Flying on a New Aircraft

Should I call myself a lucky one to have flown on AirAsia’s new aircraft?? I dunno what model is that since that I’m not interested on it unless my parents own it.. =P

Early in the morning, my blockmate sent me to KTM station before she went to her so-called swimming class. To my surprise, there was so many people who are going to shop in KL. After the less than 45 minutes journey, I reached KL central. Meet up with my friend at the counter of Skybus and the bus boarded at 8.00am. We talked all the way to LCCT and people around us showing the dissatisfaction look at us coz my friend talks really loud, all this while.. We didn’t care them either.

Upon arriving LCCT, we went to eat McD. I had a Fish Platter and it’s delicious!! Then, we went to check-in. Around 10am, after YueZi and the gang checked-in, they ate McD.. I had a Strawberry Sundae!! Met a lot of Matrix friends today and was very happy!! While eating, they talked about the silly stuff they experienced in UM and the lady sitting next to us was laughing. She listened to us!! @_@






Our flight delayed for more than 30 minutes..

In the aircraft, we chose to sit at the back.. I sat next to the window while my friend sat next to the aisle.. We put our lappies on the middle seat. It was the first time we ordered food on the plane!! The Nasi Lemak is not so hot even after they reheated..

As usual, we talked loudly and… Trying to sleep but can’t.. maybe I’m too excited ‘though I didn’t feel that way..

After flying for more than 2 hours, I’ve finally seen Labuan.. It took less than a minute to reach the airport. I doubted how long does it take to fly over the whole Labuan Island.. Less than 2 minutes?? big possibility~

Was very busy today.. Bathed dogs after arrived at home and then went out to dinner with my parents’ friends and 2 VIPs who were on the same flight as me..

First time eaten abalone.. It’s just very normal, like the abalone mushrooms.. So, in order to save money, eat abalone mushroom is enough.. Abalones are too expensive duh!! =P


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Today’s Paper

Summary of Interesting News from The Star on 23rd Jan 2007

This news from The Star, made me think of the drama, 恋爱女王 (Love Queen).. I love every single thing (except cold sky juice), including sports related to ICE!! Definitely, I will love ice hockey too.. But how come I never know that Malaysia has a place to train ICE HOCKEY?! =.=||| Sunway Pyramid’s ice world is just too small!! How I wish I was born in those 4 seasons countries, preferably Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.. *.O

And YES!! A very small part of this news is just what I wanna tell the government!! We have to accept criticisms and various opinions from the public.. Since we’re given the freedom of speech, and asked to learn to be open-minded in our Morale, the government should do the same thing too, by accepting criticisms and opinions in order to improve, to make Tun Mahathir’s Wawasan 2020 a success, don’t they?? (as if I know what is in Wawasan 2020 *keke*) He’s the one who I look up to and classified as the only smartest and most brilliant Prime Minister, of all the country leaders.. Good job!! =)

While this news on Northern Sarawak to get global TV publicity.. I reckon that not to watch too much on what the Tourism Board of Sarawak recommended, just like the so-called Best Toilet Operator.. How silly is that to be awarded.. I highly recommend those tourists who wanna pay a visit to Sarawak, especially to eat the very very unique delicacies or cuisine, please have a look at, where he posted the best food in Kuching. He said, eat like the locals eat!! That’s true!! *wink* Together we make Visit Malaysia 2007’s mission a SUCCESS!! (not knowing what’s the mission.. to get better income for the locals and the government??)

From this news, we got to know that Malaysia Airlines is offering 5 millions cheap tickets at the travel fair from 31st Jan to 6th Feb. For more information, please click on the link to the news, or visit Malaysia Airlines. *feel like I’m advertising for MAS, weird* MAS is however better than Air Asia as it’s more organized although Air Asia’s doctrine is “Now Everyone can Fly!” as they offered low prices at certain period to certain countries or nationwide.

Whereas, this news is ’bout the technology – invention of the Microwave, where it can kill more than 99% of bacteria, viruses or parasites, and even spores on a kitchen sponges that contribute to the death of thousands Americans each year and get sicked from food borne microbes. It’s good in sterilization. *applause to the inventor of microwave*

This news is telling the truth where some teachers are lack of confidence to teach in English for Maths and Science subjects.. This is what I’m facing too, lack of confidence in speaking, but look! I’m not so bad in writing what!! *ehem, self-praising* (only if I’ve ideas, not to ask me to write an essay!! It’s been ages ago since I last wrote one) I wanted to speak more but scared being laughed at!! So, I try blogging and “read out loud” my blog and other’s blogs, in order to speak fluently.. *haha* In the meantime, I’m learning new vocabulary from the other’s blogs.. Frankly speaking, the Malaysians gotta accept English as their 2nd language coz it’s an International language, and also to catch up with the pace of technologies nowadays in the developed Eastern and Western countries. This is why we have globalization, to standardize and globalize everything!!

So, how’s this post?? I meant how’s my English?? *hehe* Am I improving?? Please comment, I accept criticisms although at times, I dunno how to response.. *feel stupidity*

Anyone wanna sponsor me a better blog?? I dun really like this coz I dunno how to put up my favourite background (I dun think WordPress allow me to change for FREE), NO chatterbox, FIXED template, NO ads. And I need those blog that can import and export blog entries.. *too much expectations, sigh*

Black is DULL and not matching my blog’s theme!!

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Work on Our English

Pak Lah’s Pet Projects

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2 Nite at Puchong Jaya + 1 Nite at Cititel + Tadaima

warning: extra long blog

On 23rd Nov, my “biao shao” came 2 fetch me at KIY around 4.15pm.. She’s so friendly n kind as well.. Prettier than d wedding pics that i saw in my cousin bro’s blog.. So glad 2 hav her as my “biao shao”.. She brought me 2 Kajang 2 exchange car with her elder bro n send their wedding dinner’s invitation cards.. From toll to toll, finally i arrived at my cousin bro’s new apartment in Puchong Jaya.. It’s a beautiful 1.. Designed by d both of them.. Unique furnitures n King Arthur’s dining table.. Extraordinary sight of choosing them.. Helped her a bit with cleaning d apartment coz it was dusty due to wiring by my cousin bro.. Curtains were installed only that morning on d day we were moving in, fridge had not turned on, plastic cover of d sofa were took away that morning too.. At nite, d 3 of us went to picked my mum side’s grandma, “Be Yi” (Mum’s youngest sis), “Dua Gu” (Mum’s eldest bro), “Dua Kim” (Dua Gu’s wife), Ai Leng Jie Jie n Wei Wei at LCCT..

24th Nov
We went to 1 Utama after breakfast.. Wei n I walked together after spliting up with d rest of them after lunch at Vietnam Kitchen.. “Lost n found” was named by my “Dua Gu” for d both of us.. Funny coz we lost n found in that so so so big shopping mall.. Can’t find our way back 2 meet them, our HPs had insufficient batteries.. About 7.00pm, we waited taxi 2 back but unfortunately, after so long we have waited, we boarded a taxi at last.. Not by meter, but by price coz Puchong is too crowded n jammed at around that time.. No taxi will want to bring.. Grandma, Be Yi n Dua Kim back with d 1st taxi guided by Ai Leng Jie Jie while Dua Gu, Wei n I in another taxi.. Supposed 2 be guided by Dua Gu but Wei n I too be d co-pilots.. We brought d taxi driver to “Holland“.. On d way back, Dua Gu chit chatted with d taxi friend.. Got to know he’s from Penang as he speaks Hokkien, is a graduate who d retired.. He can speak English fluently coz previously worked in a hotel.. His son n daughter were studying in UMS Labuan in e-commerce.. He talked bout his children n we listened.. He wanted his son 2 get married soon so that he can get a grandchild.. Wei n I kept on laughing bout their conversation.. “Wa ge kia ai gao in liao”, said Wei.. XD From toll to toll, turned n turned after toll (coz going 2 d wrong places for so many times), we back home safely.. d both of us r “bu zhe bu kou” de “lost n found“.. =)

25th Nov
Went to Mid Valley to shop with Grandma n Be Yi.. Ate Madam Kwan’s Mushroom Chicken Rice.. Delicious.. Be Yi managed 2 buy something for Mei Mei n Zhe Zhe.. Also bought a lot of Korea Sweet Persimmon n White Flesh’s Dragon Fruit 2 be eaten.. Really nice.. I bought Calcium for dogs.. At nite, we went to Spring Valley restaurant for my cousin bro’s KL wedding dinner.. d bride-to-be is so handsome n bridegroom-to-be is so beautiful as well.. Took pics with them.. n Wei’s mum side’s cousins.. After dinner, we went back hotel at around 11.30pm.. Then, 12++am Ai Leng, Wei, 2 of their cousins n I went to window shopping in Mid Valley.. After that, back room 2 sleep..

26th Nov
Be Yi n Ai Leng Jie Jie sent me to KL Central till d Skybus there.. I went into d bus n they left.. I met wit a Labuan gal whom i dunno but she was heading 2 Labuan too wit her dad n 2 bros.. Sat beside me.. Arrived at airport, scanned my luggage n then searched 4 d check-in counter.. Due to my early arrival, there’s no check-in counter available.. so i went to eat McD.. Saw a pair of bride n his bridegroom taking pics in LCCT.. I wondered y not they go 2 KLIA.. After that, i scanned my luggage again 2 enter d check-in counter.. Still haven on yet.. Met bro’s friend, Ying Ying when queue up there.. Not long after that, i met Yue Zi n Hui Chu.. Shouted from their check-in counter n 2 from mine.. haha.. like sakais.. But really miss them so much.. tot of no chances 2 meet them again.. muackxXx.. After i checked in, i went to chit chat with them.. Weighed my laptop bag that i carried along, it was 6kg.. Wow.. so heavy.. wakakaka.. 3 of us talked bout our uni life in d departure hall.. I met Zhong Shan (who was babysitted by my babysitter too) n his mum.. Saw his sis when queued up at check-in counter.. After went into d plane, Ying Ying n I could hardly find good seats.. I love d window seat but all full.. Left only d aisle 1.. Then at 20th row, i sat down, placing my laptop next to me n backpack on d compartment.. Another guy was sitting next 2 d window.. After all passengers came into d plane, i am so relief that i had 2 palces 2 sit.. haha.. n Ying Ying sat next 2 me on d aisle too n Zhong Shan in front of me..

Not long after d plane took off, d plane was like falling from d sky repeatedly.. I was afraid of course as this was d 1st time i met with this kind of situation due to really bad weather.. After that i slept on d plane.. 1st time.. mayb due to insufficient sleep for so many days continuously since 20th Nov.. Slept soundly.. n woke up when almost reached Labuan Airport.. After long long time of waiting 4 my luggage, it appeared finally n i back home.. Tadaima!! Shocked 2 see Boy Boy was as big as his dad.. Nearly can’t recognize d 2 of them..

Brought them 2 bath in sea n bathed them after back from sea sport.. Seriously, I was tired.. It’s warm here.. even at nite.. Went for pizza but it’s no longer delicious as b4.. Lousy!! Asked for a suggestion form but dun hav.. 4 sure i’ll write till very LOUSY 2 d maximum if i get that form.. No quality at all.. Slept early that nite..

I’ll be going 2 KK this Thursday 2 attend my cousin bro’s Actual Wedding Ceremony, Tea Ceremony n Wedding Dinner on Friday..

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I’m worrying.. NOT for d Teknik paper tomorrow.. but my luggages!! I DESPERATELY need a weighing scale to weigh my luggages, just like what i did when i came here.. But this time, i’ll be back ALONE, noone will share his/her “balance weight” with me!! =.=”’ Hopefully, there’s a weighing scale in my cousin bro’s new house.. Otherwise, i have 2 pay RM25 per kilo.. What?!?! RM25 per kilo!!! Money sucking crocodile!! Shit.. I dun hav that much money to pay u this money sucking company!! D luggage that i wanna send into cargo carriage, hopefully precisely 15kg .. Even more than 1kg will be charged.. Hand carry so many things.. 1 luggage + 1 laptop bag + 1 backpack.. These 3 things will sit with me on that limited space on d plane.. Where can i put them?? They r too big to fit into d “place-to-put-luggages-on-a-plane-on-both-sides-along-d-aisle”.. All fully stuffed when my things are totally packed i guess!! Mayb even not enuff space 4 something.. This is ppl who seldom go home.. So many things to bring back per trip.. Sigh~ I shud back always.. But where got that much money to fly back??

Alan, i know u enjoying at home, bt-ing, watching anime.. I’ll surely do that when i’m back.. n Sam, we r both in d same boat.. i’m hav no study mood now.. I still wanna pack although i have nothing to pack.. Sigh~ Really into d packing mood~

Y mostly everyone finished exam d?? n even fly back d?? Y?? Y i can ONLY blog here whenever i have something to complain?? I hate this!!

It’s NOISY out there.. coz they finished exam d.. Y i’m still here to sit for that stupid paper?? I dun understand y am i so stupid?!

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It happened all in a sudden!!

warning:long blog

“5:40AM” showing in my computer that very corner when i woke up today. My left shoulder was so pain since last nite, not sure if that’s due to my sleeping position. Something recalling in my mind, d Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) that i first stepped on when i came to study in this small, polluted town.

June 30th, i came here with elder bro n dad (bro went back 2 Nilai 2 pack his things b4 studying abroad). When we arrived at LCCT’s arrival hall for luggages, we couldn’t see 3 out of 7 (if not mistaken, there were 7 luggages including boxes we put in cargo).. Hey, that’s too many k.. n a friend of mine too, her bro’s luggage was missing.. They are all stuck in that so-called Air Asia ‘s plane. After reporting d missing luggages, we approached d entrance’s sliding door n what’s showing in front our eyes were luggages thrown from d cargo to d car!! That’s far u know, metres far!! Even luggages sticked with d word FRAGILE!! A Malay uncle was so shocked that he saw his slide projector was thrown that way too!! Very heartache lar!! That costs thousands ringgit!! Of cuz same things happened 2 b on our luggages!! Bro’s FRAGILE fin was thrown too!! Hey, really uneducated bastard!! Can’t u see d word FRAGILE sticked there?? Sticked 4 FUN ar?? How r u gonna compensate ppl that thousands ringgit if d thing was broken?? Brainless 1!! Please lar, use ur brain to think!!! This is ONLY common sense!!

P/S: Sorry 4 being rude, i’m not used to b this way when I speak but this may surprises u.. I’m just expresssing in my blog.. I remembered there was another more rude 1 in my MSN’s blog, regarding on d death of Yuki.. But when my mum saw that, that was HORRIBLE!! Even bro was scolded!! n she called here just 2 scold n ask me 2 delete that blog.. Now i got nothing reminding me of her death, the way she died.. Even i dun hav d FREEDOM to SPEAK in MALAYSIA (i dun mind if i dun hav this type of freedom), can I hav d LIBERTY to BLOG?!?! This is ONLY my diary, i hate to write, typing preferably, n that’s y i’m here!! So sad.. I love her so much.. She was died on May 23rd 2006 n that day was d day i got 2 know my lousy result too.. Parents din scold me.. Now i wondered was that her 6th sense telling her that n in order to protect me from being scolded, she died during d operation?? I can never stopped myself from crying when i think of this incident.. I guess i know y i love dogs more than cats.. Dogs can be d best companion ever but cats sometimes can b betrayal, just like U (generally)!! Dun get myself wrong, that U just pointing on certain ppl..


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A Day To Remember?!?!

Holidays start~ So free n no mood study.. Finished washing my clothes at about 12.30a.m. The brand new bag that dad bought for me in Times Square last weekend when i went to meet him was torn.. So sad.. I haven used yet.. So dear to me.. It costs RM40.. Stupid washing machine~!~! *sigh* who asked its lazy owner lazy to hand wash.. Regret for being lazy.. But what to do now?? Dee spoilt lor.. Totally can’t use d.. Sad + sad + sad.. I love it so much!! And my clothes all still got detergent.. Sigh.. Have to wash another times bcoz of d bag.. Wasted RM4 to wash all those stuff.. Then continued doing my assignment..Finished assignment at 2.00a.m. Then watched Detective Conan which i downloaded long time ago, before i came to uni.. hehe.. *thumbs up*

In the afternoon, mum suddenly called me n asked me if i’m having hols now.. She said i din tell her.. I did tell her long time ago but she said no need go back coz flight ticket expensive.. swt~~ Then suddenly asked me if she buys ticket d, do i know how 2 go 2 airport.. But i refused to go back at this time.. It’s too late.. My KoK exam on 4th Nov.. Back 1 week n then back here again?? I won’t do that.. It takes time to wait bus to go KTM, then go 2 KL Central n then carry my luggages down KL Central n take Skybus to LCCT.. How long does it take overall?? Dunno yet.. Hopefully i won’t be late when i’m going back during Sem Break..

Went to Kajang with my coursemate n her friend, Yu Xuan (Pin Yin only) who is from Sabah too.. We waited for bus at around 4.30p.m. For almost an hour, about 5.25p.m like that, finally the bus came.. So far, only Rapid KL is running.. uni bus all “on hols”.. =p On the way to Kajang, the bus stopped outside uni’s KTM.. after almost half the bus ppl went down, supposed to continue sending passengers till Kajang.. Who knows today so unfortunate.. The bus stuck in the soil as it rained for so many days n the soil is wet!! We waited for so long.. At first, we thought the bus driver didn’t wanna go out coz got car.. Then suddenly feel like that’s not the reason.. Then thinking back uni here rains heavily every evening.. So we moved to another side of the bus.. but still the bus couldn’t get out from the soil.. Then the bus driver opened the door, indicating that we have to get down of the bus.. Then, he kept on trying.. After trials n failures, the bus still there – in the soil.. S.O.S!! Help~~ Dunno for how long we had waited, finally another Rapid KL came to help us coz the bus driver called for help.. And all of us got into the 413 Rapid KL.. By the time we reached Kajang, it was 6.30p.m., ate dinner at Shakey’s Pizza – Large Hawaian Delight + Extra Cheese toppings + 1 pitcher of Sprite to fill our stomach.. Was so full.. Before that, the 2 of them were so hungry since i met them at around 4.30p.m. Planning to take dinner early but at last also late d.. Finished pizza at 7.00p.m. n bought food in Giant..

After that, bought satay.. waited for quite long too.. Almost 30 minutes.. Then rushed for bus at 8.00p.m smth.. For 1 hour we stood, finally got no patience anymore, so we decided to board a cab.. The driver is so friendly.. The best i’ve ever met.. A Malay guy.. He said he was robbed when he brought Indians in his cab.. No comment.. Pity him coz he’s just too nice.. He charged us for RM12 to go back uni.. Then when we got into the cab, he drove off.. For less than 10m, suddenly we saw Rapid KL.. We were sighing in the cab.. N he’s so kind.. He told us if we wanna go back by Rapid KL also can.. N if we got down sure ppl will get into his cab.. No need worry.. N he didn’t charge us.. So, d 3 of us said thx n Selamat Hari Raya to him n went off.. 1 more thing, we forgot 2 get his number.. Only 1 in millions ppl, u will meet such ppl.. He’s the 1 of the millions.. How lucky~ Who knows the bus came at 9.15p.m. Walao eh, spent an hour waiting for bus!! Overall, 2 hours waiting for bus.. Not worth it at all although we have lots of time to waste now.. Tomorrow will go Mid Valley with them too.. N Emily, coursemate’s friend in UCSI, whom i got to know when i went to Cheras on Wednesday (18th Oct).. Went to Cheras Leisure Mall n d Pasar Malam.. I wanna go again.. to eat the “xi mi lu”.. So nice.. n the “gui ling gao” too..

Kay, that’s all.. Good nite..

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