Went to buy all the necessities for BBQ that will be held in d new house.. Shopped for more than 2 hours, then only had our dinners.. Tired of walking around a hypermarket!!

Well, I’ve taken my bath right after I reached my college.. Then got all my laudry, shoes washed.. Really tiring!!

Need some rest and tomorrow need to clean my new house.. HA! I want rest but I can’t sleep, nor close my eyes.. Sigh~

I dunno why, I’m not in the packing mood!! My things are still there, MESSY!!  Maybe that’s why I lazy to pack them up.. o_O


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Ain’t so Brilliant!

Actually, lecturers ain’t so brilliant, even they’ve got their Masters, PhDs and etc with the prefixes of Professor, Associate Professor, Doctor or whatever u name it!!

I’ve caught them copy paste information from the websites to their lecture notes!!

See, they aren’t so brilliant!! haha.. No wonder some lecturers dun let us hav their Powerpoint’s notes, they’re afraid that we know that they got it online!! LoLxXx~

I can even learn those in the websites.. I don’t need you, get lost!! ;p

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The Number 23

This movie is NICE, seriously I meant it, NICE!! I’m also December 23, as in the movie.. haha..

The story revolves around some things that summed up to be 23 or the reverse, 32, the names, the dates, the numbers!!

The Number 23 = ME!!

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TMNet Streamyx SUX~

This matter had been brought up to the media for many many times, but still they are providing lousy services, connection speed damn slow and we still have to pay RM88 per month.. WTH!! If I pay u RM50 for such lousy service monthly, u also “偷笑” d lor.. DECREASE THE RATE LAR!!

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D E A D ! !

My 250GB Vantec NexStar 3 2.5″ USB 2.0 stupid external harddisk is DEAD!! The indicator light will still show but it’s not running at all, not even tried to spin up.. I’m heartache to DEATH!! Still under warranty, in few weeks time but warranty card is not with me.. My bro’s 300GB same model was dead few months ago too.. And spent thousands Aussie to recover the data.. What about mine?? I wanna recover my photo and music albums!! The rest I dun care d.. Pls behave, my dear external!! Keep urself alive!!

I’m in bad mood!! ='(

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Shit, I received hundreds of spam comments in 3 days!!

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I’m hungry..

I’m bored..

I wanna watch movie..

But I can’t..

I’ll be having my final next week..


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the *brainless* one??

I just back from my Speech Communication’s class. I’m all done with my presentation!! Hooray!! *clap hands* I tend to forget what I wanna say and I myself couldn’t understand the complicated made me.. Such a genius!! But I dun mind that since I’ve prepared my speech in paper.

Before that, I was late for class this morning. This is because I read my speech while walking down the hills.. When I was about to reach the junction, the brilliant me walked to the Wednesday’s classroom, automatically. And I found it weird, seeing another group of people occupying the classroom. Still in unconsciousness, I looked at them, wondering if they are using that class for temporary. And most of them are actually my coursemates, I think whom I’ve scolded as mentioned in my previous post. Luckily, there’s a kind coursemate who told me that they are using that class for Speech Communication as well. Thank you!! Then, I regained my conscious, that’s not my class today. Quickly, I walked another building, got myself into the usually-damn-slow-lift, and into the classroom. It’s not surprised that the usually-late-lecturer was sitting there in the class.

After wasting so much time, pushing to each other to be the first to present. My group agreed to be the first. Then, another Chinese group, which is our friends too. The others are reluctant to present. Finally, one of them told the lecturer that there were a few of them who not yet done with their individual presentation. And today only done with 3 group presentations and 4 individual presentation. I fell asleep while waiting them pushing the turn among one other. And I dun understand why they love to push among each other, since that they have to complete their presentations on that day too, unless time is not allowed. There’s no point.. It’s so relieve when a presentation is done, why not finished it earlier whenever possible?? Next week will be our final, and this week supposed to be our study week. If they can’t finish their presentations on Wednesday?? (They love to be late for class, providing that the class is too early or they can’t squeeze themselves into the bus) This is the fact that we really can’t squeeze ourselves into the uni’s bus, no matter how many buses are running. And if you managed to squeeze yourselves into bus, you have to sweat profusely and smell unpleasantly when you arrive in your faculty. That’s why many people prefer to walk.. Ok, back to the topic.. =) I really hope that they can finish their presentations quickly on Wednesday, I don’t want an extra class anymore. I’d rather sleep than going to that extra early class.

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Leong, if u r reading my blog, I wanna tell you that you have an extremely BIG head, compare to Sharon’s.. OMG!! Tuna’s head is BIG!! *catch u catch u*

I’m counting down.. Less than 1 month to back home!! It’s so sweet!! But, next week will be my final, I haven’t get my fingers touched on the notes.. OMG!! There’s one stupid book to be read.. The very stupid subject I’d say!! Back to home, my patience is killing me slowly.. I wanna finish exam earlier!! I can’t wait any longer!! But, hey girl, u not even study yet, don’t think too much!! And stop outing!! (But can buy groceries lar..) *wink*

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Tour to Town?!

Due to some “BIG” very big, shocking case that happened in my uni last week. No more car ride out to town. And today, I went to see my future house in another town using MOTORCYCLE.. Oh My Goodness!! My friend who “drove” me there was terrified by me!! Guess what have I done?? OK, this was my 2nd ride on a motorcycle but this was the 1st time that I travelled so far.. To and fro is more than 10km!! O_o

Since that I’m a freshy, those who rides motorbike will know what have I done rite??

1st, I don’t dare to even slightly bend my body when my friend was making turn. I sat straight!!

When I’ve got to catch that technique of bending my body. This happened..

I adjusted my seat coz my butt slided away after so many humps.. That’s sorta “prohibited” in riding motorbike.. But don’t the”driver” can’t balance the bike if the body weight is concentrated at one side?? Can somebody tell me what should I do to adjust my seat without disturbing the “driver”??

Hmm.. I think bicycle is better.. If you think that ur legs are exhausted after riding for long time or to climb hill, maybe you can consider fixing an engine.. Can it work??

Those who have to give me a ride are PITY!! XO

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