A Quiz

I had just finished a quiz where it tested me if I’m interested in medicine.. I scored 27 points and it’s a Go-for-it’s type!! Lol.. I hate Biology, so how am I to love to be a doctor?! It’s just the curious me, interested in learning new stuff.. Obviously, I hate what I’m studying now too.. Even worse than in the medicine’s field.. Am I making the right choice?? I dunno~ Hope my mid sem will not that bad.. Wish me Luck!!


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Back in Uni

I’m now back in my Uni.. Still not in the study mood.. Well, 2 days later will be my evaluation for Speech Communication and the day after that will be Elementary Biomaths’s test.. And so on…

Met a lot of people in the airport this afternoon, bunch of them!! Not very close ‘thou.. They’re my brother’s buddies, mostly.. And 2 teachers of mine, a once-same-tuition-koko and his younger sister.. and the sorta related cousins.. haha.. greatest time ever!! Even the “ah gong” next door also same flight!! I never imagined that I can meet so many of them since I thought I’ll be back alone.. And the taxi driver I called is very very friendly and “caring”, like a daddy, although I’m the one who tell him that the charges is around 50 to 60 bucks and he charged me 60 bucks!! *stupid me for being so honest, but he’s a good man lar, so nvm then!!*

I’ve checked my final exam’s timetable, it ends on the 30th of April.. But the air ticket I bought earlier in January was 6th May.. I wonder what should I do for that extra 1 week?! I wanna back earlier!! Who wants to collect moss at this complicated yet not-belongs-to-me’s place?? *sigh and more sigh, unlimited hatred* Arranging things so slow!! SUX~ regretted for not booking the same date as my Matrix’s buddies!! I miss you dude!! Looking forward to meeting you guys in LCCT again..

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Leaving Soon

I’m leaving for KL in another 6 hours and 30 minutes.. Sigh~ I hate to back to that complicated place!! But what to do??

Hoping everyone is doing well especially grandma and doggies.. *sigh*

Not yet study for my mid sem exam.. Sigh again~

Never in the packing mood when I’m going back KL!! All that I’m wishing for is to finish all my downloads as soon as possible before I go to the airport =)


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I’m busy these days visiting my grandma in my cousin’s house.. And I’m giving myself excuses for no time to study, as usual.. A very very good excuse I have this time!! Actually, I’m lazy, very very LAZY!! It’s that once I take my notes out and wanna study, not yet even finished 1 page and I fall aslept dee.. I hate to study!! Maybe part of the reasons also because it’s not something that I’m interested in.. *another excuses* So, my holidays ended up lazing around, watching drama, visiting grandma and day dreaming..


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Not in Mood!

The SanDisk pendrive that my dad’s friend bought in Singapore dee “broken” (means rosak).. Can’t do anything to the pendrive!! Sad to the max.. But it’s useless to cry over split milk.. What I’m so sad isn’t the expensive pendrive, but my Angela Chang’s albums of 4CDs inside.. Shit man!! So desperate.. So hard to get the downloads done with this SUX internet connection and my downloads ended up like that – nothing I’ve got!! *like blowing off the dust!!* Arghhh.. So damn angry.. Older people always trust the branded stuff and they dun like to keep d receipt.. Everything’s gone now!! SAD!!

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Super Grandma

My dearest grandma who has been hospitalized was back home after around 1 month like that.. She was travelling long journey back home although the doctor said she wasn’t fit for.. And her skin renews itself!! Unbelievable?? She’s a strong granny though.. =) With no appetite, leg amputated due to infection, her children and grandchildren are always around to take care of her..

About the hospital fees, guess how much they charged?? My dad, uncles and everyone believed when one of my uncle said it’s RM5,000 (this is very cheap for 1 month) But guess what?! The maximum they can only charge RM500 (this is damn damn cheap with all new facilities, specialists around when an operation is in progress) She underwent two operation (major one), each charged for only RM30 and RM50 with 4-5 specialists in the operation room!! The payment can be delayed too if got no money.. haha.. But this is good!! And I meant GREAT!! =) I’d proudly say this is Malaysia. ^^v

I love my super grandma!!


I have changed the description of my blog title.. HERE BORNS THE DEVIL!! =) I love this~ *wink*


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I’m so pissed off with the LAN connection.. So many days d still limited and no connectivity, even I’ve restart my lappy for more than 30 times and switched off and on the modem for several times!! Sh*t lar.. Running up and down to solve this problem only since the modem is downstairs while my lappy is in my room.. The “Repair” button isn’t functioning since after my lappy was being formatted last year.. Arghh.. Relying on the wireless network connection is so damn slow and unstable!! *pissed off*

This time I’m more “suay“.. After I restart my lappy, my calendar on my desktop lost all the information I had inside, of course they are the birthday reminders lar.. Sux~ Have to rebuild d whole thing back and for sure I’ll forget some birthdays!!

Not to forget all my downloads.. Glad that it’s running although they are slow (I meant really SLOW!!) At least, they are all downloading rite?! =) I’m so into this new Taiwan’s Drama – Hana Kimi, which is still broadcasting on the TV Satellite. Currently downloading Hana Kimi and Corner with Love. Next download will be Goong S..


I just knew from my bro that the PC down there also having the same connection problem!! What happened to my house’s connection?? And where’s my wireless connection comes from then??

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Flying on a New Aircraft

Should I call myself a lucky one to have flown on AirAsia’s new aircraft?? I dunno what model is that since that I’m not interested on it unless my parents own it.. =P

Early in the morning, my blockmate sent me to KTM station before she went to her so-called swimming class. To my surprise, there was so many people who are going to shop in KL. After the less than 45 minutes journey, I reached KL central. Meet up with my friend at the counter of Skybus and the bus boarded at 8.00am. We talked all the way to LCCT and people around us showing the dissatisfaction look at us coz my friend talks really loud, all this while.. We didn’t care them either.

Upon arriving LCCT, we went to eat McD. I had a Fish Platter and it’s delicious!! Then, we went to check-in. Around 10am, after YueZi and the gang checked-in, they ate McD.. I had a Strawberry Sundae!! Met a lot of Matrix friends today and was very happy!! While eating, they talked about the silly stuff they experienced in UM and the lady sitting next to us was laughing. She listened to us!! @_@






Our flight delayed for more than 30 minutes..

In the aircraft, we chose to sit at the back.. I sat next to the window while my friend sat next to the aisle.. We put our lappies on the middle seat. It was the first time we ordered food on the plane!! The Nasi Lemak is not so hot even after they reheated..

As usual, we talked loudly and… Trying to sleep but can’t.. maybe I’m too excited ‘though I didn’t feel that way..

After flying for more than 2 hours, I’ve finally seen Labuan.. It took less than a minute to reach the airport. I doubted how long does it take to fly over the whole Labuan Island.. Less than 2 minutes?? big possibility~

Was very busy today.. Bathed dogs after arrived at home and then went out to dinner with my parents’ friends and 2 VIPs who were on the same flight as me..

First time eaten abalone.. It’s just very normal, like the abalone mushrooms.. So, in order to save money, eat abalone mushroom is enough.. Abalones are too expensive duh!! =P

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