Just A Dream

Yesterday morning (13th June, after they played the match) i dreamt bout Narazaki!! Yeah, Narazaki – the GK of Japan FIFA Team!! I’m so crazy for him since I watched 2002 FIFA World Cup, searching for his profile everywhere in the net, copied down his profile and I remembered something funny which used to happened in Form 3. Narazaki’s Marital status: single (showed Siew Nee his profile with that word ‘SINGLE’ beside his name!! haha.. Really funny!! Normally ppl like the midfielders or defenders or the top scorers but i am so weird, like a GK!!

Dreaming: I went to my younger brother’s friend’s house with the whole family. Before we left his friend’s house, I entered their Store Room and saw many jerseys of the footballers!! I then went to ‘翻’ the jerseys and saw NARAZAKI 1.. Walau eh.. so damn excited o0o.. It’s the jersey that he just wore after the 12th June Japan vs Australia’s match (i dunno if he’s playing in that match).. still got sweat 1.. After that I called my parents and brothers over to see and asked for the permission of the owner to bring back the jersey since they have so many other famous players 1.. Wow.. so happy.. the owner gave it to me!! Then i woke up to see if that was real.. *sigh* who knows that’s only a dream~ 一场欢喜,一场空

I love Narazaki~!~!~!

Narazaki, You’re the BEST of the BEST!!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006. Down Memory Lane, Dream, Family, Favourite, Friends, Hall of Fame, Sports.


  1. Me Myself replied:

    I’m happy that he’s not playing on the 12th.. coz he normally plays in the few final matches!!

  2. Me Myself replied:

    i dun hav 2 watch the 12th june match anyway.. haha..

  3. Sam replied:

    Keep on dr34ming….LOL

  4. Me Myself replied:

    hehe.. long time i didn’t dream liao.. mayb i dream every nite but this was the 1st time i remembered what i dreamt for so many years

  5. Alan replied:


  6. Alan replied:

    This is what I feel +o(

    If you dont understand paste into message box of msn

  7. Alan replied:

    Ooo… Anyone wanna wear and sweat in a Japan NARAZAKI 1 goalie shirt and leave it in front of Ying’s house… She’ll be delighted… Remember… The sweater it is… The happier she is… So start sweating guys..

  8. Me Myself replied:

    haha.. as long as i hav his jersey i’m happy!! LoLxXxx~ anyway, what is +o( meant?

  9. Alan replied:

    Paste +o( into msn chat box and you’ll know

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