Trip to Hulu Langat

25th August (Friday)

Happy Birthday, KELLY~!~!

…… Went to Hulu Langat with 32 coursemates.. When we just arrived at the entrance of Impian Country Resort, it looks ok.. Who knows when we were asked to eat at the Astaka, it was like “Oh No!! I have to eat this disgusting food for 3 days?!?!” So i didn’t eat the tea time.. Then, some of us went to check in our Dorm.. All the girls lived in Dorm A.. We opened the door and saw many double deckers.. Just like what Peng Jie told me on last Wednesday nite.. Not shock at all.. After we found our ideal beds, we dropped all our things there and started to explore the room and toilets.. We couldn’t find a single plug in the room to charge our handphones.. Then the toilet, it looks so terrible and horrible.. We saw a pool of water.. It was dark and couldn’t see anything.. After spending some time looking at the pond, we realized that the water level was so so high.. OMG!! It looked extremely dirty.. But all the sand dee sinked, so that’s the cleanest water u can find in whole Impian Country Resort i guess..

Around 12:15pm, we were asked to start our field work. Actually, Group 1 supposed 2 do the Rocks and Group 2 do Flora.. Since there was some problem with the bus (according to lecturer, the bus driver couldn’t start the engine), we combined our first session field work with Group 1.. The forest is quite nice actually, as there’s a river there (u know lar, i love water so much).. We were measuring all those trees of more than 5cm Diameter ** (forgotten dee.. hehe..) It was lunch time at ’bout 2:00pm as all of us were starving for hungriness including En. Daman & he was the one who said dunno whether if he was the only one who was so so so hungry.. haha.. Then only i felt that i was hungry too.. We quickly finished the measuring part in our plot and we measured only 7 trees.. We ignored the rest but who knows the people (assistant of En. Daman i think) wanted us to measure all trees with more than 5cm DBH (not sure with this abbreviation) When we were out of the forest, it was dee around 2:30pm to 3:00pm. The lunch was nice, i meant FOOD!! At least it was not as terrible as in KIY.. KIY cafe likes to put lotsa salt, as if salt is cheap.. After lunch most of us went to sleep.. That was the time Ling Phang got to know she was bitten by leeches coz she bleeds non stop.. It was reaining heavily this afternoon so we were worrying for the next day field work.. Received call from one of my direct seniors, asked me & Choy Shin to be careful in the forest and told me her experience.. She’s a really caring senior..

At nite, we went to the Dewan not far from our Dorm.. for safety in forest talk by XXX.. (dunno his name).. And during the talk, a flying cockroach first landed on Hsiao Wei’s back.. Prof Maimun grabbed my note book 2 sweep away the cockroach then it landed on my track suit.. Oh No!! It scared me!! I hate cockroach.. After talk, went back to dorm and slept~

26th August (Saturday)

Woke up


~Field Work started~
The whether was so nice.. My group did Aquatic this morning while the other did Fauna.. We went to the river in the forest to do our session 3 field work.. Dr Shuhaimi and his 2 assistants were first asked those who had equipments to go down the river but then we all ignored their instructions and went down 2 play water.. It was so slippery and could feel the sand was sharp.. Many of us nearly fell into the water while doing field work whereas Kelly & Ling Phang were wet coz fell into water.. Playing water was so so so FUN!!

Tea time

Preservation, identification & labelling of aquatic species

Slept (I heard Daccent’s playing Johnny Johnny while i was sleeping.. Kelly heard too..)


Played Johnny Johnny (a wu liao game which needs detail observation) It was fun but Daccent spent whole day to notice that very simple action..

~Field Work started~
Did Invertebrate this time.. Went into forest, not really far actually.. but invertebrate part was still ok.. It made me so worried when Choy Shin caught a leech on her ankle.. Played with the altimeter & hoped to go out of the forest as soon as possible.. No mood at all.. Yi Xi was “destroying” the forest.. So funny.. Every place he passed was destroyed.. 凡走过必留下痕迹.. *wakakakaka* After came out of the forest, we saw a yellow butterfly.. It last landed on my cap before it was caught by someone.. Also landed on See Mua & Choy Shin if not mistaken.. Dunno Yi Xi or who else came out with 1 theory, butterflies love girls only.. *muahahahaha* He is a really funny guy..

Tea time

~Field Work started~
Went into forest again for Fauna field work.. Traps were installed by lecturers and assistants.. We got squirrel, baby mouse, bat and kingfisher.. I love the squirrel so much although FST’s squirrels are more beautiful.. After the xxx (dunno assistant ot lecturer) “bius” the squirrel 2 take measurement of his body, i took the squirrel to take pic with him (it’s a male 1).. The baby mouse was so pity coz not much ppl care for him (also a male 1).. too bad.. weehehehehehe..

Played water in the river in front of our dorm.. Actually i dun wanna make my shirt and pants wet, just wanna take pic but Ia Lun splashed water on me when i wanted to go up.. So i also joined them playing water.. We were all wet and not allowed to enter our dorm.. At last, i slipped into dorm too.. Due to no empty toilet, Ling Phang, Choy Shin, Chia Yi and I bathed together using the water in the pond..


Played Johnny Johnny, Ali Bom, Who Dies?? and Kelly’s riddle..
Rich man has _____,
Poor man needs _____,
If i eat _____,
I’ll die..

Light Trap behind Dewan


Played Johnny Johnny, Ali Bom, Who Dies??, Black Magic & Hunter’s game..

Waited for 12:30am to watch Mars and Moon but all we saw was trees & reddish sky.. Beautiful!! It looks like horizon.. Cold jokes by Sin Tee..

Packed things & slept

27th August (Sunday)

Woke up & continued packing


~Field Work started~
No longer going into forest today.. It was the mapping part.. With En. Awang (if not mistaken) & Dr. Ramlan.. It’s quite complicated as Hazani & I forgot to measure the escarpment using klinometer.. It rained while we half way doing mapping, my note book was wet.. Confusing at times.. Running from point to point was quite fun..

Tea time

Air quality by En. Azman a.k.a Dato K.. We didn’t hav 2 do anything actually.. Was so sleepy while looking at him doing all the thing himself.. bored.. Yi Xi &’ Wei Quan kept asking nonsence.. and here born the nick of Dato L for Yi Xi (given by En Azman)..


Played Coffee & Tea

Left Impian Country Resort to Ampang for the Rocks part.. Bought ice-cream.. Extremely expensive.. When we reached Ampang, we just picked some granite & took pic and left for uni~ Happy happy~


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To Do List

Assignment + Presentation
– Man & Environment
– Public Relation

Field Work

– pay $$$
– packing

– Hulu Langat

– Pulau Kapas + some other destinations

– PT Pusat
* finish off the pic linking stuff (highest priority) & other minor problem like titles & so on..
* think of theme, games & so on…

– packing on 3rd Sept after come back from Terengganu 2 go Jamie’s house if there’s still empty there

– study for mid sem tests

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Matrix + Labuan~!~!

Just now browsed thru Thomas’s blog, suddenly miss Matrix life so much. Matrix life was so fun. I love my lecture mates, tutorial mates, block mates, roomates, lecturers, LDK’s mantees (even my leng zai mentor and faci.. those who close with me knew who r they..), every single friend i made there, during Tests & Exams, Sketch and so on.. And not to forget my old friends back in Labuan..

During the Orientation Week, I got to know my LDK’s mentor and mantees.. Kia Yong, Jenny & I were the Chinese in our LDK.. And our mentor is.. hmm.. Mr. Yeap who I classified as the most handsome + cute + childish lecturer a.k.a mentor.. During his LDK, it might be a bit boring coz he followed all the LDK’s syllabus..

After the Orientation Week, i saw him again in my Chemistry lecture.. He taught me Chemistry!! And during his lecture, Teck Huoy and I love talking while copying his transparencies.. We sat at the middle front row and non-stop talking in front of him.. He always comes very very near us and listens to what we were talking and sometimes he’ll “join” us.. He’s so funny and very childish.. Whenever we talked ’bout drama series, he’ll surely give his opinions, even during night class.. =) That was the time i got to love Chemistry so much coz he impressed me by the ways he teaches us.. Always has his very own way of speaking, e.g. “How How How???”, “Why Why Why???”, and i remembered that he reads “w” as “double U”.. Teck Huoy and I always laugh & laugh & laugh during his lecture until both of us stomach ache & tears started to drop.. I love his class very much!! And we almost find him every weekdays in MP.. Just to ask some nonsense stuff and sometimes ’bout his notes.. We love arguing with him and sometimes, we couldn’t understand his very unique analogy in explaining the Chemistry theories such as the chicken’s analogy, the ghost’s analogy and so on.. He left us few days before my b’day to further study in Singapore, taking Master in Chemistry Engineering or smth else related to Chemistry..

Next, it was my Physics’s lecturer, Madam Chin (but i love calling her Miss Chin!!) She’s a very hardworking, responsible and dedicated lecturer. Love the way she gives lecture.. And also the powerpoint presentation she made by her own, so cute coz got lotsa animations and cartoons.. Her powerpoint slides were so attractive~!~! She always downloads dramas in Matrix.. Thus, i always find her for the dramas she downloaded.. She’s now teaching in KL’s private school after leaving us during our 2nd Sem mid sem break (CNY).. I still remembered the b’day present i gave her few days after her b’day (coz her b’day was on our 1st Sem break).. The box was specially made by myself and wrapped with her favourite cartoon character, Winnie the Pooh’s present paper..

F4 was always so lucky to get the best Lecture Hall, no matter 1st Sem or 2nd Sem.. During 1st Sem, we had the best lecturer for almost every subject..

The Kemahiran Dinamika’s lecturer, Encik M.T. Azhar always talked ’bout “yellow” stuff which mostly Chinese dun understand coz all those are dunno what dialect or language.. He’s really a yellow-minded lecturer but very funny.. The only lecturer who teaches all the LMC’s students as he’s the only 1 who teaches Kemahiran Dinamika in the whole LMC..

Also, Encik Emanuel who teaches T27 & T28 Moral never missed to start his lesson with a story with moral values and motivation..

Besides, it was Mr. Mahid who is also a very good English lecturer for my tutorial, T28.. Very considerate.. We spent time together watching English movies during his 2-hours-lesson.. The 1st movie we watched together was “In Her Shoes”..

Missing someone in UTM Skudai.. hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. A very cute + funny guy.. Regretted for not taking pic with him during the last day in LMC.. He went to Singapore and msged me when he was there and msged me again when he was back in UTM.. How sad.. I got no chance to go there..

To all my dearest friends (Labuan + Matrix),
All the best to u all.. Really miss u all.. Although we had separated but we can always keep in touch k?! I’ll never forget u all coz u guys were once who walked by my side and shared my ups and downs whenever i need u guys.. Thanks a lot for being there for me!!

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Pesta Konvo

Went to on duty for PBSM last nite for both college and co-curriculum in Dewan Gemilang. There was a AF singer called Yazir (if not wrong spelled his name) came 2 sing a few songs. I dunno why are those ppl so craze for him. If i were them, i won’t worship artists in such a way. They are human too, of the same species. Even for chinese artists, i just love their songs. The 夏日八度演唱会 was so crowded but i like JJ.

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Happy Birthday & Nothing Much

Well, first of all, I’m here to wish the Twins, Alwin & Avison to have an enjoyable & happy Birthday in Australia & the most important is happy everyday. Besides, may all their dreams & wishes come true.

Next, I’m posting a picture of my house.

Hmm.. Can see it clearly?? Just so bored here so post this pic up 2 share. I believe that most of u know my house. I miss my Ham Ham & Boy Boy very much. *muakxXx* I can’t see a single dog here. *sob*

Feeling so crazy when i got to see the Dog’s key chain when i went shopping. Mayb next time should shop in a pet shop. Hehe.. I wanna rear rabbits & hamsters!! Wonder why am i so crazy for these furry animals (except monkeys of cuz.. but if monkeys r friendly, i would definitely fall in love with them too..)

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Guess y am i so happy?? *hmm.. wondering*

I will have Prince of Tennis soon!! Hahahahahaha.. Muih Jie ar, clear ur external lor.. It seems like i’m the 1 who teach bad u seniors lar.. *feeling so bad*

Thx Tan Kok for sending me the anime link.. Otherwise, i wouldn’t have found it..

Also, saw my Friendster profile?? Oh yeah~ I learnt something new!! The blinking stuff and the line break!! I edited the Birthdate things by myself.. It was so DULL, grey and white b4 i edited it.. See, how beautiful it is in BLUE!! 我觉得很有成就感哦!! Wahahahaha.. Sab, wanna learn??

Alan, i found a Chinese site that can download anime songs!! Muahahahahaha.. Learn Chinese lar..

Celebrated Priscilla and Alex’s b’day last nite.. It’s the 1st birthday party i joined here.. Happy B’day to both of them..

Hmm.. tomorrow will have to go Mid Valley to meet Yong Lee to pass him smth.. Dunno who wanna join me o0o.. (Hmm.. I am so naughty.. Forcing someone 2 go Mid Valley with me & asked him to skip the choir practice.. Hehe..)

Today i drank 2 Milo & now eating Mamee cup.. Hmm.. as long as my lao gong with me i won’t feel hungry..

Did some washing just now & saw dunno how many families of monkeys.. *grrr*

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Pheww~ I’m free finally.. I dee passed up my project.. Guess how many day i spent to do it?? Less than 1 day.. Let’s count.. 9th August 12:00pm till 10th August 10++am.. 22++hours minus the fire drill practice (’bout 45 minutes) = 21++hours then minus few hours i spent to sleep + bath + eat + chit chat + so on.. Imagine that!! In conclusion, I produced LOUSY work!! Well, it’s all b’coz of the translation of English to Malay.. Otherwise I wouldn’t change my topic from Blue Whale to Volcano Rabbit..

Still have EST and Hubungan Etnik projects.. Honestly, I don’t know what to do for my Hubungan Etnik project.. Hopefully, it doesn’t have to pass up so soon.. Let me enjoy 1st.. Take a breath.. LolxXx~

Oh No!! I forgot my EST homework!!

Was extremely hungry just now.. Rushing to print and send to the lecturer’s mail box.. I’m eating KIY’s chicken rice while blogging here.. I love KIY’s chicken rice coz of the chilli.. Isn’t that’s funny?? Eat everything also b’coz of chilli..



Don’t u think it looks delicious?? Wakakaka..

Ok, my table looks quite messy but actually it doesn’t.. That’s my laptop’s cable and external hard disk’s cable.. Hehehe.. U -_-”’, don’t u?? =p

Saw a little squirrel with red bushy tail on the way back from FSSK to KIY just now.. So cute.. So sad that it’s afraid of me.. I love it so much o0o.. Wanna adopt squirrels?? ^^v

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10% Disappointment + 5% Happiness + 85% Sadness

News from Intan

Just read an email sent by Intan, saying that she is in Taylor! So glad to hear that coz she always wanted 2 meet everyone of us in KL. She was previously studying in UMS (food science if not mistaken) as she got the offer there. Maybe we should find some time to meet each other in KL.

Holiday & Puasa
I told Peng Jie that we might not be having September holidays just now. Then what i got to know is that really happened last year. No holiday until Hari Raya Puasa. Well, no comment on this. 1 week holiday go back also waste time, but i need holiday 2 study lar. I dun understand most of the lectures or maybe these words sound better ‘hardly understand’. It isn’t related with what i studied last time (except General Chemistry II but this is harder!!) When it comes across those biology and geology terms, i am so blur. Never failed to feel sleepy or fall asleep in class. I know that i love sleeping in class, but when i hear all those terms that i can’t understand, for sure i will sleep or do whatever that isn’t related to that lesson. So bored lar.

Also, during Hari Raya Puasa, we will have to Puasa too!! NO stall is opened for us. So, gotta stock more maggie cups from now on..


My Manusia & Sekitaran assignment has to be handed up this Thursday by noon. It’s a maximum 20 pages assignment on Blue Whale (Intro + Problems + Conservation) Guess where am I now?? Only the Taxonomy (only half page), u better believe me!! -_-”’ It’s going to due date man!! I hate to do the translation!! I must translate whatever information i got in English into Malay.. There’s no translator i can find on net.. Trying very very hard on downloading every single translator that may help but ended up none that can help.. So sad.. :'( I was forced to translate every single word with my limited vocabulary just to prevent PLAGIARISM!!

Fac Nite
There’s another nite that i got to attend, that’s the Fac Nite. Have to pay RM60 for that and it is a MUST!! Well, i dun plan to go neither pay for it. I’m BROKE now!! 1 heavy meal per day only.. Morning and Afternoon or Night will drink Milo. *sigh* Assume that I’m on diet lar..

Field Work

Maybe my Teknik Analisis Persekitaran field work will be on 25th – 27th August, not yet confirmed the date. This trip requires each student to pay RM70 according to Dr Ramlan (but he’s not sure with the exact amount). Besides, my Manusia & Persekitaran field trip will be on 1st -3rd September (the Prof not yet tell us the ‘bout the fee, but Pulau Kapas is one of our destination) I really BROKE liao.. No PTPTN!!

PT Publicity
My PT daddy said that we have to do the webpage using MMS. I dunno what’s MMS. MMS means Multimedia Message Service (the 1 for mobile) to me. Asked bro ’bout that but he said there’s no MMS in web development. So how??

Kinda desperate!! Wonder why uni life is like this. Why everything needs $$$?? Is it nothing can be done without $$$?? There’s a Chinese sayings goes “钱不是万能,但没钱就万万不能”!!

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