Time Flies

Yes, definitely time flies!! I feel like I had just arrived at home but now I’m gonna fly again.. I didn’t blog for months!! To be precise, 2 months and 5 days!! And I don’t actually like WordPress due to too much SPAM comments “offer” to me every single day.. I can receive up to hundreds spam per day.. I won’t tolerate with this anymore and I’m leaving for Blogger.. I hope Blogger will be better.. And I’m still looking for a better blog, I don’t mind whatever language it is.

Some SPECS I’m looking for:

1. HTML & rich text editor

2. Space: as big as possible

3. Can advertise

4. Can post images

5. Can import & export previous blog entries would be better

6. Autosave blog

7. Blog stats would be better

8. Can block spam directly w/o informing me meanwhile continue to advertise

9. this is very important.. FREE!!

I’m too greedy.. But if any of u have any recommendation pls drop me a comment or e-mail me.. Thx a lot.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007. Blog.

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