TMNet Streamyx SUX~

This matter had been brought up to the media for many many times, but still they are providing lousy services, connection speed damn slow and we still have to pay RM88 per month.. WTH!! If I pay u RM50 for such lousy service monthly, u also “偷笑” d lor.. DECREASE THE RATE LAR!!


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The NEVER Ending…

Exam, exam and more exams is all you can see in this rat race world.. Thus, produces the “kia su” people, especially the Singaporeans!! Why can’t we abolish it?? People that can’t cope with stress or pressure who failed their exams tend to commit suicide, EXCEPT ME lar!! =) What for so “xiang bu kai“??


My MSN keeps signing in and out, so annoying!! And I can’t even send a message!! Sh*t~ Stop dc-ing!! Line’s SUX and NO DOWNLOADS currently.. *SADNESS*

Tonite will have my Biomaths exam, wish me luck k.. Hopefully can answer with an eye lar and whatever I flock shoot also correct.. Haha~ Best of luck to all who is sitting for exams too!! Don’t commit suicide if result isn’t good.. cheers~

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Protected: If this is TRUE…

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I’m so pissed off with the LAN connection.. So many days d still limited and no connectivity, even I’ve restart my lappy for more than 30 times and switched off and on the modem for several times!! Sh*t lar.. Running up and down to solve this problem only since the modem is downstairs while my lappy is in my room.. The “Repair” button isn’t functioning since after my lappy was being formatted last year.. Arghh.. Relying on the wireless network connection is so damn slow and unstable!! *pissed off*

This time I’m more “suay“.. After I restart my lappy, my calendar on my desktop lost all the information I had inside, of course they are the birthday reminders lar.. Sux~ Have to rebuild d whole thing back and for sure I’ll forget some birthdays!!

Not to forget all my downloads.. Glad that it’s running although they are slow (I meant really SLOW!!) At least, they are all downloading rite?! =) I’m so into this new Taiwan’s Drama – Hana Kimi, which is still broadcasting on the TV Satellite. Currently downloading Hana Kimi and Corner with Love. Next download will be Goong S..


I just knew from my bro that the PC down there also having the same connection problem!! What happened to my house’s connection?? And where’s my wireless connection comes from then??

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