H A P P Y ~

My last paper of this mid sem exam is gonna end tonite!! Happy to d max~

Tomorrow I can go all d way “down” to d metropolitan city to meet my family and sure have food 10x 100x 1,000x 10,000x better than here to “serve” my stomach and “fulfill” my appetite!! muahahahahaha~

I’ll miss my seductive lappie and blog tomorrow~ *sob sob* I’m those who can’t live without a lappie and internet!!

I’m missing d birthday girl and birthday boy and all d buddies back in Matriculation badly. I miss them so much!!

wish me luck in tonite’s exam!!


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My room was invaded few minutes ago.. By people who is trying to force and convert students from other religion to Christian.. I don’t really like the way they do it, promoting their religion from room by room.. (It’s annoying!!)

Once we open the door for these people, they’ll tell you their grandparents’ story and the things you are busy doing with have to put aside.. And sometimes, they force you to read something and after reading that something, she’ll tell you, you are now a Christian!! *shock* Where got such thing 1!! One should believe in his/her religion and listen to his/her preach, willingly.. When I respect other religions, I expect them to respect mine too..

Ciao, gotta prepare for my exam tomorrow.. Best of luck, dude~ n Wish me Luck too.. I really need that!!

Oh No, I gotta say that my lappie is so damn seducing!! Walao eh.. STOP seducing ME!! Get back to your study!! You must be determined!!

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the U N L U C K Y one

A friend of mine was caught with handphone during exam by an invigilator.. Sad to say that her hp was not switched off.. The invigilator saw the shape of hp and caught her.. Now the Uni is going to sue her.. She has to go for the hearing, according to her.. Very very unfortunate I should say.. I hope everything will be FINE!!

I wonder, why these people love making a mountain out of a mole hill?? I don’t understand!! And is this what you called life??

The invigilators will always ask us to put our hps in front in a box they provided, if you accidentally bring into the exam hall.. And I got to know that a coursemate of mine, who left his hp there was then stolen.. An expensive one.. I don’t think they’ll compensate you for the loss.. And a lot cases of stolen hps too, especially during exam!!

These irresponsible invigilators are H E L P L E S S !!

and I should go back to study now..

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Oh NO~

Gosh~ I can’t believe that I’m stuck in front of my lappie, reading blogs n unaware of the time now!! What made me here again?? It’s 12.35am and I’ve only read 12 pages of my notes for the first time!! So many pages left untouched before and the tutorials too.. Bloody hell, I hate exams!!

Again, wish me luck for tomorrow’s paper!! Good luck in flock shoot again!!

C ya~


After hours and hours of yawn, sleep, awake, it’s now 7.00am and I managed to read and flip until the last page of my notes!! Congrats!! Left only the tutorials, I think I can finish it before I’m going for d exam.. And this is RARE that I manage to finish studying everything although those not understand remained *question marks* and just flipped thru like that till d last page.. =)


Best decision ever to have shut down my lappie.. A good gal, I’m this time!! (“,)

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The NEVER Ending…

Exam, exam and more exams is all you can see in this rat race world.. Thus, produces the “kia su” people, especially the Singaporeans!! Why can’t we abolish it?? People that can’t cope with stress or pressure who failed their exams tend to commit suicide, EXCEPT ME lar!! =) What for so “xiang bu kai“??


My MSN keeps signing in and out, so annoying!! And I can’t even send a message!! Sh*t~ Stop dc-ing!! Line’s SUX and NO DOWNLOADS currently.. *SADNESS*

Tonite will have my Biomaths exam, wish me luck k.. Hopefully can answer with an eye lar and whatever I flock shoot also correct.. Haha~ Best of luck to all who is sitting for exams too!! Don’t commit suicide if result isn’t good.. cheers~

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A Quiz

I had just finished a quiz where it tested me if I’m interested in medicine.. I scored 27 points and it’s a Go-for-it’s type!! Lol.. I hate Biology, so how am I to love to be a doctor?! It’s just the curious me, interested in learning new stuff.. Obviously, I hate what I’m studying now too.. Even worse than in the medicine’s field.. Am I making the right choice?? I dunno~ Hope my mid sem will not that bad.. Wish me Luck!!

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Back in Uni

I’m now back in my Uni.. Still not in the study mood.. Well, 2 days later will be my evaluation for Speech Communication and the day after that will be Elementary Biomaths’s test.. And so on…

Met a lot of people in the airport this afternoon, bunch of them!! Not very close ‘thou.. They’re my brother’s buddies, mostly.. And 2 teachers of mine, a once-same-tuition-koko and his younger sister.. and the sorta related cousins.. haha.. greatest time ever!! Even the “ah gong” next door also same flight!! I never imagined that I can meet so many of them since I thought I’ll be back alone.. And the taxi driver I called is very very friendly and “caring”, like a daddy, although I’m the one who tell him that the charges is around 50 to 60 bucks and he charged me 60 bucks!! *stupid me for being so honest, but he’s a good man lar, so nvm then!!*

I’ve checked my final exam’s timetable, it ends on the 30th of April.. But the air ticket I bought earlier in January was 6th May.. I wonder what should I do for that extra 1 week?! I wanna back earlier!! Who wants to collect moss at this complicated yet not-belongs-to-me’s place?? *sigh and more sigh, unlimited hatred* Arranging things so slow!! SUX~ regretted for not booking the same date as my Matrix’s buddies!! I miss you dude!! Looking forward to meeting you guys in LCCT again..

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I came across Sam’s blog n saw this

10 November 2006 MATH1231
16 November 2006 ELEC1111
20 November 2006 PHYS1231
22 November 2006 COMP1921

He has ONLY 4 subjects!!

N look at mine!!

04 Nov Asas Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah 1 (1h) 8.30am Lobi Utama DECTAR
08 Nov Prinsip Sains Sekitaran 1 (1h30m) 8.30am Dewan DECTAR
08 Nov Amali Kimia Am (1h30m) 12.00pm Dewan Gemilang
09 Nov English for Science & Technology (2h30m) 8.30am DP Bestari
09 Nov Hubungan Etnik (1h45m) 3.30pm Lobi Utama DECTAR
13 Nov Kimia Am 2 (2h30m) 12.00pm DP Bestari
16 Nov Manusia & Sekitaran (2h) 8.30pm Dewan DECTAR
22 Nov Teknik Analisis Persekitaran (2h30m) 12.00pm Dewan DECTAR

Doubled Sam’s~~ Sam, u r LUCKY!!

04-09 Nov d exam hall is not so cold.. But i wonder y in d same exam hall but it suddenly can cold until d maximum, non-stop rubbing hands n legs instead of answering questions.. Kimia Am 2 all 70 questions finished in 1h n waiting ppl 2 accompany me out.. But not much ppl go out huh?? Y?? I finished so fast just wanna get out of d extremely cold exam hall.. Ending up freezing there until time’s up without jacket!!

Same to my Manusia & Sekitaran exam.. Freezing in Dewan DECTAR.. Prinsip SS 1 also in Dewan DECTAR but y this time so cold.. *unexplained* Even wearing jacket was still freezing..

N later will be my Teknik Analisis Persekitaran exam in Dewan DECTAR.. Hopefully i dun hav 2 be a “snowman” again.

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Packing Packing~!~!

Hmm.. My things are 90% packed!! Sigh~ Tomorrow will be my last paper and also 1 of d toughest paper where there’s no mid sem, only Field Work Report n Final!! I have around 2.5cm-thick-Teknik Analisis Persekitaran’s Notes not yet touched.. =.=”’ Oh No~ I’m completely in d packing mood.. Looking forward to leave this old shabby room, to my cousin bro’s new house n d hotel n my warmest room at home.. I can’t wait for that day!! I wanna leave NOW!!! I have been slept on my blanket for 4 days since Saturday nite.. I’ve washed n kept all my clothes, my purple bear bear’s bed sheet n pillow case n my little pillows’ cases!! Left ONLY my towel n pyjamas.. How EMPTY is my cupboard, my bed, my drawers!! I feel like wanna fly back NOW!! I’m well-prepared 2 fly, but not 2 sit for d last paper.. =.=”’ I’ve even planned what time i have to wash my pyjamas n towel tomorrow.. *faint*

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EST paper was TOUGH~ It’s all about the frozen peat bog.. Really TOUGH!! confused with d oxygen-rich & oxygen-poor thingy.. How i know when the soil is oxygen-poor n when is oxygen-rich ler.. Not interested at all.. And guess how many pages is d article?? 3 full pages of 1,152 words.. Crazy 1.. 1st page also dun understand d.. Then 2nd n 3rd sumore.. *sigh* Really very very BLUR that time.. Dunno how many times hav i read the article..

EST means English for Science & Technology.. A MUST to take coz i’m in Faculty of Science and Technology.. Overall, I’ve take this MEANINGLESS & USELESS subject for 2 and half years.. Form 4, Form 5 & 1 Semester.. (I wanna complain, y everything also my year then they “create” 1.. PTS, EST!! Damn “soi“.) Being a normal 1987-born-child is always so “soi“.. *sigh* Fortunately, I have a very GOOD lecturer although she’s PICKY.. She always got sick and always cancelled class.. I dun have to walk that far (FSSK-15 minutes walk) to attend her class.. That’s also one of d reasons.. She’s really good actually n hope she becomes healthier.. =p


Today is my 1st time reading my Ethnic Lecture Notes (i tend to skip this ethnic classes coz it’s at nite.. went for 3-4 times lectures only.. But, honestly, my lecturer is good.. Just that his piggy student –> ME, too lazy to walk there to attend lectures.. 15 minutes walk.. further than d distance from my house to Financial Park, it’s like walking to SMK Labuan’s main gate there.. =.=”’ For so many years i’ve walked, i dun wanna walk that far again.. Yan is pitier than i am.. still walking till now.. got car 2 fetch u or not?? but her house nearer lor..)

My 1st impression on ethnic relation this subject –> not bad!! But (that very 1st time), i dunno y they said ethnic relation’s text book has offended us.. 但是,我终于知道了。。。 还多亏了有今天的考试,要不然真的是一辈子都不会去翻那叠笔记。。。里面写了很多坏话,边读边生气。。。 竟然要我读自己种族的坏话,什么意思嘛!! 只要他们不爽的都赖在我们和印度同胞身上。。。姓的。。。(一部分而已)我才不养你们的猫呖!!

1st got my Ethnic paper, it was like.. hmm.. not bad.. only 60 questions.. Can accept lar.. Not so much mah.. Who knows by reading d questions n when trying to answer, it was TOTALLY CRAZY man~ -_-”’ Walao.. 60 questions with 5 answers to be read n then solved (true n false).. n in an OMR paper.. That kills me!! Altogether 300 questions lar.. If wrong then hav 2 deduct my marks sumore.. But i dun care.. I answered mostly “true” coz i see most of all true 1.. Better than i leave it blank with no mark given.. Coz if i were to leave it blank, i think half my paper is still white 1.. haha.. This very special OMR paper is d only 1 i can see all black 1st in my life time.. Dun u think this is UNIQUE enuff?? Did till question 5 dee fishing like hell.. So DULL.. n manage 2 flockshot all in 30 minutes..


Finished exam, back college then eat.. Then, watch movie n while watching, fall asleep.. until 10.30pm.. Imagine 2 days exam, last minute study without proper sleep.. Less than 2 hours sleep per day for these 2 days.. After that, went to take bath..


After taken my bath, back 2 my laptop again.. And saw Jac online.. So I asked her bout renting Li Yen’s room as store to put our “rubbish”.. She told me that mayb not gonna rent room.. only locker.. Then i started to ‘fan’ again.. How many lockers do i need to keep all my “rubbish”?? 1 person can rent 1 only means that i dun hav place to put my things!! What can i put in a so-small-locker?? Just my books.. That’s it!! Oh no.. Luckily one of my seniors wanna move out.. So i’m going to put some there.. n some in d locker.. Settled!!

Then, started to clear my cupboard..

While clearing, thinking of if i d hav place to put my things i dun hav 2 stay any longer (my flight ticket is on 26th) coz i can’t move to my senior’s place w/o her here as she’s going to a camp on 24th.. Then, ‘fan’ again.. if i were to stay here longer, the more clothes i hav 2 bring back.. n my luggage isn’t enuff.. It’s all packed wit my “rubbish” n still i hav some things that hav no place 2 put 2 bring back.. I think gonna buy a soft 1 for hand carried 2 put all those “la la zha zha” stuff inside.. n i’ll be on a rush to d airport due to the VERY-UNFLEXIBLE-CHECK-OUT schedule.. Besides, I need BOXES as well to put my “‘la la zha zha” things to be kept in d locker..

So, I sms-ed a friend 2 ask when back Labuan coz i desperately can’t find a Labuan ppl here.. How sad.. My coursemate from Sabah has changed her flight n back together wit her *ahem*.. Apart from that, Jamie not yet back KL as she’s on summer hols.. I got NO PLACE to stay!! I can never see MY-BLOCK-ONLY-FELLOW, neither d office ppl will tolerate with me ALONE to check out earlier early on that Sunday morning.. Many ppl have finished exam on 14th, 15th, 16th n 17th.. (that’s y i’m considered ALONE here..) This is all b’coz of d TEKNIK ANALISIS PERSEKITARAN’s fault.. A sem 2 subject which required to be taken in 1st sem.. How desperate am I?! But this exclude me.. Just that i prefer to go field work together with a group of closer coursemates coz 25/29 chinese are all in the 1st 30 in d name list.. So i exchanged wit another malay coursemate coz she was in d same situation as i was.. We went for field work happily.. n this brings us closer to each other.. just like a family.. isn’t that’s good??

Talking so many rubbish, just wanna say luckily that friend ok 2 “shou liu” me after persuading someone for so long and after “bullying” me for long.. *sob sob* Really wanna THX U for being so “KIND” to me n changing flight ticket just to company me back.. *touched* Not that i’m DARE, but i’m DESPERATELY NO WHERE TO STAY after check out room early.. Also b’coz i dun wanna go LCCT alone.. So dun mind lor.. ^^ I know U very very good 1.. = )

Btw, i dun need to be “shou liu” d.. I’ll stay at my cousin brother’s house with all relatives from my mum’s side.. Then, attend his wedding dinner on 25th.. The “U” here, =p *bluek*

This made me stay awake until now to blog all this “rubbish”.. LoLxXx~

1h countdown to go for queue up.. =.=||

Another coursemate’s complaining.. haha..
Will go Kajang for dinner tonite with all my beloved coursemates.. Love going out with them.. Looking forward for tonite’s dinner.. MuackxXx~


I’ve got a locker finally after a LONG LONG queue..limited edition” locker with unlimited people queueing up!! wakakakaka~

MuackxXx~ Miss u guys~

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