The Number 23

This movie is NICE, seriously I meant it, NICE!! I’m also December 23, as in the movie.. haha..

The story revolves around some things that summed up to be 23 or the reverse, 32, the names, the dates, the numbers!!

The Number 23 = ME!!


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Uni Life

I’ve finished 2 TVB dramas this week, a 20 episodes and a 30 episodes drama!! Look, I’m enjoying my Uni life here.. haha.. And this is normally an undergraduate doing in a Uni, to download that bunch of movies, dramas, animes and music albums and stick ourselves in front of our dearest lappy, the most expensive things that we own in our rooms most of the time!! Besides getting ourselves busy with the activities here (I didn’t join any this semester ^o^), we also have many assignments that we normally, and usually finish only at the very last minute!! Nonetheless, we skip classes which we think that we don’t make any difference in that particular class.. Oooppss.. another 1.. SHOPPING!!

Countdown: another week to fly!!

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The Meltdown – Bittersweet

Don’t manage to blog and online for quite a few days due to d lousy connection.

Nothing i can blame much. It’s a serious natural disaster causes by d human, and maybe, i’m one of the “contributors”..

Last Saturday noon, after finished my co-curriculum, i was rushing back to my college as usual. My next destination this day was going to Sunway Pyramid. The five of us were
adventuring to drive there, skipping as many tolls as we could. And it was quite late, around 1.30 to 2.00pm when we reached there. Went for lunch at Manhattan Fish Market as there were too many ice-skaters, skating in d “pool of water”, covering d ice – Ice Age 2 “The Meltdown”.

After that, we did some window-shopping, until we arrived at d cinema. We decided to watch a movie – Pathfinder, “have you had enough of vengeance?”, quoted from d movie. Then, we went to eat McD. At 8.30pm, after they resurfacing d ice, we bought for entrance tickets n gloves to start our “adventure”. It was extremely fun and adventurous to skate on d coarse surface, which had been coarsen by d blades of d skate shoes. Not long after that, we stopped ice-skating coz my friend sprained her ankle, swollen. We left Sunway at 10++pm and back uni at around 12.00am. Sent her back to her room and then came d PBSM from her college. Got to reach d doctors-on-call, n then carried her to Pusat Kesihatan. Don’t really like d ppl there coz all “couch potatoes” when it comes to treat their patients. SUX!! She was then sent to Kajang Hospital for x-ray and luckily, not very very big deal. But i dunno how is her ankle now. Praying for her to get well soon.

After i first experienced ice skating, i would……


love going for more skates…

My Dreams
– ice skate
– ice ski
– scube dive
– surf

My Wishlist
– buy a pair of roller blade’s shoes
– buy shoes!! My shoes were torn!! Cheap~

All need not to sweat.. haha~ =.=||| So, that’s who i am~ Believe it!!

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Curse of The Golden Flower

Curse of The Golden Flower named 满城尽是黄金甲 in Mandarin

I just finished watching this movie.. This movie may be perfect without Jay Chou i think.. I dun like to see him acting.. Better go back to his own profession.. The way he acts in any movie is just too hypocrite, less speech to memorize too, where got main character like that 1.. U r No. 1!! When u say u r No. 2 no one dares to say he/she is No. 1.. -_-”’ I know there are many fans of Jay Chou.. U have to accept this fact and this is d truth.. No offend!! :)

This song of his is nice, namely 菊花台, d song of this movie at d ending there..

你的泪光 柔弱中带伤 惨白的月弯弯 勾住过往
夜太漫长 凝结成了霜 是谁在阁楼上 冰冷的绝望
雨轻轻弹 朱红色的窗 我一生在纸上 被风吹乱
梦在远方 化成一缕香 随风飘散 你的模样

菊花残 满地伤 你的笑容已泛黄 花落人断肠 我心事 静静淌
北风乱 夜未央 你的影子剪不断 徒留我孤单 在湖面成双

花 已向晚 飘落了灿烂 凋谢的世道上 命运不堪
愁莫渡江 秋心拆两半 怕你上不了岸 一辈子摇晃
谁的江山 马蹄声狂乱 我一身的戎装 呼啸沧桑
天微微亮 你轻声地叹 一夜惆怅 如此委婉

菊花残 满地伤 你的笑容已泛黄 花落人断肠 我心事 静静淌
北风乱 夜未央 你的影子剪不断 徒留我孤单

It best describes this movie, d feelings of all d main characters, PRECISELY~

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Death Note

Hey.. Death Note is nice according to many friends.. Must watch!! 心理战?!^^ I’m gonna download when i back home!!

Here is a character test for u all..

Death Note’s Personality Character Test

I’m L.. My wallpaper is L currently.. I like L.. 85% is true bout this result.. Trust me!! *bluek*

Death Note Movie Version, go catch at d cinema!! Rating: 5 stars

Light Yagami is at the head of his class, and he’s bored out of his
mind. That all changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook that
allows him to control the equally bored rogue Death God Ryuk; simply by
writing down the name of the person he wants dead, Light can kill
anyone at will without getting caught. He immediately starts work
killing off all the world’s dangerous criminals, but the cops are hot
on his trail; after all, he’s a mass murderer! When the enigmatic and
seemingly unstoppable detective L goes after Light, the result is a
deadly battle of wits!

Sam, this is a lot shorter!! Stop complaining.. /blek

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