3rd June, in the wet kitchen – After heating the so called “ba zhang” for my younger bro, i washed the wok and dried it up. The fire was turned on to the biggest 1 (hope u understand). Suddenly, i heard some noise, “pop” and when i looked into the wok, *yuckiexXx* is all that i could say. There was a baby lizard ‘who’ was so unlucky 2 fall into the wok. *yiii* How could i clean it up?? So “geli” o0o.. Hangus liao o0o.. To prevent it from sticking the wok, i put some water at first and thinking that i left the wok to be cleaned by the maid when she comes on Tuesday. But after thinking twice, i couldn’t use the wok for Sunday and Monday.. Wah~ I couldn’t eat my chicken wings liao. Then my younger bro suggested to remove it using a pair of chopsticks. Walau eh.. How can that be?! So sayang o0o the chopsticks. Sure dun dare to use and will end up in the rubbish bin SOON(Will u use that chopsticks to eat again??)!! So how bout a disposable 1?? Finally, i got a pair of disposable chopsticks and i picked the lizard up with all my courage while shouting in “geli-ness”. haha.. I can use the wok liao.. *excited* Hooray!! So baby lizards, next time dun crawl on the kitchen’s ceiling or otherwise u’ll die very soon if u’re so unlucky on that day.


Sunday, June 4, 2006. Accident, Down Memory Lane, Yummy Yummy.

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