From this article, he commented the bloggers booing on VM2007.

Look at this article of “Teh Tarik“, do you love Teh Tarik?? Ever wonder if that very Malaysian’s drink may harm u in d future??

For those who don’t know, Teh Tarik is produced by d act of pouring the tea between two big mugs and increasing the height by pulling the pouring mug higher and higher. This may smoothen the tea and cools it.

Btw, it’s not recommend to drink very often as bubbles exist in this drink will then consume and mix in ur blood IF not mistaken.. (forgot where I saw article on this Teh Tarik) and at d end of d day, u may end up getting stroke or what diseases if that article I saw somewhere, mayb ages ago is proved to b true!! Anyway, prevention is better than cure, precautions should always be considered.. So, drink Teh C when u suddenly feel wanted to drink Teh Tarik instead.. XD

Dear Foreigners, you may try our Teh Tarik but never ever get addicted.. This applies to most Malaysia’s food too, such as Nasi Lemak, coz our Malay food are very oily (I think Indian’s too).. So, take care to those who gonna visit Malaysia when u r here.. We welcome you!! =) Not to forget to visit d duty free islands and d East Malaysia!! MuackxXx~


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Flying on a New Aircraft

Should I call myself a lucky one to have flown on AirAsia’s new aircraft?? I dunno what model is that since that I’m not interested on it unless my parents own it.. =P

Early in the morning, my blockmate sent me to KTM station before she went to her so-called swimming class. To my surprise, there was so many people who are going to shop in KL. After the less than 45 minutes journey, I reached KL central. Meet up with my friend at the counter of Skybus and the bus boarded at 8.00am. We talked all the way to LCCT and people around us showing the dissatisfaction look at us coz my friend talks really loud, all this while.. We didn’t care them either.

Upon arriving LCCT, we went to eat McD. I had a Fish Platter and it’s delicious!! Then, we went to check-in. Around 10am, after YueZi and the gang checked-in, they ate McD.. I had a Strawberry Sundae!! Met a lot of Matrix friends today and was very happy!! While eating, they talked about the silly stuff they experienced in UM and the lady sitting next to us was laughing. She listened to us!! @_@






Our flight delayed for more than 30 minutes..

In the aircraft, we chose to sit at the back.. I sat next to the window while my friend sat next to the aisle.. We put our lappies on the middle seat. It was the first time we ordered food on the plane!! The Nasi Lemak is not so hot even after they reheated..

As usual, we talked loudly and… Trying to sleep but can’t.. maybe I’m too excited ‘though I didn’t feel that way..

After flying for more than 2 hours, I’ve finally seen Labuan.. It took less than a minute to reach the airport. I doubted how long does it take to fly over the whole Labuan Island.. Less than 2 minutes?? big possibility~

Was very busy today.. Bathed dogs after arrived at home and then went out to dinner with my parents’ friends and 2 VIPs who were on the same flight as me..

First time eaten abalone.. It’s just very normal, like the abalone mushrooms.. So, in order to save money, eat abalone mushroom is enough.. Abalones are too expensive duh!! =P

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The Trip to Kajang Hospital

While waiting for the other friends in bus stop, we had missed 3 RapidKL!!

Luckily, we managed to make ourselves punctual to the Hospital at 2++pm since that someone will only attend us at 2.45pm after the very very long walk in this sunny afternoon!! (I swear I won’t go there anymore since this is a really very “unusual” walk)

After asking a few people there including the security guards, we managed to find the place that we should show ourselves at. We went to units like Pakar2, Kecemasan, X-ray and Ward.

We saw prisoner handcuffed to a policeman on our way to the ward.

There are a lot of foreigners been taken care of in the ward and showed the us the sign of disgust by their behaviours. I wondered what was the things that they ate when I saw them, the poridge-look-alike stuff in brown.. *gross* and are they eating that unknown stuff daily?? There was a patient who was screaming in pain when he saw us. He wanted our attention!! But so sorry, we aren’t nurses!! Nurses are notable!!

All in all, this hospital has more 90+% of foreigners and it’s UPM’s hospital (for their medic practical students i guess)

At around 5.00pm, we walked to Metro Kajang and had our “lunch” (since that some of us didn’t eat lunch yet include me) at Shakey’s!! (treated by our leader IF he meant it) A lot of cold jokes and 废废Q&A after meal.. Returned Uni at around 7++pm.

Glad that we have a lot of fun although we were suffering from boredom of this visit to the Hospital.

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After eating lotsa fried food and hot stuff few days ago, here it comes the consequences.. I have sore throat!! *sob sob*

I must recover b4 going to Brunei!! I have to eat lotsa Vitamin supplement!!

After I drank 1L of yogurt drink as my dinner last nite, I keep “diarrhoea-ing”.. =.=|||

A bit regretted but it tastes so nice coz I can seldom drink it.. And this was d 3rd time I had yogurt drink this month..

Countdown: 13 days to stick my butt & laze around in my cleanliest room back home.. I wonder what if my bro had mess up my room?!

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Oh no!! I ate pork today.. SALTY!! I HATE salty food!! It tasted terribly!! NoNo!! I dun really like pork.. But no choice.. That was my dinner I used to order every weekdays’ nite *sigh* I had to eat them.. I ain’t wasting food!! *clap hand for being a good girl*

I like only Char Shao, Ba Kut Teh and Fried Pig Leg!! *haha* I miss the Ba Kut Teh and Fried Pig Leg in Klang that I used to eat 2 years ago!!

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Today’s Paper

Summary of Interesting News from The Star on 23rd Jan 2007

This news from The Star, made me think of the drama, 恋爱女王 (Love Queen).. I love every single thing (except cold sky juice), including sports related to ICE!! Definitely, I will love ice hockey too.. But how come I never know that Malaysia has a place to train ICE HOCKEY?! =.=||| Sunway Pyramid’s ice world is just too small!! How I wish I was born in those 4 seasons countries, preferably Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.. *.O

And YES!! A very small part of this news is just what I wanna tell the government!! We have to accept criticisms and various opinions from the public.. Since we’re given the freedom of speech, and asked to learn to be open-minded in our Morale, the government should do the same thing too, by accepting criticisms and opinions in order to improve, to make Tun Mahathir’s Wawasan 2020 a success, don’t they?? (as if I know what is in Wawasan 2020 *keke*) He’s the one who I look up to and classified as the only smartest and most brilliant Prime Minister, of all the country leaders.. Good job!! =)

While this news on Northern Sarawak to get global TV publicity.. I reckon that not to watch too much on what the Tourism Board of Sarawak recommended, just like the so-called Best Toilet Operator.. How silly is that to be awarded.. I highly recommend those tourists who wanna pay a visit to Sarawak, especially to eat the very very unique delicacies or cuisine, please have a look at KennySia.com, where he posted the best food in Kuching. He said, eat like the locals eat!! That’s true!! *wink* Together we make Visit Malaysia 2007’s mission a SUCCESS!! (not knowing what’s the mission.. to get better income for the locals and the government??)

From this news, we got to know that Malaysia Airlines is offering 5 millions cheap tickets at the travel fair from 31st Jan to 6th Feb. For more information, please click on the link to the news, or visit Malaysia Airlines. *feel like I’m advertising for MAS, weird* MAS is however better than Air Asia as it’s more organized although Air Asia’s doctrine is “Now Everyone can Fly!” as they offered low prices at certain period to certain countries or nationwide.

Whereas, this news is ’bout the technology – invention of the Microwave, where it can kill more than 99% of bacteria, viruses or parasites, and even spores on a kitchen sponges that contribute to the death of thousands Americans each year and get sicked from food borne microbes. It’s good in sterilization. *applause to the inventor of microwave*

This news is telling the truth where some teachers are lack of confidence to teach in English for Maths and Science subjects.. This is what I’m facing too, lack of confidence in speaking, but look! I’m not so bad in writing what!! *ehem, self-praising* (only if I’ve ideas, not to ask me to write an essay!! It’s been ages ago since I last wrote one) I wanted to speak more but scared being laughed at!! So, I try blogging and “read out loud” my blog and other’s blogs, in order to speak fluently.. *haha* In the meantime, I’m learning new vocabulary from the other’s blogs.. Frankly speaking, the Malaysians gotta accept English as their 2nd language coz it’s an International language, and also to catch up with the pace of technologies nowadays in the developed Eastern and Western countries. This is why we have globalization, to standardize and globalize everything!!

So, how’s this post?? I meant how’s my English?? *hehe* Am I improving?? Please comment, I accept criticisms although at times, I dunno how to response.. *feel stupidity*

Anyone wanna sponsor me a better blog?? I dun really like this coz I dunno how to put up my favourite background (I dun think WordPress allow me to change for FREE), NO chatterbox, FIXED template, NO ads. And I need those blog that can import and export blog entries.. *too much expectations, sigh*

Black is DULL and not matching my blog’s theme!!

Read also Competition is a Good Wake-up Call for MAS

Work on Our English

Pak Lah’s Pet Projects

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Again, this is the 3rd time I skipped class this sem.. This is a BioMaths class, dun mind either as it’s not the very very important class like Biodiversity and Principle of Environmental Science 2.. This is certainly a very boring class, where the lecturer reads the slides, without explaining further, no example of applications.. What she has is all the formulas and very stupid long long sentences..

GrandMa is still in ICU, but improving.. Have to be monitored for few days again..

Will be celebrating CNY in Brunei this year according to my aunt.. Finally, I can go this year.. But, Oh No!! I still dun have a passport.. No worries.. Passport can be done in just a day!! Smart choice to have chosen back a week earlier.. *applause* Looking forward to seeing all my dearest couzies again.. =) But one of them may not be coming i guess, or the whole family?? =(

I miss Kim Gary’s Cheese baked Rice with Chicken Chop in Red Sauce? or something like that.. It’s so delicious.. And I meant extremely delicious.. Yummy yummy.. As sayings goes “吃的是福”.. I love the Sunway Pyramid’s Kim Gary, but not the Mid Valley 1.. Maybe because Mid Valley one is always crowded like a market, in order to be quick, the cook can’t “take care” of the food quality of every single customer..

Can’t believe that I’m skipping class to blog this!! haha.. That’s ME!!

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Stayover at Subang Jaya

Last Friday (19th Jan), I went to Mid Valley to meet an old friend of mine.. Her KK buddy brought her there, also to capture pics for her project. Then, we went shopping for few hours and then went to Sunway Pyramid. It was d 2nd time I stepped into this Egypt-Lion building, and I was still amazed by the ice-skaters who can skate gracefully, as usual. We had our so-called lunch at 4.50pm like that and continued shopping again. And I met 2 old friends of my age, Vincent and Bryan who is now a father.. haha.. Didn’t get to see Bryan for centuries after he transfered to Miri.. LolxXx~ Since Form 3, so that’s ’bout 4 years.. This used-to-be the very naughty boy has become a good man!! A good daddy?? I don’t know.. So what I wanna tell you here is KL isn’t so BIG!! It was ’bout 6.00 to 7.00pm when we arrived at Pangsapuri and began to clean d apartment which that my friend had just moved in a week ago. At ’bout 11.00pm, we went to the nearby restaurant for dinner.

The next day, we walked all d way down to Subang Jaya KTM station to go to Central KL and then changed Rapid KL to 1 Utama. It was a real long journey. This so big yet complicated mall made us very tired of walking around, from one wing to another. It was around 3.00 to 4.00pm when we left this huge mall. It was raining cats and dogs when we got out of this building of Bandar Utama. Saw T82 but it was almost leaving. By d time we reached d taxi stand, d bus had left and we had to waited for another 15 minutes. It was almost 6.00pm when we arrived home and then took bath and went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner at 9++pm.. We first went to Halo Cafe as she wanna meet her long lost friends.. This ancient look cafe is really beautiful, full of creativity. They have singer, guitarist and a *dunno-what-shud-i-named-him*, he was knocking the mic to create some nice sound while d guitarist playing guitar. I “望多两眼” coz who knows they’ll be the next generation of a band (明日之星)?!?! The guitarist looks like my Pesta Tanglung’s Daddy, wonder if that’s him who worked part-time there, which is quite impossible during school days. After that, we went to Kim Gary for dinner at ’bout 11.00pm and her KK buddy came over to fetch us home and they went to another coffee house to yam cha while i was at home, listening music.

Today, we walked to KTM station again to go to Mid Valley. I saw my dream skate shoes in Studio R, which cost RM199. I didn’t buy coz dunno how to bring back Labuan. Ate McD while waiting for another friend to meet us from Serdang.

Grandma had admitted into KK hospital since last week. Did an operation yesterday evening, after that she was in critical conditions and admitted into ICU. She’s doing better according to dad but still have to pray for her for speedy recovery. *南无阿尼托佛*

When I opened my room after back from Mid Valley, I saw a mess in my room, which I had been be patient of all this while. Rubbish all over d floor, and she called that “tissues only” (with all her mucus) and said, “fail to slam dunk kononnya” (投不进篮) 篮=dustbin!! I have to clean for her everyday and just imagine i was not in for 3 days, how does d mess look like?!?! How dirty is that?? That’s why it’s always a strategic, warmest place for the cockroaches to breed in my room.. I HATE that!!

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The Meltdown – Bittersweet

Don’t manage to blog and online for quite a few days due to d lousy connection.

Nothing i can blame much. It’s a serious natural disaster causes by d human, and maybe, i’m one of the “contributors”..

Last Saturday noon, after finished my co-curriculum, i was rushing back to my college as usual. My next destination this day was going to Sunway Pyramid. The five of us were
adventuring to drive there, skipping as many tolls as we could. And it was quite late, around 1.30 to 2.00pm when we reached there. Went for lunch at Manhattan Fish Market as there were too many ice-skaters, skating in d “pool of water”, covering d ice – Ice Age 2 “The Meltdown”.

After that, we did some window-shopping, until we arrived at d cinema. We decided to watch a movie – Pathfinder, “have you had enough of vengeance?”, quoted from d movie. Then, we went to eat McD. At 8.30pm, after they resurfacing d ice, we bought for entrance tickets n gloves to start our “adventure”. It was extremely fun and adventurous to skate on d coarse surface, which had been coarsen by d blades of d skate shoes. Not long after that, we stopped ice-skating coz my friend sprained her ankle, swollen. We left Sunway at 10++pm and back uni at around 12.00am. Sent her back to her room and then came d PBSM from her college. Got to reach d doctors-on-call, n then carried her to Pusat Kesihatan. Don’t really like d ppl there coz all “couch potatoes” when it comes to treat their patients. SUX!! She was then sent to Kajang Hospital for x-ray and luckily, not very very big deal. But i dunno how is her ankle now. Praying for her to get well soon.

After i first experienced ice skating, i would……


love going for more skates…

My Dreams
– ice skate
– ice ski
– scube dive
– surf

My Wishlist
– buy a pair of roller blade’s shoes
– buy shoes!! My shoes were torn!! Cheap~

All need not to sweat.. haha~ =.=||| So, that’s who i am~ Believe it!!

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Shopaholic ME?? Am I??

Ok, let’s talk ’bout this new title of my bloggie..
“I am who I am. So what??” does it sound sarcastic (a bit)?? Well, it sounds great to me.. so what?? =P changed it few days ago.. i think on 1st or 2nd January at.. of cuz my HOME!! LoLxXx~

Went to The Mines which i haven’t been there for months this sunny afternoon with 4 of my coursemates.. Again, i had bought lotsa “rubbish”.. (i consider this word is d BEST to describe my groceries.. ain’t it??) i wonder at times.. Tom Yam maggie cup, Honey Star (still a kid huh?? i do admit that as many people said only kids love Honey Star & Koko Krunch.. so what?? it doesn’t state in d laws of this brilliant country that only kids can buy.. XD), grape biscuit & Cocoa drink.. Also, eaten my fav. McD’s Strewberry Sundae & d Prosperity Beef Set Meal (‘tho i dun like black pepper, but d twister fries r nice & crispy.. so i had 2 finish d black pepper beef burger by any means.. Muahahahaha~) Well, not to forget d Tension’s Planet Love & Qiu Ze (邱泽)’s CD.. both imported CDs cost me only RM10 each.. Unbelievable?? Haha.. As for stock clearance’s purpose, U gotta believe ME of cuz~ Ain’t they worth it?!?! Since that have been dockey years i last bought an Original CD.. i dun buy pirated too, so dun get me wrong.. LoLxXx~ I will get in whatever means, no matter by borrowing or downloading.. So this have been d happiest yet an excited day for me ‘tho it was tiring & had burnt my pocket a big big hole.. MuackxXx~ I love d CDs so much..

Pity Alan was having lab.. n Sam’s in Penang.. =_=||| y i can never have a 3 months summer hols?? *jealous* I wanted to go to Penang some day to find my Matrix buddies.. Hope to see u all again.. Keke..

& hey, there’s d list of my plan…
– to go for ice-skating
– Genting
– 1U

I’m so EAGER to go for ice-skating but sad to say, i hav co-curriculum tomorrow at 10am So late!! This will spoil my Saturday outing plan.. I prefer d 8am early in d morning 1.. n also i wanted to buy myself a new rubbered-wheel roller blade.. MuackxXx~ Hopefully i can get 1 here.. I miss roller blading so much..

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