Hatake Kakashi

I fall in love with Kakashi in the part that he fights Zabuza.. He is a really talented jounin. His Sharingan eye is very very ‘hen’. I love this special character besides Naruto and Sasuke.. To me, Zabuza is not a bad guy too.. Although he used 2 treat Haku like his equipment but at least when he died he wanted to be with Haku.. A good guy instead.. He’s just worked for Gatou because he needs money.. This is reality coz in this world, $$$ Rulez!! So u guys shan’t hate Zabuza..


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I’ve upgraded my friendster’s profile.. It looks so nice.. I love it very very much.. Before this, everytime I viewed my friends’ profiles, I was astonished by the designs.. But now, I have mine too after spending hours of ‘research’ .. I have done a perfect job indeed.. The image effect’s thingy is so amazing yet fascinating.. But there’s a problem, it only works in Internet Explorer.. My Mozilla Firefox can’t see the effect.. It doesn’t matter as I have IE too in my laptop.. It’s wonderful after all..

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