It happened all in a sudden!!

warning:long blog

“5:40AM” showing in my computer that very corner when i woke up today. My left shoulder was so pain since last nite, not sure if that’s due to my sleeping position. Something recalling in my mind, d Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) that i first stepped on when i came to study in this small, polluted town.

June 30th, i came here with elder bro n dad (bro went back 2 Nilai 2 pack his things b4 studying abroad). When we arrived at LCCT’s arrival hall for luggages, we couldn’t see 3 out of 7 (if not mistaken, there were 7 luggages including boxes we put in cargo).. Hey, that’s too many k.. n a friend of mine too, her bro’s luggage was missing.. They are all stuck in that so-called Air Asia ‘s plane. After reporting d missing luggages, we approached d entrance’s sliding door n what’s showing in front our eyes were luggages thrown from d cargo to d car!! That’s far u know, metres far!! Even luggages sticked with d word FRAGILE!! A Malay uncle was so shocked that he saw his slide projector was thrown that way too!! Very heartache lar!! That costs thousands ringgit!! Of cuz same things happened 2 b on our luggages!! Bro’s FRAGILE fin was thrown too!! Hey, really uneducated bastard!! Can’t u see d word FRAGILE sticked there?? Sticked 4 FUN ar?? How r u gonna compensate ppl that thousands ringgit if d thing was broken?? Brainless 1!! Please lar, use ur brain to think!!! This is ONLY common sense!!

P/S: Sorry 4 being rude, i’m not used to b this way when I speak but this may surprises u.. I’m just expresssing in my blog.. I remembered there was another more rude 1 in my MSN’s blog, regarding on d death of Yuki.. But when my mum saw that, that was HORRIBLE!! Even bro was scolded!! n she called here just 2 scold n ask me 2 delete that blog.. Now i got nothing reminding me of her death, the way she died.. Even i dun hav d FREEDOM to SPEAK in MALAYSIA (i dun mind if i dun hav this type of freedom), can I hav d LIBERTY to BLOG?!?! This is ONLY my diary, i hate to write, typing preferably, n that’s y i’m here!! So sad.. I love her so much.. She was died on May 23rd 2006 n that day was d day i got 2 know my lousy result too.. Parents din scold me.. Now i wondered was that her 6th sense telling her that n in order to protect me from being scolded, she died during d operation?? I can never stopped myself from crying when i think of this incident.. I guess i know y i love dogs more than cats.. Dogs can be d best companion ever but cats sometimes can b betrayal, just like U (generally)!! Dun get myself wrong, that U just pointing on certain ppl..



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