Good or Bad??

I’m returning home this Saturday and I had informed my Speech Communication’s lecturer earlier on my “early holidays”. But he forgot ’bout that and told the class today that we will have an evaluation for this course next week. I suggested him to bring it earlier to this Wednesday or just postpone it. Well, he postponed it but I’m the only one.. How will my role-playing be?? Who should I find to be my partner then?? Frankly speaking, I dun think that evaluation is important neither we should held it next week coz we have our role playing’s session every class.. He can just evaluate from there.. No one will mind either coz we are always “fooling around” with this role-playing activities.

I had my dinner just now and guess what’s so “nice” today?? The black PIG’S EARS and the fried fish!! A sudden loss of appetite after I opened the “lunch box“.. I’ve never eaten the ears of any animals!! Not to say that they’re the ears of the pigs!! Imagine that yuackies ears!! They are so disgusting!! Besides, it’s also pity to have the pigs slaughter for their tiny pinky ears. That’s CRUEL!! Pity piggies!! And the fried fish, with sweet sour paste.. *geli-ness* I dun eat fried fish, I eat only steam fish.. Finally, I decided to eat only the brinjals, the so-called eggplant (i love brinjals) but due to the “geli-ness” of the paste of the black pig’s ears (i gave to a friend who love it!!) remained on my rice and the fried fish, it ended up in the dustbin!! What a waste!! I then bought “bee hoon soup” at the cafe for dinner.. *still in geli-ness* I can’t forget the pig’s ears!! I can’t seem to accept that people do eat pig’s ears!!


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It has been few days I didn’t blog coz firstly, I dunno what to blog..

Secondly, the reason is that I’m addicted to a show hosts by Rosalyn and XiaXue a.k.a Wendy, called Girls Out Loud.. I think XiaXue is a brainless blogger-turns-celebrity and make me laugh in insaneness..

XiaXue: Are there a lot of moths inside? I see moths inside..
Zenith: These are butterflies, not moths.
XiaXue: They are the same!! They come from worms!! Aiyo~
Zenith: Not worms.. Caterpillars!!
XiaXue: Same lar same lar.. Caterpillars even worse!!
Zenith: =.=|||

I know what is a caterpillar when I was in Kiddie or Primary 1 like that.. I saw with my naked eyes!! I wonder how can a Singaporean celebrity never see a caterpillar?? No doubt that Singapore is named the Garden City.. No plants?!?! Of course NOT!! Obviously, she’s not observing what’s happening around her.. The funniest part is that she doesn’t even know how to differentiate a worm and a caterpillar!! Caterpillar will turn into a butterfly when it’s an adult but worm doesn’t, although they both are so disgusting *yuckies*!! A celebrity blogger that is so brainless!! Rosalyn is much better.. So, Xia Xue, next time don’t talk too much as there’s a saying sounds like “讲多错多”.. Hey please, you are a graduate, dun make people laugh at ur stupidity!!

I’m trying to put up the Google AdSense but it’s not working.. I guess WP isn’t support ads here..

I had sorted out my blog entries into categories few days ago and gained lotsa popularity.. *happiness*

I’m washing my clothes in the “vending washing machine”.. I supposed to have washed one and a half hours ago but… a Malay girl is rushing to use it when I was there so I let her used lor.. *sigh* Maybe I’m too “kind-hearted” “soft-hearted”.. Will I say NO?? I dunno.. Maybe she’s too good so it’s kinda hard for me to reject her request.. =)

I’m thinking of buying a pair of roller blades and I’ll carry back myself.. So anyone volunteer to carry my 6-7kg laptop’s bag back for me??

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Oh no!! I ate pork today.. SALTY!! I HATE salty food!! It tasted terribly!! NoNo!! I dun really like pork.. But no choice.. That was my dinner I used to order every weekdays’ nite *sigh* I had to eat them.. I ain’t wasting food!! *clap hand for being a good girl*

I like only Char Shao, Ba Kut Teh and Fried Pig Leg!! *haha* I miss the Ba Kut Teh and Fried Pig Leg in Klang that I used to eat 2 years ago!!

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Poor Boy~

Poor Boy Boy~
He’s gonna be spayed today..
Just within an hour he’ll be brought to d clinic~

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2 Nite at Puchong Jaya + 1 Nite at Cititel + Tadaima

warning: extra long blog

On 23rd Nov, my “biao shao” came 2 fetch me at KIY around 4.15pm.. She’s so friendly n kind as well.. Prettier than d wedding pics that i saw in my cousin bro’s blog.. So glad 2 hav her as my “biao shao”.. She brought me 2 Kajang 2 exchange car with her elder bro n send their wedding dinner’s invitation cards.. From toll to toll, finally i arrived at my cousin bro’s new apartment in Puchong Jaya.. It’s a beautiful 1.. Designed by d both of them.. Unique furnitures n King Arthur’s dining table.. Extraordinary sight of choosing them.. Helped her a bit with cleaning d apartment coz it was dusty due to wiring by my cousin bro.. Curtains were installed only that morning on d day we were moving in, fridge had not turned on, plastic cover of d sofa were took away that morning too.. At nite, d 3 of us went to picked my mum side’s grandma, “Be Yi” (Mum’s youngest sis), “Dua Gu” (Mum’s eldest bro), “Dua Kim” (Dua Gu’s wife), Ai Leng Jie Jie n Wei Wei at LCCT..

24th Nov
We went to 1 Utama after breakfast.. Wei n I walked together after spliting up with d rest of them after lunch at Vietnam Kitchen.. “Lost n found” was named by my “Dua Gu” for d both of us.. Funny coz we lost n found in that so so so big shopping mall.. Can’t find our way back 2 meet them, our HPs had insufficient batteries.. About 7.00pm, we waited taxi 2 back but unfortunately, after so long we have waited, we boarded a taxi at last.. Not by meter, but by price coz Puchong is too crowded n jammed at around that time.. No taxi will want to bring.. Grandma, Be Yi n Dua Kim back with d 1st taxi guided by Ai Leng Jie Jie while Dua Gu, Wei n I in another taxi.. Supposed 2 be guided by Dua Gu but Wei n I too be d co-pilots.. We brought d taxi driver to “Holland“.. On d way back, Dua Gu chit chatted with d taxi friend.. Got to know he’s from Penang as he speaks Hokkien, is a graduate who d retired.. He can speak English fluently coz previously worked in a hotel.. His son n daughter were studying in UMS Labuan in e-commerce.. He talked bout his children n we listened.. He wanted his son 2 get married soon so that he can get a grandchild.. Wei n I kept on laughing bout their conversation.. “Wa ge kia ai gao in liao”, said Wei.. XD From toll to toll, turned n turned after toll (coz going 2 d wrong places for so many times), we back home safely.. d both of us r “bu zhe bu kou” de “lost n found“.. =)

25th Nov
Went to Mid Valley to shop with Grandma n Be Yi.. Ate Madam Kwan’s Mushroom Chicken Rice.. Delicious.. Be Yi managed 2 buy something for Mei Mei n Zhe Zhe.. Also bought a lot of Korea Sweet Persimmon n White Flesh’s Dragon Fruit 2 be eaten.. Really nice.. I bought Calcium for dogs.. At nite, we went to Spring Valley restaurant for my cousin bro’s KL wedding dinner.. d bride-to-be is so handsome n bridegroom-to-be is so beautiful as well.. Took pics with them.. n Wei’s mum side’s cousins.. After dinner, we went back hotel at around 11.30pm.. Then, 12++am Ai Leng, Wei, 2 of their cousins n I went to window shopping in Mid Valley.. After that, back room 2 sleep..

26th Nov
Be Yi n Ai Leng Jie Jie sent me to KL Central till d Skybus there.. I went into d bus n they left.. I met wit a Labuan gal whom i dunno but she was heading 2 Labuan too wit her dad n 2 bros.. Sat beside me.. Arrived at airport, scanned my luggage n then searched 4 d check-in counter.. Due to my early arrival, there’s no check-in counter available.. so i went to eat McD.. Saw a pair of bride n his bridegroom taking pics in LCCT.. I wondered y not they go 2 KLIA.. After that, i scanned my luggage again 2 enter d check-in counter.. Still haven on yet.. Met bro’s friend, Ying Ying when queue up there.. Not long after that, i met Yue Zi n Hui Chu.. Shouted from their check-in counter n 2 from mine.. haha.. like sakais.. But really miss them so much.. tot of no chances 2 meet them again.. muackxXx.. After i checked in, i went to chit chat with them.. Weighed my laptop bag that i carried along, it was 6kg.. Wow.. so heavy.. wakakaka.. 3 of us talked bout our uni life in d departure hall.. I met Zhong Shan (who was babysitted by my babysitter too) n his mum.. Saw his sis when queued up at check-in counter.. After went into d plane, Ying Ying n I could hardly find good seats.. I love d window seat but all full.. Left only d aisle 1.. Then at 20th row, i sat down, placing my laptop next to me n backpack on d compartment.. Another guy was sitting next 2 d window.. After all passengers came into d plane, i am so relief that i had 2 palces 2 sit.. haha.. n Ying Ying sat next 2 me on d aisle too n Zhong Shan in front of me..

Not long after d plane took off, d plane was like falling from d sky repeatedly.. I was afraid of course as this was d 1st time i met with this kind of situation due to really bad weather.. After that i slept on d plane.. 1st time.. mayb due to insufficient sleep for so many days continuously since 20th Nov.. Slept soundly.. n woke up when almost reached Labuan Airport.. After long long time of waiting 4 my luggage, it appeared finally n i back home.. Tadaima!! Shocked 2 see Boy Boy was as big as his dad.. Nearly can’t recognize d 2 of them..

Brought them 2 bath in sea n bathed them after back from sea sport.. Seriously, I was tired.. It’s warm here.. even at nite.. Went for pizza but it’s no longer delicious as b4.. Lousy!! Asked for a suggestion form but dun hav.. 4 sure i’ll write till very LOUSY 2 d maximum if i get that form.. No quality at all.. Slept early that nite..

I’ll be going 2 KK this Thursday 2 attend my cousin bro’s Actual Wedding Ceremony, Tea Ceremony n Wedding Dinner on Friday..

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It happened all in a sudden!!

warning:long blog

“5:40AM” showing in my computer that very corner when i woke up today. My left shoulder was so pain since last nite, not sure if that’s due to my sleeping position. Something recalling in my mind, d Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) that i first stepped on when i came to study in this small, polluted town.

June 30th, i came here with elder bro n dad (bro went back 2 Nilai 2 pack his things b4 studying abroad). When we arrived at LCCT’s arrival hall for luggages, we couldn’t see 3 out of 7 (if not mistaken, there were 7 luggages including boxes we put in cargo).. Hey, that’s too many k.. n a friend of mine too, her bro’s luggage was missing.. They are all stuck in that so-called Air Asia ‘s plane. After reporting d missing luggages, we approached d entrance’s sliding door n what’s showing in front our eyes were luggages thrown from d cargo to d car!! That’s far u know, metres far!! Even luggages sticked with d word FRAGILE!! A Malay uncle was so shocked that he saw his slide projector was thrown that way too!! Very heartache lar!! That costs thousands ringgit!! Of cuz same things happened 2 b on our luggages!! Bro’s FRAGILE fin was thrown too!! Hey, really uneducated bastard!! Can’t u see d word FRAGILE sticked there?? Sticked 4 FUN ar?? How r u gonna compensate ppl that thousands ringgit if d thing was broken?? Brainless 1!! Please lar, use ur brain to think!!! This is ONLY common sense!!

P/S: Sorry 4 being rude, i’m not used to b this way when I speak but this may surprises u.. I’m just expresssing in my blog.. I remembered there was another more rude 1 in my MSN’s blog, regarding on d death of Yuki.. But when my mum saw that, that was HORRIBLE!! Even bro was scolded!! n she called here just 2 scold n ask me 2 delete that blog.. Now i got nothing reminding me of her death, the way she died.. Even i dun hav d FREEDOM to SPEAK in MALAYSIA (i dun mind if i dun hav this type of freedom), can I hav d LIBERTY to BLOG?!?! This is ONLY my diary, i hate to write, typing preferably, n that’s y i’m here!! So sad.. I love her so much.. She was died on May 23rd 2006 n that day was d day i got 2 know my lousy result too.. Parents din scold me.. Now i wondered was that her 6th sense telling her that n in order to protect me from being scolded, she died during d operation?? I can never stopped myself from crying when i think of this incident.. I guess i know y i love dogs more than cats.. Dogs can be d best companion ever but cats sometimes can b betrayal, just like U (generally)!! Dun get myself wrong, that U just pointing on certain ppl..


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“Meow meow”, d kitties cry.

“Meow meow”, the two little new born kittens cry. They look like has been “dumped” by their mummy… Pity kitties.. One of them is hyperactive, it’s like non-stop jumping here and there… Another like very “lady”, sit properly at a corner… So adorable.. No wonder these few days i can smell d new born animals’ scent, like my puppies… I just can’t resist d smell.. “I’m loving it!!” quoted from McD. haha.. *bluek* They are still crying outside my room.. hmm…

I miss my doggies.. *muackxXx*

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Can’t wait 2 go home.. coz i want more n more downloads.. download anime n drama series.. can’t wait!!! -_-”’ just started hav a bit mood 2 study.. But later i’ll go Mid Valley with com mates.. Go buy nail clipper for my sons.. =p particularly Boy Boy!! and buy Honey Star n my favourite Kinder Bueno.. Oh no, i ate so many Kinder Bueno.. can finish a pack of 3 in 1 day.. gonna buy many many 2 eat.. LoLxXx~ Take care, my friends.. All d best for those who gonna sit for exam~ n SPM as well~

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Home Sweet Home

Celebrated Ngim San, Mr. Sarawak & Penang Guy (if this is his nick given by Fang)birthday in KIY foyer at 11++pm b4 29th.. Then, today (29th) is Jeff, Lee Sun & my daddy’s birthday.. Sent daddy a msg at 12:10am.. Pending..

Finished the all the games part for KIY’s PT finally i guess.. back room at 3am like that.. But it was so fun.. I like that dart’s man.. It looks so cute.. xD laugh, laugh n laugh on that ‘man’.. combination of prisoner + Superman.. wakakaka..

After back K13D, saw a big cockroach.. so daring 2 ‘walk’ outside my room.. of cuz i screamed for help lar.. but then no one cares.. all sleeping.. ^@^ Opened door then my rooomie woke up n she killed the cockroach for me.. Even Kak Ayu who was in the toilet also came 2 see what was going on.. What a shame!!

After that I began copying my Prinsip notes as i escaped 2 Prinsip lessons.. Borrowed from Kelly yesterday.. Finally finishing copying the 2 hours lecture notes & slept at 4am.. Too

Woke up at 8:30am coz my hp’s alarm rang.. & saw a msg from dad.. felt so warmed.. i always feel so shy 2 tell them i love them.. so i never said.. until i matrix only i started 2
send them sms.. never felt home sick since after i came 2 study in peninsular.. even last time when i was in S.I.T in Klang also felt so happy with all my new friends, neither home sick nor going back Labuan for matriculation. Was forced back at last.. now like got a bit home sick d.. esp my 2 pets.. my sons!! wakakaka.. i love u all!!

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Trip to Hulu Langat

25th August (Friday)

Happy Birthday, KELLY~!~!

…… Went to Hulu Langat with 32 coursemates.. When we just arrived at the entrance of Impian Country Resort, it looks ok.. Who knows when we were asked to eat at the Astaka, it was like “Oh No!! I have to eat this disgusting food for 3 days?!?!” So i didn’t eat the tea time.. Then, some of us went to check in our Dorm.. All the girls lived in Dorm A.. We opened the door and saw many double deckers.. Just like what Peng Jie told me on last Wednesday nite.. Not shock at all.. After we found our ideal beds, we dropped all our things there and started to explore the room and toilets.. We couldn’t find a single plug in the room to charge our handphones.. Then the toilet, it looks so terrible and horrible.. We saw a pool of water.. It was dark and couldn’t see anything.. After spending some time looking at the pond, we realized that the water level was so so high.. OMG!! It looked extremely dirty.. But all the sand dee sinked, so that’s the cleanest water u can find in whole Impian Country Resort i guess..

Around 12:15pm, we were asked to start our field work. Actually, Group 1 supposed 2 do the Rocks and Group 2 do Flora.. Since there was some problem with the bus (according to lecturer, the bus driver couldn’t start the engine), we combined our first session field work with Group 1.. The forest is quite nice actually, as there’s a river there (u know lar, i love water so much).. We were measuring all those trees of more than 5cm Diameter ** (forgotten dee.. hehe..) It was lunch time at ’bout 2:00pm as all of us were starving for hungriness including En. Daman & he was the one who said dunno whether if he was the only one who was so so so hungry.. haha.. Then only i felt that i was hungry too.. We quickly finished the measuring part in our plot and we measured only 7 trees.. We ignored the rest but who knows the people (assistant of En. Daman i think) wanted us to measure all trees with more than 5cm DBH (not sure with this abbreviation) When we were out of the forest, it was dee around 2:30pm to 3:00pm. The lunch was nice, i meant FOOD!! At least it was not as terrible as in KIY.. KIY cafe likes to put lotsa salt, as if salt is cheap.. After lunch most of us went to sleep.. That was the time Ling Phang got to know she was bitten by leeches coz she bleeds non stop.. It was reaining heavily this afternoon so we were worrying for the next day field work.. Received call from one of my direct seniors, asked me & Choy Shin to be careful in the forest and told me her experience.. She’s a really caring senior..

At nite, we went to the Dewan not far from our Dorm.. for safety in forest talk by XXX.. (dunno his name).. And during the talk, a flying cockroach first landed on Hsiao Wei’s back.. Prof Maimun grabbed my note book 2 sweep away the cockroach then it landed on my track suit.. Oh No!! It scared me!! I hate cockroach.. After talk, went back to dorm and slept~

26th August (Saturday)

Woke up


~Field Work started~
The whether was so nice.. My group did Aquatic this morning while the other did Fauna.. We went to the river in the forest to do our session 3 field work.. Dr Shuhaimi and his 2 assistants were first asked those who had equipments to go down the river but then we all ignored their instructions and went down 2 play water.. It was so slippery and could feel the sand was sharp.. Many of us nearly fell into the water while doing field work whereas Kelly & Ling Phang were wet coz fell into water.. Playing water was so so so FUN!!

Tea time

Preservation, identification & labelling of aquatic species

Slept (I heard Daccent’s playing Johnny Johnny while i was sleeping.. Kelly heard too..)


Played Johnny Johnny (a wu liao game which needs detail observation) It was fun but Daccent spent whole day to notice that very simple action..

~Field Work started~
Did Invertebrate this time.. Went into forest, not really far actually.. but invertebrate part was still ok.. It made me so worried when Choy Shin caught a leech on her ankle.. Played with the altimeter & hoped to go out of the forest as soon as possible.. No mood at all.. Yi Xi was “destroying” the forest.. So funny.. Every place he passed was destroyed.. 凡走过必留下痕迹.. *wakakakaka* After came out of the forest, we saw a yellow butterfly.. It last landed on my cap before it was caught by someone.. Also landed on See Mua & Choy Shin if not mistaken.. Dunno Yi Xi or who else came out with 1 theory, butterflies love girls only.. *muahahahaha* He is a really funny guy..

Tea time

~Field Work started~
Went into forest again for Fauna field work.. Traps were installed by lecturers and assistants.. We got squirrel, baby mouse, bat and kingfisher.. I love the squirrel so much although FST’s squirrels are more beautiful.. After the xxx (dunno assistant ot lecturer) “bius” the squirrel 2 take measurement of his body, i took the squirrel to take pic with him (it’s a male 1).. The baby mouse was so pity coz not much ppl care for him (also a male 1).. too bad.. weehehehehehe..

Played water in the river in front of our dorm.. Actually i dun wanna make my shirt and pants wet, just wanna take pic but Ia Lun splashed water on me when i wanted to go up.. So i also joined them playing water.. We were all wet and not allowed to enter our dorm.. At last, i slipped into dorm too.. Due to no empty toilet, Ling Phang, Choy Shin, Chia Yi and I bathed together using the water in the pond..


Played Johnny Johnny, Ali Bom, Who Dies?? and Kelly’s riddle..
Rich man has _____,
Poor man needs _____,
If i eat _____,
I’ll die..

Light Trap behind Dewan


Played Johnny Johnny, Ali Bom, Who Dies??, Black Magic & Hunter’s game..

Waited for 12:30am to watch Mars and Moon but all we saw was trees & reddish sky.. Beautiful!! It looks like horizon.. Cold jokes by Sin Tee..

Packed things & slept

27th August (Sunday)

Woke up & continued packing


~Field Work started~
No longer going into forest today.. It was the mapping part.. With En. Awang (if not mistaken) & Dr. Ramlan.. It’s quite complicated as Hazani & I forgot to measure the escarpment using klinometer.. It rained while we half way doing mapping, my note book was wet.. Confusing at times.. Running from point to point was quite fun..

Tea time

Air quality by En. Azman a.k.a Dato K.. We didn’t hav 2 do anything actually.. Was so sleepy while looking at him doing all the thing himself.. bored.. Yi Xi &’ Wei Quan kept asking nonsence.. and here born the nick of Dato L for Yi Xi (given by En Azman)..


Played Coffee & Tea

Left Impian Country Resort to Ampang for the Rocks part.. Bought ice-cream.. Extremely expensive.. When we reached Ampang, we just picked some granite & took pic and left for uni~ Happy happy~

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