger that is so brainless!! Rosalyn is much better.. So, Xia Xue, next time don’t talk too much as there’s a saying sounds like “讲多错多”.. Hey please, you are a graduate, dun make people laugh at ur stupidity!!

I’m trying to put up the Google AdSense but it’s not working.. I guess WP isn’t support ads here..

I had sorted out my blog entries into categories few days ago and gained lotsa popularity.. *happiness*

I’m washing my clothes in the “vending washing machine”.. I supposed to have washed one and a half hours ago but… a Malay girl is rushing to use it when I was there so I let her used lor.. *sigh* Maybe I’m too “kind-hearted” “soft-hearted”.. Will I say NO?? I dunno.. Maybe she’s too good so it’s kinda hard for me to reject her request.. =)

I’m thinking of buying a pair of roller blades and I’ll carry back myself.. So anyone volunteer to carry my 6-7kg laptop’s bag back for me??

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Dsc00596_1Hi everyone, wish u all 冬至快乐~ The pic on d left is 汤圆 — my favourite.. These 汤圆s are made by Ah Ma, Dua Koh, Koh Koh, Dad, Nono, Irene and I + our sweats~ keke~ Ain’t they r nice?? Cooked with sesame.. *thumbs up* Hope everyone 顺顺利利, 一家团圆~

My Gua Ma (mum’s mum) also made some giant 汤圆s with peanut fillings.. Really giant size which breaks d record of d past.. XD no pic of it coz d finished eaten.. Sorry~ hehe~ Gua Ma gave us a little only coz she made not much..

A very Merry Xmas to all of u too~

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Death Note

Hey.. Death Note is nice according to many friends.. Must watch!! 心理战?!^^ I’m gonna download when i back home!!

Here is a character test for u all..

Death Note’s Personality Character Test

I’m L.. My wallpaper is L currently.. I like L.. 85% is true bout this result.. Trust me!! *bluek*

Death Note Movie Version, go catch at d cinema!! Rating: 5 stars

Light Yagami is at the head of his class, and he’s bored out of his
mind. That all changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook that
allows him to control the equally bored rogue Death God Ryuk; simply by
writing down the name of the person he wants dead, Light can kill
anyone at will without getting caught. He immediately starts work
killing off all the world’s dangerous criminals, but the cops are hot
on his trail; after all, he’s a mass murderer! When the enigmatic and
seemingly unstoppable detective L goes after Light, the result is a
deadly battle of wits!

Sam, this is a lot shorter!! Stop complaining.. /blek

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I ate d real fruits of SOURSOP last nite in 大众 when a group of 11 coursemates went for dinner in Kajang.. I have always love drinking SOURSOP juice that sell in supermarket but now i tasted d real 1.. Oh No~ Irresistable~!~! Love it so much.. hehe.. The fruits of SOURSOP reminded me of a fruit called “LIM KIM” in Hokkien.. I dunno what does it called in other language.. That was my favourite since i was a kid coz my old house planted d tree.. That time always looking forward to seeing d fruits ripe.. The skin is so hard when dad plucked d fruits n had 2 let it riped.. But sometimes i can’t wait n ended up eating d hard 1.. So 贪吃.. = ) My new house got too but produced nothing even though it has been years that tree was planted.. Since moving in about 8 years ago when i was in Primary 5.. I still remember when i was in Primary 5 n 6 Teacher Yee always give me d fruits coz d tree he planted has a lot of fruits.. Amazingly, his tree produced purple “lim kim” while d 1 i ate all d while is green 1.. It has been centuries since i last ate that fruit d.. Miss it so much..

SOURSOP is 红毛榴莲 in mandarin.. But i wonder y it is named 红毛 since there’s neither fur nor red fur from d pic i’ve seen..

I’ve found someone who loves anime so much like me in my course last nite.. Unbelievable?? Believe it~!~! We are both anime maniacs.. *excited to d max* Boys also kalah.. *sigh*

Oh No~ why am i blogging here?!?! Ain’t u prepare to fail ur exam?? Go study!!

How can i not to be TEMPTED by Internet n Movies n Animes?? I’m so so so stick to my laptop!! Taking away my laptop isn’t working.. I’ll be sleepingzZz instead.. I’m not even reading a single page.. D same page since i woke up till now!! Hello?? Wake up man!! U’re killing urself~ Hell No~ U Can’t Fail ur exam!!

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Just something RIDICULOUS to be shared~

Received a forward msg from Miss Kelly just now.. Here it goes!!

Study = Tak Fail ….1
Tak Study = Fail ….2

1+2: Study + Tak Study = Tak Fail + Fail ….3

Factorize equation 3:
Study (1+Tak) = Fail (1+Tak)

Hence, STUDY = FAIL !!

As a conclusion, need not to study!! Friends, dun u guys love it too??? Honestly, i love it to d max!! XD

Just disturbed my only youngest chinese coursemate just now.. Tempting him wit movies i downloaded these few days.. Haha.. What a bad Jie Jie.. Di Di jia you o0o~ Everyone add oil for exams!! Aza Aza Fighting!!

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A Day To Remember?!?!

Holidays start~ So free n no mood study.. Finished washing my clothes at about 12.30a.m. The brand new bag that dad bought for me in Times Square last weekend when i went to meet him was torn.. So sad.. I haven used yet.. So dear to me.. It costs RM40.. Stupid washing machine~!~! *sigh* who asked its lazy owner lazy to hand wash.. Regret for being lazy.. But what to do now?? Dee spoilt lor.. Totally can’t use d.. Sad + sad + sad.. I love it so much!! And my clothes all still got detergent.. Sigh.. Have to wash another times bcoz of d bag.. Wasted RM4 to wash all those stuff.. Then continued doing my assignment..Finished assignment at 2.00a.m. Then watched Detective Conan which i downloaded long time ago, before i came to uni.. hehe.. *thumbs up*

In the afternoon, mum suddenly called me n asked me if i’m having hols now.. She said i din tell her.. I did tell her long time ago but she said no need go back coz flight ticket expensive.. swt~~ Then suddenly asked me if she buys ticket d, do i know how 2 go 2 airport.. But i refused to go back at this time.. It’s too late.. My KoK exam on 4th Nov.. Back 1 week n then back here again?? I won’t do that.. It takes time to wait bus to go KTM, then go 2 KL Central n then carry my luggages down KL Central n take Skybus to LCCT.. How long does it take overall?? Dunno yet.. Hopefully i won’t be late when i’m going back during Sem Break..

Went to Kajang with my coursemate n her friend, Yu Xuan (Pin Yin only) who is from Sabah too.. We waited for bus at around 4.30p.m. For almost an hour, about 5.25p.m like that, finally the bus came.. So far, only Rapid KL is running.. uni bus all “on hols”.. =p On the way to Kajang, the bus stopped outside uni’s KTM.. after almost half the bus ppl went down, supposed to continue sending passengers till Kajang.. Who knows today so unfortunate.. The bus stuck in the soil as it rained for so many days n the soil is wet!! We waited for so long.. At first, we thought the bus driver didn’t wanna go out coz got car.. Then suddenly feel like that’s not the reason.. Then thinking back uni here rains heavily every evening.. So we moved to another side of the bus.. but still the bus couldn’t get out from the soil.. Then the bus driver opened the door, indicating that we have to get down of the bus.. Then, he kept on trying.. After trials n failures, the bus still there – in the soil.. S.O.S!! Help~~ Dunno for how long we had waited, finally another Rapid KL came to help us coz the bus driver called for help.. And all of us got into the 413 Rapid KL.. By the time we reached Kajang, it was 6.30p.m., ate dinner at Shakey’s Pizza – Large Hawaian Delight + Extra Cheese toppings + 1 pitcher of Sprite to fill our stomach.. Was so full.. Before that, the 2 of them were so hungry since i met them at around 4.30p.m. Planning to take dinner early but at last also late d.. Finished pizza at 7.00p.m. n bought food in Giant..

After that, bought satay.. waited for quite long too.. Almost 30 minutes.. Then rushed for bus at 8.00p.m smth.. For 1 hour we stood, finally got no patience anymore, so we decided to board a cab.. The driver is so friendly.. The best i’ve ever met.. A Malay guy.. He said he was robbed when he brought Indians in his cab.. No comment.. Pity him coz he’s just too nice.. He charged us for RM12 to go back uni.. Then when we got into the cab, he drove off.. For less than 10m, suddenly we saw Rapid KL.. We were sighing in the cab.. N he’s so kind.. He told us if we wanna go back by Rapid KL also can.. N if we got down sure ppl will get into his cab.. No need worry.. N he didn’t charge us.. So, d 3 of us said thx n Selamat Hari Raya to him n went off.. 1 more thing, we forgot 2 get his number.. Only 1 in millions ppl, u will meet such ppl.. He’s the 1 of the millions.. How lucky~ Who knows the bus came at 9.15p.m. Walao eh, spent an hour waiting for bus!! Overall, 2 hours waiting for bus.. Not worth it at all although we have lots of time to waste now.. Tomorrow will go Mid Valley with them too.. N Emily, coursemate’s friend in UCSI, whom i got to know when i went to Cheras on Wednesday (18th Oct).. Went to Cheras Leisure Mall n d Pasar Malam.. I wanna go again.. to eat the “xi mi lu”.. So nice.. n the “gui ling gao” too..

Kay, that’s all.. Good nite..

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Trip to Hulu Langat

25th August (Friday)

Happy Birthday, KELLY~!~!

…… Went to Hulu Langat with 32 coursemates.. When we just arrived at the entrance of Impian Country Resort, it looks ok.. Who knows when we were asked to eat at the Astaka, it was like “Oh No!! I have to eat this disgusting food for 3 days?!?!” So i didn’t eat the tea time.. Then, some of us went to check in our Dorm.. All the girls lived in Dorm A.. We opened the door and saw many double deckers.. Just like what Peng Jie told me on last Wednesday nite.. Not shock at all.. After we found our ideal beds, we dropped all our things there and started to explore the room and toilets.. We couldn’t find a single plug in the room to charge our handphones.. Then the toilet, it looks so terrible and horrible.. We saw a pool of water.. It was dark and couldn’t see anything.. After spending some time looking at the pond, we realized that the water level was so so high.. OMG!! It looked extremely dirty.. But all the sand dee sinked, so that’s the cleanest water u can find in whole Impian Country Resort i guess..

Around 12:15pm, we were asked to start our field work. Actually, Group 1 supposed 2 do the Rocks and Group 2 do Flora.. Since there was some problem with the bus (according to lecturer, the bus driver couldn’t start the engine), we combined our first session field work with Group 1.. The forest is quite nice actually, as there’s a river there (u know lar, i love water so much).. We were measuring all those trees of more than 5cm Diameter ** (forgotten dee.. hehe..) It was lunch time at ’bout 2:00pm as all of us were starving for hungriness including En. Daman & he was the one who said dunno whether if he was the only one who was so so so hungry.. haha.. Then only i felt that i was hungry too.. We quickly finished the measuring part in our plot and we measured only 7 trees.. We ignored the rest but who knows the people (assistant of En. Daman i think) wanted us to measure all trees with more than 5cm DBH (not sure with this abbreviation) When we were out of the forest, it was dee around 2:30pm to 3:00pm. The lunch was nice, i meant FOOD!! At least it was not as terrible as in KIY.. KIY cafe likes to put lotsa salt, as if salt is cheap.. After lunch most of us went to sleep.. That was the time Ling Phang got to know she was bitten by leeches coz she bleeds non stop.. It was reaining heavily this afternoon so we were worrying for the next day field work.. Received call from one of my direct seniors, asked me & Choy Shin to be careful in the forest and told me her experience.. She’s a really caring senior..

At nite, we went to the Dewan not far from our Dorm.. for safety in forest talk by XXX.. (dunno his name).. And during the talk, a flying cockroach first landed on Hsiao Wei’s back.. Prof Maimun grabbed my note book 2 sweep away the cockroach then it landed on my track suit.. Oh No!! It scared me!! I hate cockroach.. After talk, went back to dorm and slept~

26th August (Saturday)

Woke up


~Field Work started~
The whether was so nice.. My group did Aquatic this morning while the other did Fauna.. We went to the river in the forest to do our session 3 field work.. Dr Shuhaimi and his 2 assistants were first asked those who had equipments to go down the river but then we all ignored their instructions and went down 2 play water.. It was so slippery and could feel the sand was sharp.. Many of us nearly fell into the water while doing field work whereas Kelly & Ling Phang were wet coz fell into water.. Playing water was so so so FUN!!

Tea time

Preservation, identification & labelling of aquatic species

Slept (I heard Daccent’s playing Johnny Johnny while i was sleeping.. Kelly heard too..)


Played Johnny Johnny (a wu liao game which needs detail observation) It was fun but Daccent spent whole day to notice that very simple action..

~Field Work started~
Did Invertebrate this time.. Went into forest, not really far actually.. but invertebrate part was still ok.. It made me so worried when Choy Shin caught a leech on her ankle.. Played with the altimeter & hoped to go out of the forest as soon as possible.. No mood at all.. Yi Xi was “destroying” the forest.. So funny.. Every place he passed was destroyed.. 凡走过必留下痕迹.. *wakakakaka* After came out of the forest, we saw a yellow butterfly.. It last landed on my cap before it was caught by someone.. Also landed on See Mua & Choy Shin if not mistaken.. Dunno Yi Xi or who else came out with 1 theory, butterflies love girls only.. *muahahahaha* He is a really funny guy..

Tea time

~Field Work started~
Went into forest again for Fauna field work.. Traps were installed by lecturers and assistants.. We got squirrel, baby mouse, bat and kingfisher.. I love the squirrel so much although FST’s squirrels are more beautiful.. After the xxx (dunno assistant ot lecturer) “bius” the squirrel 2 take measurement of his body, i took the squirrel to take pic with him (it’s a male 1).. The baby mouse was so pity coz not much ppl care for him (also a male 1).. too bad.. weehehehehehe..

Played water in the river in front of our dorm.. Actually i dun wanna make my shirt and pants wet, just wanna take pic but Ia Lun splashed water on me when i wanted to go up.. So i also joined them playing water.. We were all wet and not allowed to enter our dorm.. At last, i slipped into dorm too.. Due to no empty toilet, Ling Phang, Choy Shin, Chia Yi and I bathed together using the water in the pond..


Played Johnny Johnny, Ali Bom, Who Dies?? and Kelly’s riddle..
Rich man has _____,
Poor man needs _____,
If i eat _____,
I’ll die..

Light Trap behind Dewan


Played Johnny Johnny, Ali Bom, Who Dies??, Black Magic & Hunter’s game..

Waited for 12:30am to watch Mars and Moon but all we saw was trees & reddish sky.. Beautiful!! It looks like horizon.. Cold jokes by Sin Tee..

Packed things & slept

27th August (Sunday)

Woke up & continued packing


~Field Work started~
No longer going into forest today.. It was the mapping part.. With En. Awang (if not mistaken) & Dr. Ramlan.. It’s quite complicated as Hazani & I forgot to measure the escarpment using klinometer.. It rained while we half way doing mapping, my note book was wet.. Confusing at times.. Running from point to point was quite fun..

Tea time

Air quality by En. Azman a.k.a Dato K.. We didn’t hav 2 do anything actually.. Was so sleepy while looking at him doing all the thing himself.. bored.. Yi Xi &’ Wei Quan kept asking nonsence.. and here born the nick of Dato L for Yi Xi (given by En Azman)..


Played Coffee & Tea

Left Impian Country Resort to Ampang for the Rocks part.. Bought ice-cream.. Extremely expensive.. When we reached Ampang, we just picked some granite & took pic and left for uni~ Happy happy~

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