Leong, if u r reading my blog, I wanna tell you that you have an extremely BIG head, compare to Sharon’s.. OMG!! Tuna’s head is BIG!! *catch u catch u*

I’m counting down.. Less than 1 month to back home!! It’s so sweet!! But, next week will be my final, I haven’t get my fingers touched on the notes.. OMG!! There’s one stupid book to be read.. The very stupid subject I’d say!! Back to home, my patience is killing me slowly.. I wanna finish exam earlier!! I can’t wait any longer!! But, hey girl, u not even study yet, don’t think too much!! And stop outing!! (But can buy groceries lar..) *wink*


Monday, April 9, 2007. Countdown, Vain!!. Leave a comment.


After eating lotsa fried food and hot stuff few days ago, here it comes the consequences.. I have sore throat!! *sob sob*

I must recover b4 going to Brunei!! I have to eat lotsa Vitamin supplement!!

After I drank 1L of yogurt drink as my dinner last nite, I keep “diarrhoea-ing”.. =.=|||

A bit regretted but it tastes so nice coz I can seldom drink it.. And this was d 3rd time I had yogurt drink this month..

Countdown: 13 days to stick my butt & laze around in my cleanliest room back home.. I wonder what if my bro had mess up my room?!

Saturday, January 27, 2007. Countdown, Home Sweet Home, Sick, Yummy Yummy. Leave a comment.