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I’ve finished 2 TVB dramas this week, a 20 episodes and a 30 episodes drama!! Look, I’m enjoying my Uni life here.. haha.. And this is normally an undergraduate doing in a Uni, to download that bunch of movies, dramas, animes and music albums and stick ourselves in front of our dearest lappy, the most expensive things that we own in our rooms most of the time!! Besides getting ourselves busy with the activities here (I didn’t join any this semester ^o^), we also have many assignments that we normally, and usually finish only at the very last minute!! Nonetheless, we skip classes which we think that we don’t make any difference in that particular class.. Oooppss.. another 1.. SHOPPING!!

Countdown: another week to fly!!


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Oh no!! I ate pork today.. SALTY!! I HATE salty food!! It tasted terribly!! NoNo!! I dun really like pork.. But no choice.. That was my dinner I used to order every weekdays’ nite *sigh* I had to eat them.. I ain’t wasting food!! *clap hand for being a good girl*

I like only Char Shao, Ba Kut Teh and Fried Pig Leg!! *haha* I miss the Ba Kut Teh and Fried Pig Leg in Klang that I used to eat 2 years ago!!

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Stayover at Subang Jaya

Last Friday (19th Jan), I went to Mid Valley to meet an old friend of mine.. Her KK buddy brought her there, also to capture pics for her project. Then, we went shopping for few hours and then went to Sunway Pyramid. It was d 2nd time I stepped into this Egypt-Lion building, and I was still amazed by the ice-skaters who can skate gracefully, as usual. We had our so-called lunch at 4.50pm like that and continued shopping again. And I met 2 old friends of my age, Vincent and Bryan who is now a father.. haha.. Didn’t get to see Bryan for centuries after he transfered to Miri.. LolxXx~ Since Form 3, so that’s ’bout 4 years.. This used-to-be the very naughty boy has become a good man!! A good daddy?? I don’t know.. So what I wanna tell you here is KL isn’t so BIG!! It was ’bout 6.00 to 7.00pm when we arrived at Pangsapuri and began to clean d apartment which that my friend had just moved in a week ago. At ’bout 11.00pm, we went to the nearby restaurant for dinner.

The next day, we walked all d way down to Subang Jaya KTM station to go to Central KL and then changed Rapid KL to 1 Utama. It was a real long journey. This so big yet complicated mall made us very tired of walking around, from one wing to another. It was around 3.00 to 4.00pm when we left this huge mall. It was raining cats and dogs when we got out of this building of Bandar Utama. Saw T82 but it was almost leaving. By d time we reached d taxi stand, d bus had left and we had to waited for another 15 minutes. It was almost 6.00pm when we arrived home and then took bath and went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner at 9++pm.. We first went to Halo Cafe as she wanna meet her long lost friends.. This ancient look cafe is really beautiful, full of creativity. They have singer, guitarist and a *dunno-what-shud-i-named-him*, he was knocking the mic to create some nice sound while d guitarist playing guitar. I “望多两眼” coz who knows they’ll be the next generation of a band (明日之星)?!?! The guitarist looks like my Pesta Tanglung’s Daddy, wonder if that’s him who worked part-time there, which is quite impossible during school days. After that, we went to Kim Gary for dinner at ’bout 11.00pm and her KK buddy came over to fetch us home and they went to another coffee house to yam cha while i was at home, listening music.

Today, we walked to KTM station again to go to Mid Valley. I saw my dream skate shoes in Studio R, which cost RM199. I didn’t buy coz dunno how to bring back Labuan. Ate McD while waiting for another friend to meet us from Serdang.

Grandma had admitted into KK hospital since last week. Did an operation yesterday evening, after that she was in critical conditions and admitted into ICU. She’s doing better according to dad but still have to pray for her for speedy recovery. *南无阿尼托佛*

When I opened my room after back from Mid Valley, I saw a mess in my room, which I had been be patient of all this while. Rubbish all over d floor, and she called that “tissues only” (with all her mucus) and said, “fail to slam dunk kononnya” (投不进篮) 篮=dustbin!! I have to clean for her everyday and just imagine i was not in for 3 days, how does d mess look like?!?! How dirty is that?? That’s why it’s always a strategic, warmest place for the cockroaches to breed in my room.. I HATE that!!

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I saw a Malay girl roller blading on my friend’s college badminton court, clumsily.. Her shoes look like mine, d 2nd gray skate shoes, which d one used 2 tighten d shoes had been broken, years ago..

I damn missing d days i used to roller blade at home, in d neighbourhood.. Brought d shoes even when i went to KK.. It had been donkey years since i last wore them, rode them when i’m cycling.. I wanted to get one here by CNY.. But it’s somehow very very impossible to ride them in my residential college coz all u can see is HILLS, HILLS and HILLS.. Not even a flat, smooth area to skate..

A good roller blade’s shoe uses rubbered-wheels, which let you skate smoothly.. Won’t get stuck even u’re riding them on a coarse surface like d tar road.. But of course, they’re slightly more expensive than d plastic wheels..

I’m BORED with life here..

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I’m extremely bored!! I dunno what to do other than going for classes, watching more n more dramas and sleeping.. Life here is so dull.. I wanted to find someone out but it’s so hard, super duper hard!! They love locking themselves here n kept telling that PTPTN not yet deposited.. I’m here, craze by boredom which i can’t stand anymore, week after week!! I pray for my friend, hope that her ankle recovers soon.. So that i have a companion to hang out with.. Hey Girl, Get Well Soon & Take Care~

I want to go to Subang to find my friend, to shop with her.. I wanna go Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama!! Hey, i really bored here.. HELP ME!! Alan, go shopping lor~

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The Meltdown – Bittersweet

Don’t manage to blog and online for quite a few days due to d lousy connection.

Nothing i can blame much. It’s a serious natural disaster causes by d human, and maybe, i’m one of the “contributors”..

Last Saturday noon, after finished my co-curriculum, i was rushing back to my college as usual. My next destination this day was going to Sunway Pyramid. The five of us were
adventuring to drive there, skipping as many tolls as we could. And it was quite late, around 1.30 to 2.00pm when we reached there. Went for lunch at Manhattan Fish Market as there were too many ice-skaters, skating in d “pool of water”, covering d ice – Ice Age 2 “The Meltdown”.

After that, we did some window-shopping, until we arrived at d cinema. We decided to watch a movie – Pathfinder, “have you had enough of vengeance?”, quoted from d movie. Then, we went to eat McD. At 8.30pm, after they resurfacing d ice, we bought for entrance tickets n gloves to start our “adventure”. It was extremely fun and adventurous to skate on d coarse surface, which had been coarsen by d blades of d skate shoes. Not long after that, we stopped ice-skating coz my friend sprained her ankle, swollen. We left Sunway at 10++pm and back uni at around 12.00am. Sent her back to her room and then came d PBSM from her college. Got to reach d doctors-on-call, n then carried her to Pusat Kesihatan. Don’t really like d ppl there coz all “couch potatoes” when it comes to treat their patients. SUX!! She was then sent to Kajang Hospital for x-ray and luckily, not very very big deal. But i dunno how is her ankle now. Praying for her to get well soon.

After i first experienced ice skating, i would……


love going for more skates…

My Dreams
– ice skate
– ice ski
– scube dive
– surf

My Wishlist
– buy a pair of roller blade’s shoes
– buy shoes!! My shoes were torn!! Cheap~

All need not to sweat.. haha~ =.=||| So, that’s who i am~ Believe it!!

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Shopaholic ME?? Am I??

Ok, let’s talk ’bout this new title of my bloggie..
“I am who I am. So what??” does it sound sarcastic (a bit)?? Well, it sounds great to me.. so what?? =P changed it few days ago.. i think on 1st or 2nd January at.. of cuz my HOME!! LoLxXx~

Went to The Mines which i haven’t been there for months this sunny afternoon with 4 of my coursemates.. Again, i had bought lotsa “rubbish”.. (i consider this word is d BEST to describe my groceries.. ain’t it??) i wonder at times.. Tom Yam maggie cup, Honey Star (still a kid huh?? i do admit that as many people said only kids love Honey Star & Koko Krunch.. so what?? it doesn’t state in d laws of this brilliant country that only kids can buy.. XD), grape biscuit & Cocoa drink.. Also, eaten my fav. McD’s Strewberry Sundae & d Prosperity Beef Set Meal (‘tho i dun like black pepper, but d twister fries r nice & crispy.. so i had 2 finish d black pepper beef burger by any means.. Muahahahaha~) Well, not to forget d Tension’s Planet Love & Qiu Ze (邱泽)’s CD.. both imported CDs cost me only RM10 each.. Unbelievable?? Haha.. As for stock clearance’s purpose, U gotta believe ME of cuz~ Ain’t they worth it?!?! Since that have been dockey years i last bought an Original CD.. i dun buy pirated too, so dun get me wrong.. LoLxXx~ I will get in whatever means, no matter by borrowing or downloading.. So this have been d happiest yet an excited day for me ‘tho it was tiring & had burnt my pocket a big big hole.. MuackxXx~ I love d CDs so much..

Pity Alan was having lab.. n Sam’s in Penang.. =_=||| y i can never have a 3 months summer hols?? *jealous* I wanted to go to Penang some day to find my Matrix buddies.. Hope to see u all again.. Keke..

& hey, there’s d list of my plan…
– to go for ice-skating
– Genting
– 1U

I’m so EAGER to go for ice-skating but sad to say, i hav co-curriculum tomorrow at 10am So late!! This will spoil my Saturday outing plan.. I prefer d 8am early in d morning 1.. n also i wanted to buy myself a new rubbered-wheel roller blade.. MuackxXx~ Hopefully i can get 1 here.. I miss roller blading so much..

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2 Nite at Puchong Jaya + 1 Nite at Cititel + Tadaima

warning: extra long blog

On 23rd Nov, my “biao shao” came 2 fetch me at KIY around 4.15pm.. She’s so friendly n kind as well.. Prettier than d wedding pics that i saw in my cousin bro’s blog.. So glad 2 hav her as my “biao shao”.. She brought me 2 Kajang 2 exchange car with her elder bro n send their wedding dinner’s invitation cards.. From toll to toll, finally i arrived at my cousin bro’s new apartment in Puchong Jaya.. It’s a beautiful 1.. Designed by d both of them.. Unique furnitures n King Arthur’s dining table.. Extraordinary sight of choosing them.. Helped her a bit with cleaning d apartment coz it was dusty due to wiring by my cousin bro.. Curtains were installed only that morning on d day we were moving in, fridge had not turned on, plastic cover of d sofa were took away that morning too.. At nite, d 3 of us went to picked my mum side’s grandma, “Be Yi” (Mum’s youngest sis), “Dua Gu” (Mum’s eldest bro), “Dua Kim” (Dua Gu’s wife), Ai Leng Jie Jie n Wei Wei at LCCT..

24th Nov
We went to 1 Utama after breakfast.. Wei n I walked together after spliting up with d rest of them after lunch at Vietnam Kitchen.. “Lost n found” was named by my “Dua Gu” for d both of us.. Funny coz we lost n found in that so so so big shopping mall.. Can’t find our way back 2 meet them, our HPs had insufficient batteries.. About 7.00pm, we waited taxi 2 back but unfortunately, after so long we have waited, we boarded a taxi at last.. Not by meter, but by price coz Puchong is too crowded n jammed at around that time.. No taxi will want to bring.. Grandma, Be Yi n Dua Kim back with d 1st taxi guided by Ai Leng Jie Jie while Dua Gu, Wei n I in another taxi.. Supposed 2 be guided by Dua Gu but Wei n I too be d co-pilots.. We brought d taxi driver to “Holland“.. On d way back, Dua Gu chit chatted with d taxi friend.. Got to know he’s from Penang as he speaks Hokkien, is a graduate who d retired.. He can speak English fluently coz previously worked in a hotel.. His son n daughter were studying in UMS Labuan in e-commerce.. He talked bout his children n we listened.. He wanted his son 2 get married soon so that he can get a grandchild.. Wei n I kept on laughing bout their conversation.. “Wa ge kia ai gao in liao”, said Wei.. XD From toll to toll, turned n turned after toll (coz going 2 d wrong places for so many times), we back home safely.. d both of us r “bu zhe bu kou” de “lost n found“.. =)

25th Nov
Went to Mid Valley to shop with Grandma n Be Yi.. Ate Madam Kwan’s Mushroom Chicken Rice.. Delicious.. Be Yi managed 2 buy something for Mei Mei n Zhe Zhe.. Also bought a lot of Korea Sweet Persimmon n White Flesh’s Dragon Fruit 2 be eaten.. Really nice.. I bought Calcium for dogs.. At nite, we went to Spring Valley restaurant for my cousin bro’s KL wedding dinner.. d bride-to-be is so handsome n bridegroom-to-be is so beautiful as well.. Took pics with them.. n Wei’s mum side’s cousins.. After dinner, we went back hotel at around 11.30pm.. Then, 12++am Ai Leng, Wei, 2 of their cousins n I went to window shopping in Mid Valley.. After that, back room 2 sleep..

26th Nov
Be Yi n Ai Leng Jie Jie sent me to KL Central till d Skybus there.. I went into d bus n they left.. I met wit a Labuan gal whom i dunno but she was heading 2 Labuan too wit her dad n 2 bros.. Sat beside me.. Arrived at airport, scanned my luggage n then searched 4 d check-in counter.. Due to my early arrival, there’s no check-in counter available.. so i went to eat McD.. Saw a pair of bride n his bridegroom taking pics in LCCT.. I wondered y not they go 2 KLIA.. After that, i scanned my luggage again 2 enter d check-in counter.. Still haven on yet.. Met bro’s friend, Ying Ying when queue up there.. Not long after that, i met Yue Zi n Hui Chu.. Shouted from their check-in counter n 2 from mine.. haha.. like sakais.. But really miss them so much.. tot of no chances 2 meet them again.. muackxXx.. After i checked in, i went to chit chat with them.. Weighed my laptop bag that i carried along, it was 6kg.. Wow.. so heavy.. wakakaka.. 3 of us talked bout our uni life in d departure hall.. I met Zhong Shan (who was babysitted by my babysitter too) n his mum.. Saw his sis when queued up at check-in counter.. After went into d plane, Ying Ying n I could hardly find good seats.. I love d window seat but all full.. Left only d aisle 1.. Then at 20th row, i sat down, placing my laptop next to me n backpack on d compartment.. Another guy was sitting next 2 d window.. After all passengers came into d plane, i am so relief that i had 2 palces 2 sit.. haha.. n Ying Ying sat next 2 me on d aisle too n Zhong Shan in front of me..

Not long after d plane took off, d plane was like falling from d sky repeatedly.. I was afraid of course as this was d 1st time i met with this kind of situation due to really bad weather.. After that i slept on d plane.. 1st time.. mayb due to insufficient sleep for so many days continuously since 20th Nov.. Slept soundly.. n woke up when almost reached Labuan Airport.. After long long time of waiting 4 my luggage, it appeared finally n i back home.. Tadaima!! Shocked 2 see Boy Boy was as big as his dad.. Nearly can’t recognize d 2 of them..

Brought them 2 bath in sea n bathed them after back from sea sport.. Seriously, I was tired.. It’s warm here.. even at nite.. Went for pizza but it’s no longer delicious as b4.. Lousy!! Asked for a suggestion form but dun hav.. 4 sure i’ll write till very LOUSY 2 d maximum if i get that form.. No quality at all.. Slept early that nite..

I’ll be going 2 KK this Thursday 2 attend my cousin bro’s Actual Wedding Ceremony, Tea Ceremony n Wedding Dinner on Friday..

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EST paper was TOUGH~ It’s all about the frozen peat bog.. Really TOUGH!! confused with d oxygen-rich & oxygen-poor thingy.. How i know when the soil is oxygen-poor n when is oxygen-rich ler.. Not interested at all.. And guess how many pages is d article?? 3 full pages of 1,152 words.. Crazy 1.. 1st page also dun understand d.. Then 2nd n 3rd sumore.. *sigh* Really very very BLUR that time.. Dunno how many times hav i read the article..

EST means English for Science & Technology.. A MUST to take coz i’m in Faculty of Science and Technology.. Overall, I’ve take this MEANINGLESS & USELESS subject for 2 and half years.. Form 4, Form 5 & 1 Semester.. (I wanna complain, y everything also my year then they “create” 1.. PTS, EST!! Damn “soi“.) Being a normal 1987-born-child is always so “soi“.. *sigh* Fortunately, I have a very GOOD lecturer although she’s PICKY.. She always got sick and always cancelled class.. I dun have to walk that far (FSSK-15 minutes walk) to attend her class.. That’s also one of d reasons.. She’s really good actually n hope she becomes healthier.. =p


Today is my 1st time reading my Ethnic Lecture Notes (i tend to skip this ethnic classes coz it’s at nite.. went for 3-4 times lectures only.. But, honestly, my lecturer is good.. Just that his piggy student –> ME, too lazy to walk there to attend lectures.. 15 minutes walk.. further than d distance from my house to Financial Park, it’s like walking to SMK Labuan’s main gate there.. =.=”’ For so many years i’ve walked, i dun wanna walk that far again.. Yan is pitier than i am.. still walking till now.. got car 2 fetch u or not?? but her house nearer lor..)

My 1st impression on ethnic relation this subject –> not bad!! But (that very 1st time), i dunno y they said ethnic relation’s text book has offended us.. 但是,我终于知道了。。。 还多亏了有今天的考试,要不然真的是一辈子都不会去翻那叠笔记。。。里面写了很多坏话,边读边生气。。。 竟然要我读自己种族的坏话,什么意思嘛!! 只要他们不爽的都赖在我们和印度同胞身上。。。姓的。。。(一部分而已)我才不养你们的猫呖!!

1st got my Ethnic paper, it was like.. hmm.. not bad.. only 60 questions.. Can accept lar.. Not so much mah.. Who knows by reading d questions n when trying to answer, it was TOTALLY CRAZY man~ -_-”’ Walao.. 60 questions with 5 answers to be read n then solved (true n false).. n in an OMR paper.. That kills me!! Altogether 300 questions lar.. If wrong then hav 2 deduct my marks sumore.. But i dun care.. I answered mostly “true” coz i see most of all true 1.. Better than i leave it blank with no mark given.. Coz if i were to leave it blank, i think half my paper is still white 1.. haha.. This very special OMR paper is d only 1 i can see all black 1st in my life time.. Dun u think this is UNIQUE enuff?? Did till question 5 dee fishing like hell.. So DULL.. n manage 2 flockshot all in 30 minutes..


Finished exam, back college then eat.. Then, watch movie n while watching, fall asleep.. until 10.30pm.. Imagine 2 days exam, last minute study without proper sleep.. Less than 2 hours sleep per day for these 2 days.. After that, went to take bath..


After taken my bath, back 2 my laptop again.. And saw Jac online.. So I asked her bout renting Li Yen’s room as store to put our “rubbish”.. She told me that mayb not gonna rent room.. only locker.. Then i started to ‘fan’ again.. How many lockers do i need to keep all my “rubbish”?? 1 person can rent 1 only means that i dun hav place to put my things!! What can i put in a so-small-locker?? Just my books.. That’s it!! Oh no.. Luckily one of my seniors wanna move out.. So i’m going to put some there.. n some in d locker.. Settled!!

Then, started to clear my cupboard..

While clearing, thinking of if i d hav place to put my things i dun hav 2 stay any longer (my flight ticket is on 26th) coz i can’t move to my senior’s place w/o her here as she’s going to a camp on 24th.. Then, ‘fan’ again.. if i were to stay here longer, the more clothes i hav 2 bring back.. n my luggage isn’t enuff.. It’s all packed wit my “rubbish” n still i hav some things that hav no place 2 put 2 bring back.. I think gonna buy a soft 1 for hand carried 2 put all those “la la zha zha” stuff inside.. n i’ll be on a rush to d airport due to the VERY-UNFLEXIBLE-CHECK-OUT schedule.. Besides, I need BOXES as well to put my “‘la la zha zha” things to be kept in d locker..

So, I sms-ed a friend 2 ask when back Labuan coz i desperately can’t find a Labuan ppl here.. How sad.. My coursemate from Sabah has changed her flight n back together wit her *ahem*.. Apart from that, Jamie not yet back KL as she’s on summer hols.. I got NO PLACE to stay!! I can never see MY-BLOCK-ONLY-FELLOW, neither d office ppl will tolerate with me ALONE to check out earlier early on that Sunday morning.. Many ppl have finished exam on 14th, 15th, 16th n 17th.. (that’s y i’m considered ALONE here..) This is all b’coz of d TEKNIK ANALISIS PERSEKITARAN’s fault.. A sem 2 subject which required to be taken in 1st sem.. How desperate am I?! But this exclude me.. Just that i prefer to go field work together with a group of closer coursemates coz 25/29 chinese are all in the 1st 30 in d name list.. So i exchanged wit another malay coursemate coz she was in d same situation as i was.. We went for field work happily.. n this brings us closer to each other.. just like a family.. isn’t that’s good??

Talking so many rubbish, just wanna say luckily that friend ok 2 “shou liu” me after persuading someone for so long and after “bullying” me for long.. *sob sob* Really wanna THX U for being so “KIND” to me n changing flight ticket just to company me back.. *touched* Not that i’m DARE, but i’m DESPERATELY NO WHERE TO STAY after check out room early.. Also b’coz i dun wanna go LCCT alone.. So dun mind lor.. ^^ I know U very very good 1.. = )

Btw, i dun need to be “shou liu” d.. I’ll stay at my cousin brother’s house with all relatives from my mum’s side.. Then, attend his wedding dinner on 25th.. The “U” here, =p *bluek*

This made me stay awake until now to blog all this “rubbish”.. LoLxXx~

1h countdown to go for queue up.. =.=||

Another coursemate’s complaining.. haha..
Will go Kajang for dinner tonite with all my beloved coursemates.. Love going out with them.. Looking forward for tonite’s dinner.. MuackxXx~


I’ve got a locker finally after a LONG LONG queue..limited edition” locker with unlimited people queueing up!! wakakakaka~

MuackxXx~ Miss u guys~

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对!! 就是你!!







还是较喜欢我的电脑。。。 嘻嘻~










希望早上考试顺利啰 !!








Mr. Hyde 出来了!!

Dr. Jekyll 晚上休息~

我可是只大恶魔哦!!(又让我想起贺军翔那张恶魔脸,天使心了。。。 今晚注定不用读了!)


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