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the *brainless* one??

I just back from my Speech Communication’s class. I’m all done with my presentation!! Hooray!! *clap hands* I tend to forget what I wanna say and I myself couldn’t understand the complicated made me.. Such a genius!! But I dun mind that since I’ve prepared my speech in paper.

Before that, I was late for class this morning. This is because I read my speech while walking down the hills.. When I was about to reach the junction, the brilliant me walked to the Wednesday’s classroom, automatically. And I found it weird, seeing another group of people occupying the classroom. Still in unconsciousness, I looked at them, wondering if they are using that class for temporary. And most of them are actually my coursemates, I think whom I’ve scolded as mentioned in my previous post. Luckily, there’s a kind coursemate who told me that they are using that class for Speech Communication as well. Thank you!! Then, I regained my conscious, that’s not my class today. Quickly, I walked another building, got myself into the usually-damn-slow-lift, and into the classroom. It’s not surprised that the usually-late-lecturer was sitting there in the class.

After wasting so much time, pushing to each other to be the first to present. My group agreed to be the first. Then, another Chinese group, which is our friends too. The others are reluctant to present. Finally, one of them told the lecturer that there were a few of them who not yet done with their individual presentation. And today only done with 3 group presentations and 4 individual presentation. I fell asleep while waiting them pushing the turn among one other. And I dun understand why they love to push among each other, since that they have to complete their presentations on that day too, unless time is not allowed. There’s no point.. It’s so relieve when a presentation is done, why not finished it earlier whenever possible?? Next week will be our final, and this week supposed to be our study week. If they can’t finish their presentations on Wednesday?? (They love to be late for class, providing that the class is too early or they can’t squeeze themselves into the bus) This is the fact that we really can’t squeeze ourselves into the uni’s bus, no matter how many buses are running. And if you managed to squeeze yourselves into bus, you have to sweat profusely and smell unpleasantly when you arrive in your faculty. That’s why many people prefer to walk.. Ok, back to the topic.. =) I really hope that they can finish their presentations quickly on Wednesday, I don’t want an extra class anymore. I’d rather sleep than going to that extra early class.

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I hate irresponsible people with all broken promises!! argh~ Am I too naive to believe in whatever ppl told me or bcoz ppl get to catch my weakness?? Ok, they sound no different.. I’m stupid anyway!! It SUX! No one can be trusted..

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Unbearable Attitude of the…

Had a big very big argument in a lecture hall today due to a replacement class.. This was d 2nd time I scolded “people” (if they are but I don’t think they are…) loudly in class, and my 1st time was in Form 1, not as loud as today and not even that many “people”!!

It was all started from the very not co-operate “people” for choosing a date for a replacement class b’coz the lecturer will be very busy and can’t give us lectures in the coming weeks.. A non Malay coursemate volunteered herself to discuss on the date, which that she has already sacrificed her college’s annual dinner on a Tuesday nite which awards her merits to stay com next semester.. This is not very important since that it’s not a class compare to TITAS and there’s only very very few people that can’t make it on that nite.. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday has TITAS class which may have quiz and most of the time YES!! IT DOES (for my class at least!!) Friday, Saturday and Sunday they said that they wanna go back “kampung” kononnya or have co-curriculum.. But co-curriculum is just a reason b’coz by that time, there’s no more co-curriculum.. They are so inconsiderate and making noises at the back and caused dissatisfaction from my coursemate & even me!! I try to be patient with “their” attitudes.. Well, it was still OK!! And it seemed to have no solution to this problem yet!!

Then, came another Malay coursemates, discussing on the date.. They were OK to discuss, but still insisted that they wanna make it on Monday which most of the students have TITAS at nite and higher possibility that they may have quiz!! And I got burst this time!! I hate inconsiderate “people” like this.. They are so selfish and never think for the others and neither they care for others’ feelings (even that I’m not on that Monday’s TITAS class)!! I scolded them loudly at last.. People who can’t make it on Tuesday have tried not to attend the College Annual Dinner that awards merits for them to stay com.. But those have nothing to do with that still making noises, insisted the classes to be replaced on Monday!! There’s still no solution on this discussion..

If they were doubted who is the one standing in front to talk, and preferred not to listen, WHY don’t they themselves come out to talk and solve it?? No one will STOP them!! Just b’coz one is non Malay and one is Malay, they gave different responses!! Tell me, who is the one RACIST?!?! Am I?? I don’t think I am!! They are the WEST MALAYSians!! Dare you call this a peaceful and harmony MULTIRACIAL country?!?! I said NO!! They are the very very SELFISH WEST MALAYSians who have been OVERPROTECTED by the Government!! East Malaysians are not like this!! The one that can be considered as peaceful and harmony MULTIRACIAL places are ONLY the EAST MALAYSIA!!

They impressed me in such a bad way!!

I’ll never like this place!!

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Bad Day

This Saturday I need to & a must to go for a field work in Hutan Simpan Bangi if not mistaken.. It’s not what I like since I have co-curriculum d next morning too.. I had tried to tell d field work’s lecturer ’bout my situation and most of those in my co-curriculum’s group, but she seemed not wanted to listen to what I said and kept interrupting when I was trying to tell her.. She’s a very inconsiderate.. Giving reason that the bus is arranged and can’t be changed!! And that’s d last minute announcement!! I hate her!!

For being absent for class 3 weeks continuously, I might end up being barred from exam.. And I hate to retake and attend this time-wasting co-curriculum again on every Saturday 10am next next semester which is such a disturbance coz I can’t outing.. 1st week was that I had back for CNY, 2nd week was due to an exam without an official letter from d lecturer, providing that that week was set for exam by d Academic Department and d time was clashed with my co-curriculum.. (Now, we have a self-typed letter signed by d boastful lecturer) D 3rd time was this last minute announced field work..

A coursemate of mine had SMSed d co-curriculum’s lecturer, and she said d lecturer told her that he will mark us absent but may consider for not barring us from d exam (mayb that’s d letter for).. Hopefully he doesn’t!! If he does, then I go 2 strangulate that stoopid field work’s lecturer!! *angry*

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Back in Uni

I’m now back in my Uni.. Still not in the study mood.. Well, 2 days later will be my evaluation for Speech Communication and the day after that will be Elementary Biomaths’s test.. And so on…

Met a lot of people in the airport this afternoon, bunch of them!! Not very close ‘thou.. They’re my brother’s buddies, mostly.. And 2 teachers of mine, a once-same-tuition-koko and his younger sister.. and the sorta related cousins.. haha.. greatest time ever!! Even the “ah gong” next door also same flight!! I never imagined that I can meet so many of them since I thought I’ll be back alone.. And the taxi driver I called is very very friendly and “caring”, like a daddy, although I’m the one who tell him that the charges is around 50 to 60 bucks and he charged me 60 bucks!! *stupid me for being so honest, but he’s a good man lar, so nvm then!!*

I’ve checked my final exam’s timetable, it ends on the 30th of April.. But the air ticket I bought earlier in January was 6th May.. I wonder what should I do for that extra 1 week?! I wanna back earlier!! Who wants to collect moss at this complicated yet not-belongs-to-me’s place?? *sigh and more sigh, unlimited hatred* Arranging things so slow!! SUX~ regretted for not booking the same date as my Matrix’s buddies!! I miss you dude!! Looking forward to meeting you guys in LCCT again..

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