Home Sweet Home

Celebrated Ngim San, Mr. Sarawak & Penang Guy (if this is his nick given by Fang)birthday in KIY foyer at 11++pm b4 29th.. Then, today (29th) is Jeff, Lee Sun & my daddy’s birthday.. Sent daddy a msg at 12:10am.. Pending..

Finished the all the games part for KIY’s PT finally i guess.. back room at 3am like that.. But it was so fun.. I like that dart’s man.. It looks so cute.. xD laugh, laugh n laugh on that ‘man’.. combination of prisoner + Superman.. wakakaka..

After back K13D, saw a big cockroach.. so daring 2 ‘walk’ outside my room.. of cuz i screamed for help lar.. but then no one cares.. all sleeping.. ^@^ Opened door then my rooomie woke up n she killed the cockroach for me.. Even Kak Ayu who was in the toilet also came 2 see what was going on.. What a shame!!

After that I began copying my Prinsip notes as i escaped 2 Prinsip lessons.. Borrowed from Kelly yesterday.. Finally finishing copying the 2 hours lecture notes & slept at 4am.. Too

Woke up at 8:30am coz my hp’s alarm rang.. & saw a msg from dad.. felt so warmed.. i always feel so shy 2 tell them i love them.. so i never said.. until i matrix only i started 2
send them sms.. never felt home sick since after i came 2 study in peninsular.. even last time when i was in S.I.T in Klang also felt so happy with all my new friends, neither home sick nor going back Labuan for matriculation. Was forced back at last.. now like got a bit home sick d.. esp my 2 pets.. my sons!! wakakaka.. i love u all!!


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Updated To Do List

15/9 Friday
– Check my Manusia & Sekitaran’s result
in Biology building
– Pass up the presentation of Manusia & Sekitaran
– Go to Pusanika for Seeds of Change exhibition
– Study Prinsip SS 1

16/9 Saturday
– Prinsip SS 1 test in DECTAR (subjective this time.. gonna die very very
soon.. no more flock shoot..)
– Do EST assignment & presentation

17/9 Sunday
– Prepare for Manusia & Sekitaran (Tuesday nite) + Ethnic Relation
presentation (Wednesday nite)
– Buy food & water to store (Fasting Festival coming soon)
– Teknik Analisis Persekitaran field work’s report

Dun feel like going 2 Hari Keluarga PBSM Det 88E.. I’m too busy..

Can I change course?? Am i allowed to?? I wish i
wasn’t here.. *sob*

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Too Much~

Well, I have too much things to blog since after my trip to Kapas Island.. Just can online few hours ago since i back uni on last Thursday.. But i can’t blog now, although i’m not studying.. Will blog after all the tests.. and I gotta think for some on-stage-programmes for Shwu Bing.. So good nite everyone.. And those who sitting for mid sem tests, all the best.. Miss all my Labuan friends, S.I.T friends, LMC friends & definitely my two lovable sons.. hehe.. Ok, and my family too, cousins and……

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