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I’ve finished 2 TVB dramas this week, a 20 episodes and a 30 episodes drama!! Look, I’m enjoying my Uni life here.. haha.. And this is normally an undergraduate doing in a Uni, to download that bunch of movies, dramas, animes and music albums and stick ourselves in front of our dearest lappy, the most expensive things that we own in our rooms most of the time!! Besides getting ourselves busy with the activities here (I didn’t join any this semester ^o^), we also have many assignments that we normally, and usually finish only at the very last minute!! Nonetheless, we skip classes which we think that we don’t make any difference in that particular class.. Oooppss.. another 1.. SHOPPING!!

Countdown: another week to fly!!


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Binbou Shimai Monogatari

Binboushimai002_1The anime centers around two sisters – Kyou (age 15) and Asu (age 9) –
whose mother died from an illness and whose father, heavily in debt,
mysteriously disappeared. Now they are living in a small and miserable
apartment from the few money the

Binboushimai003 older sister gets for her part-time
job. But as long as they have each other and are supported by kind
people they continue their every-day life never losing the bright
smiles on their faces nor their strong spirit.

This is a heartwarming story about two poor, yet happy,



adapted from Binbou Shimai’s Anime Review

The music are nice as well.. Worth watching~

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Death Note

Hey.. Death Note is nice according to many friends.. Must watch!! 心理战?!^^ I’m gonna download when i back home!!

Here is a character test for u all..

Death Note’s Personality Character Test

I’m L.. My wallpaper is L currently.. I like L.. 85% is true bout this result.. Trust me!! *bluek*

Death Note Movie Version, go catch at d cinema!! Rating: 5 stars

Light Yagami is at the head of his class, and he’s bored out of his
mind. That all changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook that
allows him to control the equally bored rogue Death God Ryuk; simply by
writing down the name of the person he wants dead, Light can kill
anyone at will without getting caught. He immediately starts work
killing off all the world’s dangerous criminals, but the cops are hot
on his trail; after all, he’s a mass murderer! When the enigmatic and
seemingly unstoppable detective L goes after Light, the result is a
deadly battle of wits!

Sam, this is a lot shorter!! Stop complaining.. /blek

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没有啦!! 只是。。。。。。


不过,不管怎么说, 我已经很庆幸能被派到这个学生宿舍村。。。

因为我根本就不用缴“因特网”的费用。。。 可说是省了一大笔呢!


只需缴25零吉的电费(好像也包括水费), 就可享用24/7的“服务”。。。


另外付如果收讯好还不打紧, 不好可不是白缴了吗?!


虽然换了100零吉却很少搭学院巴士(十只手指都有的找,因为等一辆巴士实在是太久了,宁可走路),但我都从电费那儿赚回来了。。。 嘻嘻!



废+无聊 = 幽默+兴奋 = SS

还有,Anime Blogger听起来也叫爽~又SS了!! 哇咔咔咔咔~


再会,晚安! 不!! 早安才对!!


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A Day To Remember?!?!

Holidays start~ So free n no mood study.. Finished washing my clothes at about 12.30a.m. The brand new bag that dad bought for me in Times Square last weekend when i went to meet him was torn.. So sad.. I haven used yet.. So dear to me.. It costs RM40.. Stupid washing machine~!~! *sigh* who asked its lazy owner lazy to hand wash.. Regret for being lazy.. But what to do now?? Dee spoilt lor.. Totally can’t use d.. Sad + sad + sad.. I love it so much!! And my clothes all still got detergent.. Sigh.. Have to wash another times bcoz of d bag.. Wasted RM4 to wash all those stuff.. Then continued doing my assignment..Finished assignment at 2.00a.m. Then watched Detective Conan which i downloaded long time ago, before i came to uni.. hehe.. *thumbs up*

In the afternoon, mum suddenly called me n asked me if i’m having hols now.. She said i din tell her.. I did tell her long time ago but she said no need go back coz flight ticket expensive.. swt~~ Then suddenly asked me if she buys ticket d, do i know how 2 go 2 airport.. But i refused to go back at this time.. It’s too late.. My KoK exam on 4th Nov.. Back 1 week n then back here again?? I won’t do that.. It takes time to wait bus to go KTM, then go 2 KL Central n then carry my luggages down KL Central n take Skybus to LCCT.. How long does it take overall?? Dunno yet.. Hopefully i won’t be late when i’m going back during Sem Break..

Went to Kajang with my coursemate n her friend, Yu Xuan (Pin Yin only) who is from Sabah too.. We waited for bus at around 4.30p.m. For almost an hour, about 5.25p.m like that, finally the bus came.. So far, only Rapid KL is running.. uni bus all “on hols”.. =p On the way to Kajang, the bus stopped outside uni’s KTM.. after almost half the bus ppl went down, supposed to continue sending passengers till Kajang.. Who knows today so unfortunate.. The bus stuck in the soil as it rained for so many days n the soil is wet!! We waited for so long.. At first, we thought the bus driver didn’t wanna go out coz got car.. Then suddenly feel like that’s not the reason.. Then thinking back uni here rains heavily every evening.. So we moved to another side of the bus.. but still the bus couldn’t get out from the soil.. Then the bus driver opened the door, indicating that we have to get down of the bus.. Then, he kept on trying.. After trials n failures, the bus still there – in the soil.. S.O.S!! Help~~ Dunno for how long we had waited, finally another Rapid KL came to help us coz the bus driver called for help.. And all of us got into the 413 Rapid KL.. By the time we reached Kajang, it was 6.30p.m., ate dinner at Shakey’s Pizza – Large Hawaian Delight + Extra Cheese toppings + 1 pitcher of Sprite to fill our stomach.. Was so full.. Before that, the 2 of them were so hungry since i met them at around 4.30p.m. Planning to take dinner early but at last also late d.. Finished pizza at 7.00p.m. n bought food in Giant..

After that, bought satay.. waited for quite long too.. Almost 30 minutes.. Then rushed for bus at 8.00p.m smth.. For 1 hour we stood, finally got no patience anymore, so we decided to board a cab.. The driver is so friendly.. The best i’ve ever met.. A Malay guy.. He said he was robbed when he brought Indians in his cab.. No comment.. Pity him coz he’s just too nice.. He charged us for RM12 to go back uni.. Then when we got into the cab, he drove off.. For less than 10m, suddenly we saw Rapid KL.. We were sighing in the cab.. N he’s so kind.. He told us if we wanna go back by Rapid KL also can.. N if we got down sure ppl will get into his cab.. No need worry.. N he didn’t charge us.. So, d 3 of us said thx n Selamat Hari Raya to him n went off.. 1 more thing, we forgot 2 get his number.. Only 1 in millions ppl, u will meet such ppl.. He’s the 1 of the millions.. How lucky~ Who knows the bus came at 9.15p.m. Walao eh, spent an hour waiting for bus!! Overall, 2 hours waiting for bus.. Not worth it at all although we have lots of time to waste now.. Tomorrow will go Mid Valley with them too.. N Emily, coursemate’s friend in UCSI, whom i got to know when i went to Cheras on Wednesday (18th Oct).. Went to Cheras Leisure Mall n d Pasar Malam.. I wanna go again.. to eat the “xi mi lu”.. So nice.. n the “gui ling gao” too..

Kay, that’s all.. Good nite..

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Guess y am i so happy?? *hmm.. wondering*

I will have Prince of Tennis soon!! Hahahahahaha.. Muih Jie ar, clear ur external lor.. It seems like i’m the 1 who teach bad u seniors lar.. *feeling so bad*

Thx Tan Kok for sending me the anime link.. Otherwise, i wouldn’t have found it..

Also, saw my Friendster profile?? Oh yeah~ I learnt something new!! The blinking stuff and the line break!! I edited the Birthdate things by myself.. It was so DULL, grey and white b4 i edited it.. See, how beautiful it is in BLUE!! 我觉得很有成就感哦!! Wahahahaha.. Sab, wanna learn??

Alan, i found a Chinese site that can download anime songs!! Muahahahahaha.. Learn Chinese lar..

Celebrated Priscilla and Alex’s b’day last nite.. It’s the 1st birthday party i joined here.. Happy B’day to both of them..

Hmm.. tomorrow will have to go Mid Valley to meet Yong Lee to pass him smth.. Dunno who wanna join me o0o.. (Hmm.. I am so naughty.. Forcing someone 2 go Mid Valley with me & asked him to skip the choir practice.. Hehe..)

Today i drank 2 Milo & now eating Mamee cup.. Hmm.. as long as my lao gong with me i won’t feel hungry..

Did some washing just now & saw dunno how many families of monkeys.. *grrr*

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Australia vs Japan

Australia 3: 1 Japan?!?! WTH!! I support Japan!! I love Japan!! How can they lose?!?! So sad o0o.. Disappointed me man~!~! How did GK guard their goal?? Actually i haven’t watched yet.. I missed that match man!! Totally forgot ’bout FIFA, watching Naruto instead.. *sigh* I must watch that match!! Connection not stable (not good).. hai~ Anyone else having problem with the connection here?? Alan??

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Protected: Full Moon wo Sagashite – Eternal Snow

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Hatake Kakashi

I fall in love with Kakashi in the part that he fights Zabuza.. He is a really talented jounin. His Sharingan eye is very very ‘hen’. I love this special character besides Naruto and Sasuke.. To me, Zabuza is not a bad guy too.. Although he used 2 treat Haku like his equipment but at least when he died he wanted to be with Haku.. A good guy instead.. He’s just worked for Gatou because he needs money.. This is reality coz in this world, $$$ Rulez!! So u guys shan’t hate Zabuza..

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