I’m so pissed off with the LAN connection.. So many days d still limited and no connectivity, even I’ve restart my lappy for more than 30 times and switched off and on the modem for several times!! Sh*t lar.. Running up and down to solve this problem only since the modem is downstairs while my lappy is in my room.. The “Repair” button isn’t functioning since after my lappy was being formatted last year.. Arghh.. Relying on the wireless network connection is so damn slow and unstable!! *pissed off*

This time I’m more “suay“.. After I restart my lappy, my calendar on my desktop lost all the information I had inside, of course they are the birthday reminders lar.. Sux~ Have to rebuild d whole thing back and for sure I’ll forget some birthdays!!

Not to forget all my downloads.. Glad that it’s running although they are slow (I meant really SLOW!!) At least, they are all downloading rite?! =) I’m so into this new Taiwan’s Drama – Hana Kimi, which is still broadcasting on the TV Satellite. Currently downloading Hana Kimi and Corner with Love. Next download will be Goong S..


I just knew from my bro that the PC down there also having the same connection problem!! What happened to my house’s connection?? And where’s my wireless connection comes from then??


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Uni Life

I’ve finished 2 TVB dramas this week, a 20 episodes and a 30 episodes drama!! Look, I’m enjoying my Uni life here.. haha.. And this is normally an undergraduate doing in a Uni, to download that bunch of movies, dramas, animes and music albums and stick ourselves in front of our dearest lappy, the most expensive things that we own in our rooms most of the time!! Besides getting ourselves busy with the activities here (I didn’t join any this semester ^o^), we also have many assignments that we normally, and usually finish only at the very last minute!! Nonetheless, we skip classes which we think that we don’t make any difference in that particular class.. Oooppss.. another 1.. SHOPPING!!

Countdown: another week to fly!!

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Goong’s Video

This is the video clip of Goong (Palace)/《宫》(又名我的野蛮王妃) which is based on the Korean Comic – Princess Hours by Park So-Hee, one of the Korean Drama that I love so much besides Full House (浪漫满屋) and My Lovely Samsoon (我是金三顺). A must to watch but the torrent seed is quite hard to obtain coz it’s not the latest drama, aired some where on the beginning of the year 2006. Even if you have the seed, it takes very very long time to finish downloading. I watch till episode 10 (w/ Chinese subtitle) which I downloaded from BC and episode 11 (w/o subtitle) which you can get in YouTube. I’m so blur with the Korean. It almost like the Japanese style, like adding a ‘kun’ after calling one’s name. Not sure with FTP download but I saw some posts that can be downloaded using XunLei (迅雷). By the way, it’a Chinese program.

Do Enjoy the Clip~!~!

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