Time Flies

Yes, definitely time flies!! I feel like I had just arrived at home but now I’m gonna fly again.. I didn’t blog for months!! To be precise, 2 months and 5 days!! And I don’t actually like WordPress due to too much SPAM comments “offer” to me every single day.. I can receive up to hundreds spam per day.. I won’t tolerate with this anymore and I’m leaving for Blogger.. I hope Blogger will be better.. And I’m still looking for a better blog, I don’t mind whatever language it is.

Some SPECS I’m looking for:

1. HTML & rich text editor

2. Space: as big as possible

3. Can advertise

4. Can post images

5. Can import & export previous blog entries would be better

6. Autosave blog

7. Blog stats would be better

8. Can block spam directly w/o informing me meanwhile continue to advertise

9. this is very important.. FREE!!

I’m too greedy.. But if any of u have any recommendation pls drop me a comment or e-mail me.. Thx a lot.


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Went to buy all the necessities for BBQ that will be held in d new house.. Shopped for more than 2 hours, then only had our dinners.. Tired of walking around a hypermarket!!

Well, I’ve taken my bath right after I reached my college.. Then got all my laudry, shoes washed.. Really tiring!!

Need some rest and tomorrow need to clean my new house.. HA! I want rest but I can’t sleep, nor close my eyes.. Sigh~

I dunno why, I’m not in the packing mood!! My things are still there, MESSY!!  Maybe that’s why I lazy to pack them up.. o_O

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is it supposed to be told on an April Fool??

Just back from a meeting on renting house outside.. I have no idea what to blog actually and intend to skip tomorrow’s morning class coz I won’t dare to go to bath early in the morning..

I’m frustrated.. A future housemate of mine gotta know from her mum that her aunt actually “calculated” that there’s a spirit living in it.. And it wanted so much to show itself to us after we have moved in.. I dunno how will I react when I see it.. Die of heart attack?? Fainted like that?? Who knows?? Deposit had been paid and we don’t know if we can get the refund or not.. A full refund would be best for students like us!! Really hope we can get the money back..

It’s not that this third world’s stuff doesn’t make sense.. I know I haven’t seen things like this before and I don’t want to see it either for all my life I have to live.. I have scared myself after I knew that, in the toilet when I bumped into someone (like she wanted to scare me).. OK!! I’m timid I know!! And the room opposite mine which that I’m living now, is already emptied.. The seniors have moved to other room.. And remembered that I saw 20-30 people in that room and even outside that room?? I dunno whether did I blog it here or just put up in my MSN’s nick.. But it seemed that it’s something related to those dirty stuff since that the college prefer to empty it.. Must have story behind everything rite??

I think I’m OK with the people that I gonna live with in that house although it’s too many of them, but my coursemate is offering me another with a bunch of friends whom I dunno and she said they are nice.. I’m in the dilemma.. I dunno who should I stay with.. Something for sure, I won’t want to live in that house with a stubborn evil spirit that wants to make us “suay” for that 2 years we’ll be living in..


I haven’t chosen a title for my oral presentation this Wednesday.. Must it be a description which that I’m so lousy in organizing and outlining my speech?? Or it’s up to me to choose those factual ones to make my organisation and outline easier and my life better?? Another dilemma!! *sigh* Life is always complicated even that I wanted to be simple.. Why can’t I always be the care free kiddo?? Why must every baby grows?? Why not I died early?? Why should my life save by the Buddha?? Why?? Is this life?? I’ll still die one day.. *blue*

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what a Saturday?!

Got my laptop back last nite.. I can actually live without it for 5 days although life’s really dull and bored.. No mood to blog today and I slept almost the whole day!! Unbelievable?? I really did!! Call me a PIG!! A LAZY PIG!!

I’m craving for DeviantArt now!!

Downloaded 300 wallpapers since I woke up in the afternoon.. My favourite deviantARTists are Hoeg, princendymion, vladstudio, effluo, netghost, pesare and etc.

I still haven’t chosen a topic for my oral presentation. So mafan!! =.=|||

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You make my day!!

These days kinda lazy to blog, or should I say that nothing I can blog.. Watching anime instead, just wanna free up some space of my external hard disk.. LoLxXx~ No rants recently, maybe I’m satisfy with my life now.. See how long can I stop ranting.. =X


Less than 1 month to final =(


Getting excited while recalling those sweet memories during my matriculation’s time.. I miss them so much!! Will blog a story on that when it comes to d 2nd anniversary I stepped into matriculation..

Oh man, he’s already graduate from his Master!! I saw his name and picture in Google!! I’m getting crazy, figuring where is he now!! He made me loved Chemistry so much , with all his weird analogies which I once hated like hell!! But without him, I hate Chemistry!! wahahahaha~ I can’t wait to see ah Guek and ah Sam to tell them this good news!! Aww~ I love you guys!!

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H A P P Y ~

My last paper of this mid sem exam is gonna end tonite!! Happy to d max~

Tomorrow I can go all d way “down” to d metropolitan city to meet my family and sure have food 10x 100x 1,000x 10,000x better than here to “serve” my stomach and “fulfill” my appetite!! muahahahahaha~

I’ll miss my seductive lappie and blog tomorrow~ *sob sob* I’m those who can’t live without a lappie and internet!!

I’m missing d birthday girl and birthday boy and all d buddies back in Matriculation badly. I miss them so much!!

wish me luck in tonite’s exam!!

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= . = | | |

I was awakened by my dad’s msg,”You know what. It’s 6am now and she came by ringing the door bell to deliver garlic bread and cake they didn’t finished. Aiya! I don’t know what to say.

Actually, I msged my dad last nite, “ur sister-in-law very weird 1.. Called here to ask why mum didn’t answer d phone.

So, I bet you guys know how is the “SHE” in my dad’s msg related to me.. But none of you know who is SHE actually, rite? The way she rings the door bell is very very different.. Once she starts ringing, she’ll continuously ding dong until u open the door, if she doesn’t see u then ding dong till u reach the gate.. Very very annoying rite?? This applies to the way she calls too.. You must answer the phone otherwise she’ll keep calling, or she’ll call ur hp.. Even after you answer and tell her that you’re having a very important meeting, she INSISTS that she wants you to help her do smth.. And I got to tell you, this is a very normal things to happen in my house, even my mum doesn’t want to care ’bout her.. (Sam, do u know her?)

She lives at the back of my house and loves to come to my house to annoy us, the whole family.. She’s the most unwelcome guest to us!! I understand that she has problems, I meant health related problems!! So, no choice lar..

I dislike her since I was a kid (imagine that!!) and so did my cousins (the girls) but I don’t think they still dislike her NOW, since they’re not living in the little peaceful island where I am, but ONLY see her during the Chinese New Year..

Whenever she asks me smth, I’ll just give her a SHORT answer, a REALLY SHORT one!! Either YES or NO.. =P and show her my not-wanted-to-answer look, the “bu shuang” 1..

She never made smth I feel good, or perhaps, I have already get used to seeing her in the bad perspective..

During my cousin’s wedding in the church in KK, she said her newly bought digicam no battery and INSISTED wanna go to town to buy one.. That’s FAR, according to uncles and aunties.. At first, she wanted someone, including my dad, to send her to buy.. But then, no one wanted to send her there and she WALKED!! =.=||| She’s so stubborn!!

And now, I wonder if she’s good in internet and suddenly enter my blog.. Honestly, I’m worried!!

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Oh NO~

Gosh~ I can’t believe that I’m stuck in front of my lappie, reading blogs n unaware of the time now!! What made me here again?? It’s 12.35am and I’ve only read 12 pages of my notes for the first time!! So many pages left untouched before and the tutorials too.. Bloody hell, I hate exams!!

Again, wish me luck for tomorrow’s paper!! Good luck in flock shoot again!!

C ya~


After hours and hours of yawn, sleep, awake, it’s now 7.00am and I managed to read and flip until the last page of my notes!! Congrats!! Left only the tutorials, I think I can finish it before I’m going for d exam.. And this is RARE that I manage to finish studying everything although those not understand remained *question marks* and just flipped thru like that till d last page.. =)


Best decision ever to have shut down my lappie.. A good gal, I’m this time!! (“,)

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Super Grandma

My dearest grandma who has been hospitalized was back home after around 1 month like that.. She was travelling long journey back home although the doctor said she wasn’t fit for.. And her skin renews itself!! Unbelievable?? She’s a strong granny though.. =) With no appetite, leg amputated due to infection, her children and grandchildren are always around to take care of her..

About the hospital fees, guess how much they charged?? My dad, uncles and everyone believed when one of my uncle said it’s RM5,000 (this is very cheap for 1 month) But guess what?! The maximum they can only charge RM500 (this is damn damn cheap with all new facilities, specialists around when an operation is in progress) She underwent two operation (major one), each charged for only RM30 and RM50 with 4-5 specialists in the operation room!! The payment can be delayed too if got no money.. haha.. But this is good!! And I meant GREAT!! =) I’d proudly say this is Malaysia. ^^v

I love my super grandma!!


I have changed the description of my blog title.. HERE BORNS THE DEVIL!! =) I love this~ *wink*


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