2 Nite at Puchong Jaya + 1 Nite at Cititel + Tadaima

warning: extra long blog

On 23rd Nov, my “biao shao” came 2 fetch me at KIY around 4.15pm.. She’s so friendly n kind as well.. Prettier than d wedding pics that i saw in my cousin bro’s blog.. So glad 2 hav her as my “biao shao”.. She brought me 2 Kajang 2 exchange car with her elder bro n send their wedding dinner’s invitation cards.. From toll to toll, finally i arrived at my cousin bro’s new apartment in Puchong Jaya.. It’s a beautiful 1.. Designed by d both of them.. Unique furnitures n King Arthur’s dining table.. Extraordinary sight of choosing them.. Helped her a bit with cleaning d apartment coz it was dusty due to wiring by my cousin bro.. Curtains were installed only that morning on d day we were moving in, fridge had not turned on, plastic cover of d sofa were took away that morning too.. At nite, d 3 of us went to picked my mum side’s grandma, “Be Yi” (Mum’s youngest sis), “Dua Gu” (Mum’s eldest bro), “Dua Kim” (Dua Gu’s wife), Ai Leng Jie Jie n Wei Wei at LCCT..

24th Nov
We went to 1 Utama after breakfast.. Wei n I walked together after spliting up with d rest of them after lunch at Vietnam Kitchen.. “Lost n found” was named by my “Dua Gu” for d both of us.. Funny coz we lost n found in that so so so big shopping mall.. Can’t find our way back 2 meet them, our HPs had insufficient batteries.. About 7.00pm, we waited taxi 2 back but unfortunately, after so long we have waited, we boarded a taxi at last.. Not by meter, but by price coz Puchong is too crowded n jammed at around that time.. No taxi will want to bring.. Grandma, Be Yi n Dua Kim back with d 1st taxi guided by Ai Leng Jie Jie while Dua Gu, Wei n I in another taxi.. Supposed 2 be guided by Dua Gu but Wei n I too be d co-pilots.. We brought d taxi driver to “Holland“.. On d way back, Dua Gu chit chatted with d taxi friend.. Got to know he’s from Penang as he speaks Hokkien, is a graduate who d retired.. He can speak English fluently coz previously worked in a hotel.. His son n daughter were studying in UMS Labuan in e-commerce.. He talked bout his children n we listened.. He wanted his son 2 get married soon so that he can get a grandchild.. Wei n I kept on laughing bout their conversation.. “Wa ge kia ai gao in liao”, said Wei.. XD From toll to toll, turned n turned after toll (coz going 2 d wrong places for so many times), we back home safely.. d both of us r “bu zhe bu kou” de “lost n found“.. =)

25th Nov
Went to Mid Valley to shop with Grandma n Be Yi.. Ate Madam Kwan’s Mushroom Chicken Rice.. Delicious.. Be Yi managed 2 buy something for Mei Mei n Zhe Zhe.. Also bought a lot of Korea Sweet Persimmon n White Flesh’s Dragon Fruit 2 be eaten.. Really nice.. I bought Calcium for dogs.. At nite, we went to Spring Valley restaurant for my cousin bro’s KL wedding dinner.. d bride-to-be is so handsome n bridegroom-to-be is so beautiful as well.. Took pics with them.. n Wei’s mum side’s cousins.. After dinner, we went back hotel at around 11.30pm.. Then, 12++am Ai Leng, Wei, 2 of their cousins n I went to window shopping in Mid Valley.. After that, back room 2 sleep..

26th Nov
Be Yi n Ai Leng Jie Jie sent me to KL Central till d Skybus there.. I went into d bus n they left.. I met wit a Labuan gal whom i dunno but she was heading 2 Labuan too wit her dad n 2 bros.. Sat beside me.. Arrived at airport, scanned my luggage n then searched 4 d check-in counter.. Due to my early arrival, there’s no check-in counter available.. so i went to eat McD.. Saw a pair of bride n his bridegroom taking pics in LCCT.. I wondered y not they go 2 KLIA.. After that, i scanned my luggage again 2 enter d check-in counter.. Still haven on yet.. Met bro’s friend, Ying Ying when queue up there.. Not long after that, i met Yue Zi n Hui Chu.. Shouted from their check-in counter n 2 from mine.. haha.. like sakais.. But really miss them so much.. tot of no chances 2 meet them again.. muackxXx.. After i checked in, i went to chit chat with them.. Weighed my laptop bag that i carried along, it was 6kg.. Wow.. so heavy.. wakakaka.. 3 of us talked bout our uni life in d departure hall.. I met Zhong Shan (who was babysitted by my babysitter too) n his mum.. Saw his sis when queued up at check-in counter.. After went into d plane, Ying Ying n I could hardly find good seats.. I love d window seat but all full.. Left only d aisle 1.. Then at 20th row, i sat down, placing my laptop next to me n backpack on d compartment.. Another guy was sitting next 2 d window.. After all passengers came into d plane, i am so relief that i had 2 palces 2 sit.. haha.. n Ying Ying sat next 2 me on d aisle too n Zhong Shan in front of me..

Not long after d plane took off, d plane was like falling from d sky repeatedly.. I was afraid of course as this was d 1st time i met with this kind of situation due to really bad weather.. After that i slept on d plane.. 1st time.. mayb due to insufficient sleep for so many days continuously since 20th Nov.. Slept soundly.. n woke up when almost reached Labuan Airport.. After long long time of waiting 4 my luggage, it appeared finally n i back home.. Tadaima!! Shocked 2 see Boy Boy was as big as his dad.. Nearly can’t recognize d 2 of them..

Brought them 2 bath in sea n bathed them after back from sea sport.. Seriously, I was tired.. It’s warm here.. even at nite.. Went for pizza but it’s no longer delicious as b4.. Lousy!! Asked for a suggestion form but dun hav.. 4 sure i’ll write till very LOUSY 2 d maximum if i get that form.. No quality at all.. Slept early that nite..

I’ll be going 2 KK this Thursday 2 attend my cousin bro’s Actual Wedding Ceremony, Tea Ceremony n Wedding Dinner on Friday..


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Outing to Taman Connaught Part 2

At d Pasar Malam, we ate lots of tasty food.. Taiwan Pizza, Vietnam Popiah, Sushi, Tom Yam Ball, Curry Ball, “Xiang La” Ball, a kind of Ball that has something ozing out when bitten, “Xi Mi Lu”, Honey “Gui Ling Gao”, “Yao Yao Bing” n so on.. I could hardly remembered coz i blogged this a bit too late due to no internet.. I wonder y i can’t online now.. ONLY Bit Comet can run.. =.=|||

>>Outing to Taman Connaught Part 1<<

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Outing to Taman Connaught Part 1

warning: a long long 1

It rained cats n dogs when i’m sitting for my Teknik exam yesterday.. Kelly n I almost got “trapped” in DECTAR coz no umbrella to back college.. At first, we planned to wait for d rain 2 stop but since Kean Yee has an umbrella n d rain was getting smaller, we walked back together in d rain (好浪漫的雨中漫步。。。 呵呵~)

After took my bag from her (coz i left my bag there b4 going 2 exam), i back college at around 3.10pm n bought a pack of mee hoon soup in cafe as i have not yet eaten my breakfast n lunch.. But when i back 2 my room n saw Chia Yi’s msg.. Asking me 2 go The Mines at 4pm n then go Cheras Pasar Malam.. So, i gave my mee hoon soup 2 a Malay girl at my wing.. Then, 4pm i go down 2 KUO (Kolej Ungku Omar) n joined them.. Met Kelly n helped her 2 carry some things to locker 2 be kept.. Then, joined with that gang which i was gonna outing with..

After a long long discussion, then we decided to only go to Cheras Pasar Malam.. Not long after arriving at KTM, met Kelly again.. coz she went by cab n that’s y so fast.. Chit chatting in d train as usual like what we always did in Rapid KL as if it was ours.. Haha.. All were our noises!! Kelly went 2 Mid Valley while d 9 of us (Rong Ean, Wai Seng, Yan Chin, Xiao Long, Kean Yee, Li Yin, Chia Yi, Chia Yi’s *ahem* n Me) went to Bandar Tasik Selatan, leaving Kelly to go alone..

While in d bus, I told d bus driver that we were going 2 Taman Connaught.. But he didn’t seem to answer me.. N when i think we’re almost reached, I asked him again where is Taman Connaught.. He showed me on d right n in front.. I didn’t get what he meant.. N then d next stand just metres away, he stopped n i saw many stalls.. I got what he meant at last!! He was telling me d Pasar Malam is on d right n he would stop at d next stand.. I guess that he’s an orally hadicapped man since he has d heart 2 tell me what i was asking but he couldn’t.. Very pity him..

I’m going 2 check out room while waiting 4 my cousin’s fiancee comes.. Blog d Part 2 back in Labuan as there’ll be no internet i think.. C ya.. Bubye~

>>Outing to Taman Connaught Part 2<<

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I’m FREE finally~

Well hey, I finished my exam d… Hooray~ I’m FREE~ FREE from BOOK.. I’ll blog ’bout my today’s exam tonite.. I wanna play first.. Enjoy~ Bubye~

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I came across Sam’s blog n saw this

10 November 2006 MATH1231
16 November 2006 ELEC1111
20 November 2006 PHYS1231
22 November 2006 COMP1921

He has ONLY 4 subjects!!

N look at mine!!

04 Nov Asas Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah 1 (1h) 8.30am Lobi Utama DECTAR
08 Nov Prinsip Sains Sekitaran 1 (1h30m) 8.30am Dewan DECTAR
08 Nov Amali Kimia Am (1h30m) 12.00pm Dewan Gemilang
09 Nov English for Science & Technology (2h30m) 8.30am DP Bestari
09 Nov Hubungan Etnik (1h45m) 3.30pm Lobi Utama DECTAR
13 Nov Kimia Am 2 (2h30m) 12.00pm DP Bestari
16 Nov Manusia & Sekitaran (2h) 8.30pm Dewan DECTAR
22 Nov Teknik Analisis Persekitaran (2h30m) 12.00pm Dewan DECTAR

Doubled Sam’s~~ Sam, u r LUCKY!!

04-09 Nov d exam hall is not so cold.. But i wonder y in d same exam hall but it suddenly can cold until d maximum, non-stop rubbing hands n legs instead of answering questions.. Kimia Am 2 all 70 questions finished in 1h n waiting ppl 2 accompany me out.. But not much ppl go out huh?? Y?? I finished so fast just wanna get out of d extremely cold exam hall.. Ending up freezing there until time’s up without jacket!!

Same to my Manusia & Sekitaran exam.. Freezing in Dewan DECTAR.. Prinsip SS 1 also in Dewan DECTAR but y this time so cold.. *unexplained* Even wearing jacket was still freezing..

N later will be my Teknik Analisis Persekitaran exam in Dewan DECTAR.. Hopefully i dun hav 2 be a “snowman” again.

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I’m worrying.. NOT for d Teknik paper tomorrow.. but my luggages!! I DESPERATELY need a weighing scale to weigh my luggages, just like what i did when i came here.. But this time, i’ll be back ALONE, noone will share his/her “balance weight” with me!! =.=”’ Hopefully, there’s a weighing scale in my cousin bro’s new house.. Otherwise, i have 2 pay RM25 per kilo.. What?!?! RM25 per kilo!!! Money sucking crocodile!! Shit.. I dun hav that much money to pay u this money sucking company!! D luggage that i wanna send into cargo carriage, hopefully precisely 15kg .. Even more than 1kg will be charged.. Hand carry so many things.. 1 luggage + 1 laptop bag + 1 backpack.. These 3 things will sit with me on that limited space on d plane.. Where can i put them?? They r too big to fit into d “place-to-put-luggages-on-a-plane-on-both-sides-along-d-aisle”.. All fully stuffed when my things are totally packed i guess!! Mayb even not enuff space 4 something.. This is ppl who seldom go home.. So many things to bring back per trip.. Sigh~ I shud back always.. But where got that much money to fly back??

Alan, i know u enjoying at home, bt-ing, watching anime.. I’ll surely do that when i’m back.. n Sam, we r both in d same boat.. i’m hav no study mood now.. I still wanna pack although i have nothing to pack.. Sigh~ Really into d packing mood~

Y mostly everyone finished exam d?? n even fly back d?? Y?? Y i can ONLY blog here whenever i have something to complain?? I hate this!!

It’s NOISY out there.. coz they finished exam d.. Y i’m still here to sit for that stupid paper?? I dun understand y am i so stupid?!

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Packing Packing~!~!

Hmm.. My things are 90% packed!! Sigh~ Tomorrow will be my last paper and also 1 of d toughest paper where there’s no mid sem, only Field Work Report n Final!! I have around 2.5cm-thick-Teknik Analisis Persekitaran’s Notes not yet touched.. =.=”’ Oh No~ I’m completely in d packing mood.. Looking forward to leave this old shabby room, to my cousin bro’s new house n d hotel n my warmest room at home.. I can’t wait for that day!! I wanna leave NOW!!! I have been slept on my blanket for 4 days since Saturday nite.. I’ve washed n kept all my clothes, my purple bear bear’s bed sheet n pillow case n my little pillows’ cases!! Left ONLY my towel n pyjamas.. How EMPTY is my cupboard, my bed, my drawers!! I feel like wanna fly back NOW!! I’m well-prepared 2 fly, but not 2 sit for d last paper.. =.=”’ I’ve even planned what time i have to wash my pyjamas n towel tomorrow.. *faint*

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It happened all in a sudden!!

warning:long blog

“5:40AM” showing in my computer that very corner when i woke up today. My left shoulder was so pain since last nite, not sure if that’s due to my sleeping position. Something recalling in my mind, d Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) that i first stepped on when i came to study in this small, polluted town.

June 30th, i came here with elder bro n dad (bro went back 2 Nilai 2 pack his things b4 studying abroad). When we arrived at LCCT’s arrival hall for luggages, we couldn’t see 3 out of 7 (if not mistaken, there were 7 luggages including boxes we put in cargo).. Hey, that’s too many k.. n a friend of mine too, her bro’s luggage was missing.. They are all stuck in that so-called Air Asia ‘s plane. After reporting d missing luggages, we approached d entrance’s sliding door n what’s showing in front our eyes were luggages thrown from d cargo to d car!! That’s far u know, metres far!! Even luggages sticked with d word FRAGILE!! A Malay uncle was so shocked that he saw his slide projector was thrown that way too!! Very heartache lar!! That costs thousands ringgit!! Of cuz same things happened 2 b on our luggages!! Bro’s FRAGILE fin was thrown too!! Hey, really uneducated bastard!! Can’t u see d word FRAGILE sticked there?? Sticked 4 FUN ar?? How r u gonna compensate ppl that thousands ringgit if d thing was broken?? Brainless 1!! Please lar, use ur brain to think!!! This is ONLY common sense!!

P/S: Sorry 4 being rude, i’m not used to b this way when I speak but this may surprises u.. I’m just expresssing in my blog.. I remembered there was another more rude 1 in my MSN’s blog, regarding on d death of Yuki.. But when my mum saw that, that was HORRIBLE!! Even bro was scolded!! n she called here just 2 scold n ask me 2 delete that blog.. Now i got nothing reminding me of her death, the way she died.. Even i dun hav d FREEDOM to SPEAK in MALAYSIA (i dun mind if i dun hav this type of freedom), can I hav d LIBERTY to BLOG?!?! This is ONLY my diary, i hate to write, typing preferably, n that’s y i’m here!! So sad.. I love her so much.. She was died on May 23rd 2006 n that day was d day i got 2 know my lousy result too.. Parents din scold me.. Now i wondered was that her 6th sense telling her that n in order to protect me from being scolded, she died during d operation?? I can never stopped myself from crying when i think of this incident.. I guess i know y i love dogs more than cats.. Dogs can be d best companion ever but cats sometimes can b betrayal, just like U (generally)!! Dun get myself wrong, that U just pointing on certain ppl..


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Well, nothing much happened here.. Just washed my clothes, bed sheet n everything last nite.. Brought till K13B to wash coz d washing machine here had detergent inside.. Dunno who is so “clever”, saw d “RM2.00″ not showing on d screen but still pour d detergent into it.. I sms-ed d person-in-charged to repair n he did repair for me but due to d detergent that is so so so disgusting inside it, i had to bring my 2 buckets of clothes to do d washing at K13B.. It was damn heavy coz i soaked all my clothes.. =.=”’ (it looks this way coz i’m double eyelid.. XD no longer this single eyelid sweat.. -.-”’ i thought of this reason.. dun steal my idea!!)

I’m looking forward to go leave this place, to fly back to my home sweet home where my 2 “sons” waiting me back to feed them again.. I miss them, miss everyone there.. n also my neighbours’ dogs, d beach, everything, although it’s just a small island.. I dun mind.. I’m proud to tell ppl that i’m from Labuan.. Labuan isn’t SABAH nor SARAWAK, it’s a peaceful duty free island which is nicknamed d Pearl of d South China Sea by Tun Mahathir.. It’s not belonged to Sabah nor Sarawak.. I’m just plain tired of explaining this.. Dun ever say Labuan is in Sabah, that is d PAST!! Labuan is formerly known as Victoria Island n Maedashima when d Japanese conquered.. It’s now a Federal Territory..

My things are 50% packed.. wahahaha… since 1++ week ago.. XD Imagine how eager am I to leave this place.. I’ll be going back in another 8 days, and leave this uni in another 5 days n finish exam in another 4 days.. hahahaha.. although many ppl had back home n finished exam 2-3 weeks ago.. I dun mind n i dun care.. =p Labuan, i’m coming, wait 4 me 2 be back into ur warmest “arms” again.. Labuan, here i come!!

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“Meow meow”, d kitties cry.

“Meow meow”, the two little new born kittens cry. They look like has been “dumped” by their mummy… Pity kitties.. One of them is hyperactive, it’s like non-stop jumping here and there… Another like very “lady”, sit properly at a corner… So adorable.. No wonder these few days i can smell d new born animals’ scent, like my puppies… I just can’t resist d smell.. “I’m loving it!!” quoted from McD. haha.. *bluek* They are still crying outside my room.. hmm…

I miss my doggies.. *muackxXx*

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