The Meltdown – Bittersweet

Don’t manage to blog and online for quite a few days due to d lousy connection.

Nothing i can blame much. It’s a serious natural disaster causes by d human, and maybe, i’m one of the “contributors”..

Last Saturday noon, after finished my co-curriculum, i was rushing back to my college as usual. My next destination this day was going to Sunway Pyramid. The five of us were
adventuring to drive there, skipping as many tolls as we could. And it was quite late, around 1.30 to 2.00pm when we reached there. Went for lunch at Manhattan Fish Market as there were too many ice-skaters, skating in d “pool of water”, covering d ice – Ice Age 2 “The Meltdown”.

After that, we did some window-shopping, until we arrived at d cinema. We decided to watch a movie – Pathfinder, “have you had enough of vengeance?”, quoted from d movie. Then, we went to eat McD. At 8.30pm, after they resurfacing d ice, we bought for entrance tickets n gloves to start our “adventure”. It was extremely fun and adventurous to skate on d coarse surface, which had been coarsen by d blades of d skate shoes. Not long after that, we stopped ice-skating coz my friend sprained her ankle, swollen. We left Sunway at 10++pm and back uni at around 12.00am. Sent her back to her room and then came d PBSM from her college. Got to reach d doctors-on-call, n then carried her to Pusat Kesihatan. Don’t really like d ppl there coz all “couch potatoes” when it comes to treat their patients. SUX!! She was then sent to Kajang Hospital for x-ray and luckily, not very very big deal. But i dunno how is her ankle now. Praying for her to get well soon.

After i first experienced ice skating, i would……


love going for more skates…

My Dreams
– ice skate
– ice ski
– scube dive
– surf

My Wishlist
– buy a pair of roller blade’s shoes
– buy shoes!! My shoes were torn!! Cheap~

All need not to sweat.. haha~ =.=||| So, that’s who i am~ Believe it!!


Monday, January 15, 2007. Accident, Daily Life, Dream, Movie, Wish List, Yummy Yummy.

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