Super Grandma

My dearest grandma who has been hospitalized was back home after around 1 month like that.. She was travelling long journey back home although the doctor said she wasn’t fit for.. And her skin renews itself!! Unbelievable?? She’s a strong granny though.. =) With no appetite, leg amputated due to infection, her children and grandchildren are always around to take care of her..

About the hospital fees, guess how much they charged?? My dad, uncles and everyone believed when one of my uncle said it’s RM5,000 (this is very cheap for 1 month) But guess what?! The maximum they can only charge RM500 (this is damn damn cheap with all new facilities, specialists around when an operation is in progress) She underwent two operation (major one), each charged for only RM30 and RM50 with 4-5 specialists in the operation room!! The payment can be delayed too if got no money.. haha.. But this is good!! And I meant GREAT!! =) I’d proudly say this is Malaysia. ^^v

I love my super grandma!!


I have changed the description of my blog title.. HERE BORNS THE DEVIL!! =) I love this~ *wink*



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The Doctor

I went to see doctor at Pusat Kesihatan (PK) this morning.. It was crowded with people (the Chinese called this “People Mountain People Sea”) When it came to my turn, I knocked the door and went in.. A female doctor that looks so familiar appeared to be sitting there.. Then I started to wonder where did I see her.. *thinking*

After examined my throat, she told me that my Palatine tonsils are swollen.. (I saw 2 big lumps with ” broken blisters looked” all over the surface inside there with my mirror and torch light.. so disgusting!!)

Tonsils Tonsils


Right click “View Image” for larger picture (Firefox user)

Then, she proceeded on checking my body temperature.. I have fever!! (‘though I didn’t realize that I am cold or whatever..) And prescribed me with a lot of medicine.. Ponstan capsules were also given.. According to the doctor, I have to consume Ponstan to reduce the inflammation.. (But what I know is that, Ponstan is a pain killer.. To reduce pain but not swelling.. Now I proved that she’s correct after searching for information online coz I dun really trust the doctors here.. *paiseh*) For sure, antibiotics will never be forgotten.. It has been years I don’t consume antibiotics as my parents advised me not to take it (it kills good and bad bacteria in your body!!) It’s always my pleasure that I don’t have to eat so many medicine.. *wink* But for this time, I must finish the antibiotics as CNY is coming soon.. I wanna go to Brunei!! The doctor asked me if I want a MC.. I shook my head, telling her “NO”.. She was so surprised coz normally students went to PK wanna get MC to skip class.. haha.. I’m a good girl today.. *self-praising, sort of “muka tembok”* hehe..

*thinking* The doctor was one the doctors who on duty for ER on that nite my friend fell from ice-skating and sent there.. She’s quite friendly actually..

After lunch, I then ate my medicine and of course the cough syrup!! Became very dizzy and fell asleep for 3 hours!! That was loooonnngggg…. I wonder if I’ll suffer from insomnia tonite due to “too sufficient” sleep.. And the cough syrup will cause insomnia as well..

This is the first time I’m sick here.. Should I claim myself a healthy baby?? (“,)

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Again, this is the 3rd time I skipped class this sem.. This is a BioMaths class, dun mind either as it’s not the very very important class like Biodiversity and Principle of Environmental Science 2.. This is certainly a very boring class, where the lecturer reads the slides, without explaining further, no example of applications.. What she has is all the formulas and very stupid long long sentences..

GrandMa is still in ICU, but improving.. Have to be monitored for few days again..

Will be celebrating CNY in Brunei this year according to my aunt.. Finally, I can go this year.. But, Oh No!! I still dun have a passport.. No worries.. Passport can be done in just a day!! Smart choice to have chosen back a week earlier.. *applause* Looking forward to seeing all my dearest couzies again.. =) But one of them may not be coming i guess, or the whole family?? =(

I miss Kim Gary’s Cheese baked Rice with Chicken Chop in Red Sauce? or something like that.. It’s so delicious.. And I meant extremely delicious.. Yummy yummy.. As sayings goes “吃的是福”.. I love the Sunway Pyramid’s Kim Gary, but not the Mid Valley 1.. Maybe because Mid Valley one is always crowded like a market, in order to be quick, the cook can’t “take care” of the food quality of every single customer..

Can’t believe that I’m skipping class to blog this!! haha.. That’s ME!!

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Dsc00596_1Hi everyone, wish u all 冬至快乐~ The pic on d left is 汤圆 — my favourite.. These 汤圆s are made by Ah Ma, Dua Koh, Koh Koh, Dad, Nono, Irene and I + our sweats~ keke~ Ain’t they r nice?? Cooked with sesame.. *thumbs up* Hope everyone 顺顺利利, 一家团圆~

My Gua Ma (mum’s mum) also made some giant 汤圆s with peanut fillings.. Really giant size which breaks d record of d past.. XD no pic of it coz d finished eaten.. Sorry~ hehe~ Gua Ma gave us a little only coz she made not much..

A very Merry Xmas to all of u too~

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A Day To Remember?!?!

Holidays start~ So free n no mood study.. Finished washing my clothes at about 12.30a.m. The brand new bag that dad bought for me in Times Square last weekend when i went to meet him was torn.. So sad.. I haven used yet.. So dear to me.. It costs RM40.. Stupid washing machine~!~! *sigh* who asked its lazy owner lazy to hand wash.. Regret for being lazy.. But what to do now?? Dee spoilt lor.. Totally can’t use d.. Sad + sad + sad.. I love it so much!! And my clothes all still got detergent.. Sigh.. Have to wash another times bcoz of d bag.. Wasted RM4 to wash all those stuff.. Then continued doing my assignment..Finished assignment at 2.00a.m. Then watched Detective Conan which i downloaded long time ago, before i came to uni.. hehe.. *thumbs up*

In the afternoon, mum suddenly called me n asked me if i’m having hols now.. She said i din tell her.. I did tell her long time ago but she said no need go back coz flight ticket expensive.. swt~~ Then suddenly asked me if she buys ticket d, do i know how 2 go 2 airport.. But i refused to go back at this time.. It’s too late.. My KoK exam on 4th Nov.. Back 1 week n then back here again?? I won’t do that.. It takes time to wait bus to go KTM, then go 2 KL Central n then carry my luggages down KL Central n take Skybus to LCCT.. How long does it take overall?? Dunno yet.. Hopefully i won’t be late when i’m going back during Sem Break..

Went to Kajang with my coursemate n her friend, Yu Xuan (Pin Yin only) who is from Sabah too.. We waited for bus at around 4.30p.m. For almost an hour, about 5.25p.m like that, finally the bus came.. So far, only Rapid KL is running.. uni bus all “on hols”.. =p On the way to Kajang, the bus stopped outside uni’s KTM.. after almost half the bus ppl went down, supposed to continue sending passengers till Kajang.. Who knows today so unfortunate.. The bus stuck in the soil as it rained for so many days n the soil is wet!! We waited for so long.. At first, we thought the bus driver didn’t wanna go out coz got car.. Then suddenly feel like that’s not the reason.. Then thinking back uni here rains heavily every evening.. So we moved to another side of the bus.. but still the bus couldn’t get out from the soil.. Then the bus driver opened the door, indicating that we have to get down of the bus.. Then, he kept on trying.. After trials n failures, the bus still there – in the soil.. S.O.S!! Help~~ Dunno for how long we had waited, finally another Rapid KL came to help us coz the bus driver called for help.. And all of us got into the 413 Rapid KL.. By the time we reached Kajang, it was 6.30p.m., ate dinner at Shakey’s Pizza – Large Hawaian Delight + Extra Cheese toppings + 1 pitcher of Sprite to fill our stomach.. Was so full.. Before that, the 2 of them were so hungry since i met them at around 4.30p.m. Planning to take dinner early but at last also late d.. Finished pizza at 7.00p.m. n bought food in Giant..

After that, bought satay.. waited for quite long too.. Almost 30 minutes.. Then rushed for bus at 8.00p.m smth.. For 1 hour we stood, finally got no patience anymore, so we decided to board a cab.. The driver is so friendly.. The best i’ve ever met.. A Malay guy.. He said he was robbed when he brought Indians in his cab.. No comment.. Pity him coz he’s just too nice.. He charged us for RM12 to go back uni.. Then when we got into the cab, he drove off.. For less than 10m, suddenly we saw Rapid KL.. We were sighing in the cab.. N he’s so kind.. He told us if we wanna go back by Rapid KL also can.. N if we got down sure ppl will get into his cab.. No need worry.. N he didn’t charge us.. So, d 3 of us said thx n Selamat Hari Raya to him n went off.. 1 more thing, we forgot 2 get his number.. Only 1 in millions ppl, u will meet such ppl.. He’s the 1 of the millions.. How lucky~ Who knows the bus came at 9.15p.m. Walao eh, spent an hour waiting for bus!! Overall, 2 hours waiting for bus.. Not worth it at all although we have lots of time to waste now.. Tomorrow will go Mid Valley with them too.. N Emily, coursemate’s friend in UCSI, whom i got to know when i went to Cheras on Wednesday (18th Oct).. Went to Cheras Leisure Mall n d Pasar Malam.. I wanna go again.. to eat the “xi mi lu”.. So nice.. n the “gui ling gao” too..

Kay, that’s all.. Good nite..

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10% Disappointment + 5% Happiness + 85% Sadness

News from Intan

Just read an email sent by Intan, saying that she is in Taylor! So glad to hear that coz she always wanted 2 meet everyone of us in KL. She was previously studying in UMS (food science if not mistaken) as she got the offer there. Maybe we should find some time to meet each other in KL.

Holiday & Puasa
I told Peng Jie that we might not be having September holidays just now. Then what i got to know is that really happened last year. No holiday until Hari Raya Puasa. Well, no comment on this. 1 week holiday go back also waste time, but i need holiday 2 study lar. I dun understand most of the lectures or maybe these words sound better ‘hardly understand’. It isn’t related with what i studied last time (except General Chemistry II but this is harder!!) When it comes across those biology and geology terms, i am so blur. Never failed to feel sleepy or fall asleep in class. I know that i love sleeping in class, but when i hear all those terms that i can’t understand, for sure i will sleep or do whatever that isn’t related to that lesson. So bored lar.

Also, during Hari Raya Puasa, we will have to Puasa too!! NO stall is opened for us. So, gotta stock more maggie cups from now on..


My Manusia & Sekitaran assignment has to be handed up this Thursday by noon. It’s a maximum 20 pages assignment on Blue Whale (Intro + Problems + Conservation) Guess where am I now?? Only the Taxonomy (only half page), u better believe me!! -_-”’ It’s going to due date man!! I hate to do the translation!! I must translate whatever information i got in English into Malay.. There’s no translator i can find on net.. Trying very very hard on downloading every single translator that may help but ended up none that can help.. So sad.. :'( I was forced to translate every single word with my limited vocabulary just to prevent PLAGIARISM!!

Fac Nite
There’s another nite that i got to attend, that’s the Fac Nite. Have to pay RM60 for that and it is a MUST!! Well, i dun plan to go neither pay for it. I’m BROKE now!! 1 heavy meal per day only.. Morning and Afternoon or Night will drink Milo. *sigh* Assume that I’m on diet lar..

Field Work

Maybe my Teknik Analisis Persekitaran field work will be on 25th – 27th August, not yet confirmed the date. This trip requires each student to pay RM70 according to Dr Ramlan (but he’s not sure with the exact amount). Besides, my Manusia & Persekitaran field trip will be on 1st -3rd September (the Prof not yet tell us the ‘bout the fee, but Pulau Kapas is one of our destination) I really BROKE liao.. No PTPTN!!

PT Publicity
My PT daddy said that we have to do the webpage using MMS. I dunno what’s MMS. MMS means Multimedia Message Service (the 1 for mobile) to me. Asked bro ’bout that but he said there’s no MMS in web development. So how??

Kinda desperate!! Wonder why uni life is like this. Why everything needs $$$?? Is it nothing can be done without $$$?? There’s a Chinese sayings goes “钱不是万能,但没钱就万万不能”!!

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